Forest Find: 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

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This 1967 Mustang Fastback has led a less-than-ideal life, having been parked in the woods since 1989. The seller had to fall a few trees to extract it from its resting place. Decades of exposure have taken their toll, raising the question of whether it is a viable restoration candidate. If you examine the photos and feel you are up for the challenge, you will find the Fastback listed here on eBay in Pensacola, Florida. Frantic bidding has pushed the price to $7,100 in a No Reserve auction.

I admit that when I read the history of this Nightmist Blue Mustang, I was amazed they managed to pull it from its resting place without it snapping in half. Visible rust has afflicted the lower body, the A-Pillars, and the filler below the back window. It looks like it may have invaded the cowl, but I suspect there will be more as we dig deeper. The gaping hole in the windshield will have allowed water to flow freely into this classic, and the carpet will have worked as a giant sponge to ensure moisture stayed trapped against the floors. However, I am unwilling to write it off entirely because I have seen cars from this era throw the occasional surprise. I remember seeing a First Generation Camaro a few years ago that had sunk to its floors in mud. It remained in that location for twenty years, and when a new owner dragged it from the quagmire, the floors and rails only sported surface corrosion. The chances of that being the case here are remote, but it might be worth an in-person inspection. The bumpers are scrap, although some trim pieces may be salvageable. While the windshield is smashed, the remaining glass looks okay. It appears the seller is an optimist because they include the words “it may need a restore” in the listing. Nah!

The seller provides no underside or engine photos, so determining the state of either is little more than an educated guess. The VIN indicates it started life with a C-Code 289 under the hood, and there is still a 289 occupying the engine bay. It would have sent 200hp to the road via a three-speed automatic transmission, and it appears this Fastback includes the luxury of power steering. We receive no information on when this classic last coughed into life or moved under its own power, but it was probably on that fateful day in 1989 when its owner parked it in the woods. If the V8 turns freely, revival may be possible. However, the damp environment and visible corrosion across the vehicle would make it unsurprising if the motor is stuck.

We can keep the interior description short and sweet because it needs everything. The seat frames and some hard trim pieces might be viable, but the rest is junk. Years of water flowing into this classic on the driver’s side will almost certainly have killed the gauges, with the same story for the wiring harness and any relays under the dash. Even the spare steering wheel on the passenger seat is cracked, meaning it is pretty worthless. However, if someone is heavily into collecting pine needles and other assorted foliage, this interior is a veritable goldmine!

My instincts tell me this 1967 Mustang Fastback should be beyond salvation. However, I have seen the occasional classic that has spent time in a worse environment emerge in surprisingly sound condition. The fact that fifteen people have submitted twenty-eight bids suggests a few people see some potential in this Fastback. I believe it probably rests in its VIN plate and clean title, but I’m happy to be wrong if you can see something I can’t. It will be fascinating to gauge your feedback on this tired classic.

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Jack up the wheels and put a new car around ‘em?
    I think you nailed it overall, Adam, when you said of the interior “..and the rest is junk.” The title and VIN plate would be of more value than the car itself..

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    • Robert

      Calling this P.O.S. scrap metal is an insult to good scrap meta, because something this terrible doesn’t belong on Barn Find.

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      • Slomoogee

        Barn Finds is merely a reflection of what this hobby has become. Pulling scrap metal from woods and barns, polishing t_ _ _ _, flippers making a score, and old men with disposable income. We have televised auctions, cocktail induced bidding and “restoration” experts who are more than willing to help with your project. Glad I’m over it all. Oops I’m on Barn Finds venting. Guess I’m not over it.

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  2. angliagt angliagtMember

    Just needs a new radiator cap,& then replace everything
    under the cap.

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  3. Maggy

    Better off starting with a solid one. It’ll take too much money to get it restored . I’d take a pass.

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  4. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Why? There is a company that makes all new sheet metal and frame to built a new Mustang and you can drop in any Ford drivetrain you want. By the time and money spent on this rust bucket you can built a new one. I just don’t understand people like this anymore.🤦

    Like 9

    Great parts car,if you can find any good parts on it

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  6. Big C

    $7,100? Come on bidders! Step up!

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  7. PonchoVilla

    Mechanic special needs some TLC’s…

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  8. PonchoVilla

    Body man special…

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  9. 64 Bonneville

    That is a TLC car “Truck Load of Cash” bidding is up to $7700.00. which is about $10,000.00 more than the parts are worth. Dynacorn makes a 67 fastback body, the VIN and data tag would give some legitimacy to a re-body if you use the motor and trans and rear end from this in it.

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    • grant

      How do you “re-body” a unibody car? Sorry but that’s a scam you’re literally just building a new one.

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  10. Kevin

    Somebody is just buying a title and a VIN. This will be replaced by a Dynacorn Chassis or something similar.

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  11. jim

    Run Run Run Runaway

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  12. Doc .

    8K for a for a VIN number to put on a Dynacorn body seems out of line but to each their own .That pile of unadulterated rust flakes and schmutz is not worth 800 samolians let alone 8K ..but America has found a new illness to indulge on ….RUSTICITIS .
    I see another comment by 64 Bonneville allude to Dynacorn as mine does ..only after I have read mine over, sorry too lazy to write another, 64 Bonneville you take the credit for the Dyncord purpose , and I will take credit for the UNADULTERATED SCHMUTZ

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  13. Daryl Baxter

    In 1982 I was given a 1967 mustang fast back GTA .
    Rust bow to stern ( so I thought )

    It was too much for this 18 yr old to restore.
    So I took all the interior, exterior, 289 H.O & TRANS and put it on my 67 mustang plan Jane coup.

    What was left went to the yard.

    My 67 coup turned out pretty cool.

    Fast forward to 2014 I watched a Christy’s auto auction a 1967 mustang GTA Fastback just like the one given to me , completely full of rust bow to stern sell for $126,000.

    Looking back , maybe I should have restored that gift of rust.

    Who knew

    In this blue fast back.
    I see quarter panel scoops, vent scoops ( Normally found on Shelby Models).

    Missing fog light in the grill.( normally found on GT or GTA or Ponny Package)

    No rear pics.

    Makes me wonder what model is this fast back?
    GT, GTA ?

    For sure alot of $ to bring it back.

    Have fun


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  14. Robert West

    $7100 for a Mustang that grew in the forest? These prices are out of control!

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  15. Randy Snyder

    No freaking way!

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  16. Billy

    I would send that pile of junk back to where it came from looks like pile of trash.

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  17. Mike

    $100 pile of rusty junk. Maybe some parts. Smh

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  18. TBall

    So apparently $7,700 is the going price these days for a set of Shelby side scoops in questionable condition.

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