Fool The Neighbors: Ferrari 308 GTBi Kit

I consider myself a pretty harsh critic of Kit cars. I pride myself on being to tell even the best tribute models from the original. Reality is, I would spot this example of a Ferrari 308 GTBi as a fake if I was able to get up to inspect it, but not if it zipped past me on the freeway. Found here on Craigslist, this Fiero based kit could absolutely fool the neighbors, I bet.

The dead give-away for me is the size and placement of the black panels behind the flip-up headlights. On the original they are a bit smaller, and have the distinct front flip area. Also, I’ve yet to find an original where the slotted lower hood option (between the lights) is red. Almost exclusively if that option is on the 308, its black as well. The rears a pretty good tribute – but I would extend the dual exhausts a hair more for authenticity.

The hardest part, and always the dead give-away, is the interior. There are too many differences to talk about here – but let’s just say I truly appreciate the Kit builder who takes the time to make a custom center console and door panels. If you’re making a tribute – go all the way! Spend a few bucks to recreate the classic Italian, almost gaudy interiors that Ferrari’s boast. Ok – I’m done picking on this, because overall I think this would be a very fun little knock-off to run around in. And with a Cadillac 4.9L V8 behind your head it would have some “velocita” for sure! But the fact that the transmission is slipping means you’ll have a bit of work before hitting the streets in your new toy.

But, at just under $9k, it’s a bit more affordable way to spend some elbow grease and a bit of cash and drive a classic tribute. It will fool the neighbors for sure, making them think that your Holiday bonus this year had to be pretty good – considering a nice condition original will set you back at least $60k or more!




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  1. 86 Vette Convertible

    Cute car for a kit car but a couple of things caught my eye. Ad says it’s an automatic but looks like it has a manual shifter in it. can’t tell if there’s a clutch pedal so don’t know which it is. I also believe the roof panel comes off on the originals where this looks to have a sun roof.

    Could be a fun car for the right person though. Have the look without all the expense. My 2 cents.

  2. DRV

    That’s a lot of detail and work for the price of a well used Honda! It might be fun to drive if you could ignore the rest.

  3. Alan

    I am Not fan of sports cars in general and Never Ferrari but when I see this 308 I remember Magnum P. I. Tv series ( Tom Selleck drove 308 GTS ) I like v much still watch from time to time!

  4. Wagon master Member

    Deal! But already deleted by the author. Anyone archive it?

  5. nick

    how much was it

  6. Maestro1 Member

    I agree. A good driver and what’s with the transmission?

  7. Ian

    Either already sold or the seller didn’t appreciate the added attention.

    Without seeing it in person, I can imagine an automatic shifter would only use part of the gate. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t show the number of pedals.

  8. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    The GM sunroof is a dead giveaway.

    Have to agree, they did nice on the interior and the rest of it.

    Just not sure why anybody that had the talent to drop a Caddy V8 into one could not either build one on a non sunroof car, rare but not hard to find or do a removable targa.

    The black panels should have been easily painted.

    Good price if it’s been sorted out.

    • kenzo

      Shortly after these came out a firm in California started making all the adaptors for a V-8 drop in. My kid had one and we looked seriously at the conversion until he slid through a corner, almost (within inches of a big truck side swipe) and that was the end of the up grade.

  9. Coventrycat

    I’d drive it, nice looking for a kit. Because it’s a Fiero, you get the same kind of Italian reliability, too. Sweet.

  10. Concinnity

    The 308/328 Ferraris have the same wheelbase as the Fiero, so done properly, they’ll fool most people. Bob Bracey of Corporate Concepts certainly thought so and offered the Mera. This was a conversion on a brand new Fiero offered by some Pontiac dealers.
    This didn’t go down well with Ferrari, who sued. The conversions were stopped in 1988 after 406 were made. More info here

  11. Francisco

    I wouldn’t own one of these for the same reason I wouldn’t wear a replica Rolex. No matter how original it looks, I know it’s a fake, and it doesn’t give me the same satisfaction of owning the real thing. If I can’t afford it, I’m not supposed to own it.

  12. Joe

    Would anybody eat a fake pizza ?

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