Follow Up: 2002 Nissan Altra


You might recall this Nissan that I wrote about it a few months ago that had a very uncertain future. Despite its significance in the history of electric cars, the California Automobile Museum decided not to display it. The Altra, engineered 17 years ago, was the first li-ion powered attempt at an electric vehicle, almost 10 years before Tesla had the idea to do the same thing. It had a 120 mile range, more than the Leaf which was released in 2011. This one and one in the Nissan Museum in Tennessee are the last two known to have survived. Thankfully this one is going to a collection in Colorado, and will hopefully be preserved for future generations.

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  1. kman

    Mmmmmmmmmmm EMFs

  2. hhaleblian


  3. mark


  4. Audifan

    What’s so boring about EVs?

    I think they are kind of cool and I like them way better then some old, rusty clapped-out Chebby, Cattarac, Pontiac and whatever useless domestic V8 gas guzzling monsters.

  5. Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive Cason Member

    Those and the HyperMini EVs were somewhat common sites around the old Nissan California HQ garage, as they were all serviced there; but I haven’t seen either in years!

  6. CelestialGryphon

    I’m not a fan of EV’s. I know eventually we’re going that way… but that means as a very tall, curly haired Englishman once said “Maybe it means that the car can finally be a hobby again.”

  7. Bish

    Looks like a Sable/Taurus wagon!

  8. Mark-A

    Unfortunately it should be looked upon as if not the Future, certainly a viable option for some things like Drag Racing due to the Short runs & INSTANT TORQUE so it should definitely be preserved in my opinion. Petrol still smells better than Electric power though!

  9. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    David, I’m glad to know this is being saved, and thanks for the follow up post!

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