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Forest Finds: Barn Find Collection in Louisiana

Project car owners must believe they will live forever, given how many listings we see like these each year for an assortment of vehicles that otherwise appear abandoned. The listing today comes from an area that can only be described as the wilderness of Shreveport, and it’s not entirely clear whether the owner passed away or is simply giving up. The seller is open to offers on everything and that includes cars like this 1974 Triumph TR6 that looks worthy of saving for $1,500. Find the full list here on craigslist and thanks to Barn Finds reader Gunter K. for the find. 

The cars have all been left outside but a few of them have some level of weather protection. The seller doesn’t appear to know much about the cars beyond what can be observed simply by looking at them from the outside. Therefore, we don’t know much about this 1958 Renault beyond it clearly hasn’t moved in some time. It’s only $1,000 and I’ll bet the seller would take $500 just to get it out of there. Unfortunately, a car like this doesn’t have much value and will be a labor of love to restore.

The Volvo is likely the most desirable car of anything we can see here, but it unfortunately has some hurdles to clear: the VIN has been swapped as it shows as a 1965 on the paperwork but the body belongs to a 1967 model year. I’m not sure how problematic this would be in states that are fairly loose with antique registrations, but sadly, there are better cars out there for similar money. Still, those wheels and that roof rack have to be worth some money, so a $500 parts car looks like a very real possibility for this old Volvo.

There’s also a 1978 Triumph Spitfire in the mix which is yet another car with a decent following but relatively low values, especially when compared to what it would take to put this one back on the road. Still, for the right price, you could look at rescuing it as the next great adventure and use the purchase as a way to gain access to what looks like a very cool site with lots of other interesting junk to ponder dragging home. For me, the TR6 is the car I’d consider renting a trailer for – which one would you extricate?


  1. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    You wonder why the owner never did anything with these cars. Then again, you don’t.

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    • Greg Gustafson

      They seem to be right where they belong, huh?

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      • Fox Owner

        Hoarders. I know one who filled up the front yard of their country home with all kinds of AMC junk cars. They were all a project in progress, except they never moved or got worked on. One was an AMX, could have been pretty valuable but it’s probably a pile of rusted parts now. There was even a backhoe at one point. Haven’t been by that place in years.

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    • Alan Woliner

      Wishful thinking affects many , myself include. 2007 Triuph America, 1972 Karmann Ghia and 1953 MGTD replica. My kids will have to task of disposing of them.

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  2. Elbert Hubbard

    Look out for the snakes, rust and poison ivy . . . like most of Louisiana, make sure your shots are up to date.

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  3. Solosolo UK Solosolo UK Member

    My first choice would be the little Renault 4cv followed by the TR 6.

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    • Brian M Member

      I’m with you. Used to drive a Dauphine, currently have AH Sprite MKII, Herald 1200 Sport convertible and TR7 as projects (the 7 Runs and drives) a TR7 parts car and a beautiful TR3A in the stable. The Spit would round it out nicely.
      Showed this to my wife of 57 years who muttered something about getting a lawyer. Wonder what she meant by that?

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  4. Rw

    I was thinking the bicycle with the ram horn handle bars and Springer front end.

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    • Russell C

      Finder: “Found another bicycle wheel for ya! Where do you want it?”
      Keeper: “In front of the Triumph.”
      Finder: “Which one?”
      Keeper: “All of them!”

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  5. Derek

    I’d have the 4CV and a good look at the bicycles.

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  6. Jeff Sawyer

    We see poor neglected cars in similar circumstances fairly often. Each time it happens, I hope that they were only neglected because he was busy working on the other cars that were the love of his life.

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  7. Robert

    Isn’t that a Triumph Stag rather than a Spitfire?

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    • Solosolo UK Solosolo UK Member

      Nope, a Stag has a roll bar.

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      • Rumpledoorskin

        A windshield, as well. I’m fairly certain my Spitfire had a windshield.

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  8. Rod

    How about both. Perhaps part the Spit out to help sponsor resurrecting the -6.

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  9. Don

    How much for the bicycles?

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  10. Kenn

    The TR6, Spitfire and Suburban have been sold. If I had the funds I’ld get the bus in the background to use for storage.

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  11. Big C

    “One man’s junk is….” just junk, in this case.

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