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Forest Fastback Find!

'65 Mustang forest find

Sitting in the woods somewhere around Atlanta, Georgia is a long abandoned Mustang Fastback. This 1965 Fastback project is now listed here on eBay where bidding is up to $1,525. The owner says the car was purchased a long time ago and will cut down the tree behind it so you can back right up to it and load it. This is a C code 289 with an automatic and the 5 lug suspension. The seller is clear that there is rusty in the frame rails and the floor areas, but there’s no surprises there.

'65 Mustang forest find engine bay

As per Jerry, the owner, this Fastback is missing the doors, front sheet metal, heads, intake and other items. The engine and transmission or not present in the images or mentioned in the items missing.

'65 Mustang forest find white intr.

Most of the white interior appears to be present and still white, but we aren’t sure how much of it will even be salvageable.

'65 Mustang forest find fastback baby

The gas cap is still present though and even still looks good.

'65 Mustang forest find back inside

The car appears to have the majority of the Fastback specific items, the quarter trim and the trap door. Jerry asks for you to give him a call if you want more details. This car will be sold with a bill of sale as Georgia does not offer pre-’86 titles for cars. There appears to be 2 or more other “Forest Finds” next to this Fastback, so do you need more than one rusty project?




  1. Avatar photo Mike R

    “It is rusty in the frame rails and floor areas.” Ya think? :D

    And yes, GA does offer titles to vehicles pre-1986.

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    • Avatar photo Randy

      Only if you have one to transfer. If you don’t have the title then they will not issue a new one for that old.

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  2. Avatar photo sparkster

    Hard to believe the Mustang owner has put a reserve on this well preserved Mustang.

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  3. Avatar photo skloon

    Bring a Dynacorn body shell

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  4. Avatar photo redwagon

    once upon a time this was a sharp looking car with the dark green on white. that was a long, long time ago.

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  5. Avatar photo randy

    More of the same. Wow! How can this bucket have any value at all? The sheep are lining up to be slaughtered. I was also surprised that the gas cap survived.

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  6. Avatar photo STEEL CRAZY

    You know these cars shot way up in value over 15 years ago. Why would anybody in there right mind leave this sit in the woods knowing this? And I would bet that the car was in a lot better shape when it was abandoned to the elements. Is a real head scratcher for sure. This reminds me of a 70 428 scj that I got wind of near Parkton Md. off interstate 83 that was parked in the woods with trees grown up around it you wood have to cut down to get it out. I did manage to track the guy down and you all know what he told me. Yep im goanna fix her up one day just haven’t found time yet. I can imagine by now if its still there its in really terrible shape. Very sad indeed. if anybody out there is or was aware of this car, id like to here if anybody ever saved it or what happened to it. I last saw it about 8 years ago.

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    • Avatar photo sir mike

      A guy I work with new of that car also…got the same story 10+yrs ago.Owner since passed away and farm was sold.No idea where car went though.Plus in the same area….Belfast Rd. area.. there is a 58 Impala and a late 40 something Ford in the woods.Been there 20+yrs and not much left…sad

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      • Avatar photo STEEL CRAZY

        I did not know there was a farm back there, but I never went the whole way back. There were a couple of what I call mini mansions on the way back this small paved road. it was kind of an odd place to see this car. What a heart breaker to see this big block Mach with that shaker poking thru the hood just sitting there all alone with trees growing up around it just rotting away. The car was heavily equipped too. So the car is gone for sure as far as you know? Where are you from mike if I may ask? Buy the way thanks for the info. I still had it in my mind I was going to go back down there one of these days and see if I could find it again.

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  7. Avatar photo JW

    The bidding is over 2K which is more than I would pay for a parts car, even if it is a fastback realty is it’s a rust bucket not worth restoring with the missing sheet metal also.

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  8. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    It’s probably the “endowment effect” going on here: you own something and just don’t want to or can’t give it up, especially if it’s a special car. You’re going to fix it up….someday.

    Trouble is, someday never comes. Then the car sinks deeper into the forest floor, trees grow up around it or even through it, and it’s easier to just forget about it. I’ve been through the endowment effect myself, though not with a car, so I’m not just preaching—-just talking from experience.

    I’m as saddened / annoyed / just plain bothered as the next guy to see a car like this first year Fastback end up like this. Only solution I can see is keep your head down, find these cars, as so many of the stories on BF document, and offer them up to anyone with the skill to do the metalwork and mechanical R&R required.

    If they are flippers so be it—-beats letting them sink deeper into the forest.

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    • Avatar photo dj

      I understand flippers getting these cars to resale. That’s all fine and dandy. At least someone will do something with it. It’s the lying, scum sucking buttheads who tell the old owners that they are gonna keep it and restore it. Making the old folks think they’re selling it to someone who will fix the car up and enjoy it. But instead, they stop, take pics on the trailer going home and list it on ebay. That’s the problem I have with flippers. I knew a guy who had a big block 67 SS Chevelle he bought new, fully restored. The buyer told him he was getting it for his son. My friend told him that was the only reason he was selling it to him so his son could have it. I saw it for sale on Ebay just a few days later for twice what he gave for it.

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      • Avatar photo SQEEZ

        DJ i have ran into these A.H.s myself, it just fries my goat! one im thinking of was a ’56’ chev post super low mi car. it was in a shed that had partly fallen on it the joker told the owner dont sell to my cousin as he would make a hot rod and ruin it.he bought it and sold it a week later for 5 times what he paid for it. GRRRR!

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    • Avatar photo GreaserMatt

      I agree…

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  9. Avatar photo randy

    It’s a bad feeling leaving a lot of money on the table so to speak, for a “story”.
    It all comes back in the end. Greed had got this nation by the throat and is not letting go anytime soon.

    Take care guys and gals!

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  10. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    Run from the Forest run!

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  11. Avatar photo piper62j

    So,,,, Where’s the “said” 289? I missed it..

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  12. Avatar photo G.P.

    Looks like it has everything you need to make a nice regular Mustang into a nice fastback. Way better looking and more resale value. Just a thought.

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  13. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    i too have a problem with those who lie about their interests, just to get a deal. However anything to get an old car like this OUT of the woods and muck so it can be saved is the idea here although the ends dont justify the means. That being said, what i dont understand is that the sellers techniques. Even sitting on a trailer would be better than these pix. Take it down to the car wash, pressure wash the whole thing, and do a little elbow grease. Appearances are everything. At least make it presentable.

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  14. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    oops, clicked enter too soon. Meant to add. regardless of what anyone thinks, this WILL eventually sell. Too much money out there for this type of car. Be interesting if people started a registry online of VIN numbers of cars like this, and some recent postings where people were selling VIN numbers and papers. Have pix of the original vehicle and condition when sold. Then, when perusing ebay, or high end car auctions you can type in the VIN and search the database.
    Im thinking Barn FINDS should be considering this. Would need server space and some effort, however for a small fee I would happily pay to check a vin number if buying or researching an investment car. Does anyone else feel the same???? lets hear it.

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  15. Avatar photo randy

    Yes, the IRS is probably already on it! There is a lot of profit making going on, and I bet someone’s computers hit on these VIN #’s when they pop back up in a short time span. I bet they do not care about the end buyer though. Buyer beware for sure.

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  16. Avatar photo Tim

    I wonder if you could get a discount after he drops the tree on the car?

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  17. Avatar photo GOPAR

    Sometimes, you just have to say no.

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  18. Avatar photo Mark S

    What this gas gap needs is a new car. Seriously though if you look closely the rear suspension has collapsed. That means what frame? The tin worm got it along time ago.

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  19. Avatar photo JW454

    I have a friend who will pay between 2K and 2.5K for these so he can convert 2 door coupes to fastbacks. He gets them like this very often and he doesn’t care what the body is like from the roof down. I tipped him to this one. It may be on it’s way to Tennessee. At least part of it may be saved.

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  20. Avatar photo Cameron Bater UK

    I’m just trying to work out how it managed to get there? Low speed crash perhaps? The bumper looks mishapened around the tree, the doors would have been taken recently for the interior to be in such good nick, it would appear to have stood for a long while and with all the foliage in there It’d be a bare shell resto, as you’d want to strip out and replace all the cabling in case rodents had chewed them (nothing worse than doing a $10,000 restoration if the car burns out when you first turn it over)
    The front end doesn’t look straight enough in my opinion so I’d use it as a donor vehicle for another resto, if it went for less than £5,000 ($3,000?) Then I’d snap it up for that very purpose, if the motor and tranny was with it I may go over but only if it was with it, ship it back to Blighty and start stripping.
    It is a shame because I like the fluted Fastback roof, it didn’t look as gaping as the others.

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  21. Avatar photo Rich

    The problem with where that car has been left, is damp rising up inside – everything will be rusty behind the panels. There was a UK RHD oval VW found a while back that had been in a garden for years, the first pictures looked OK but when questions were asked, detailed images revealed it was totally shot and collapsing from internal rust – even the dash had rotted out.

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  22. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    Anyone bidding on this isn’t concerned with the rust. With the replacement bodies, all anyone will want from this car is a VIN number assuming it is still on the front aprons. http://www.dynacornclassicbodies.com/ford_models2.html

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