Forest Marooned Hot Rod: 1936 Ford Pickup

We love to see period built hot rods, and the interesting touches people added to their rides to personalize them. This Ford spent its time in a Barn until 15 years ago when it was promptly moved to the great outdoors. The wet and wild nature of Pennsylvania hasn’t been too bad to this old Ford, but it certainly hasn’t done it any favors. Packing a 312 Thunderbird V8 and some other interesting features, this Ford truck is certainly worth a closer look. Find it here on ebay out of Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Inside of the heavily patina’d engine bay sits the 312 cubic inch Thunderbird V8 backed by a 3 speed manual transmission. The engine is stuck, and has clearly seen better days. But we appreciate this build, and it would be neat to continue the tradition of this truck with a fresh Thunderbird engine. That is assuming you opted to try to keep this truck alive. The engine bay has plenty of corrosion, but there is little in the way of rot. Although some of the metal may be getting a bit thin by now.

The cockpit floor is missing, likely rotted away, but the bones that are left behind aren’t too shabby. All of the edges of the steel floor are present, and with a little wood and time, you could fix this “Flintstones” conversion. The rest of the interior needs some help as the seat needs to be rebuilt, the door panels are present, but tattered, and the dash and steering wheel aren’t the greatest, but are manageable. The glove box door still bares the original dealers name in which this Ford came from, and the rest of the paint on the dash is reasonable as well. The upper portion of the dash is missing most of its paint, and there are some missing gauges, and some auxiliary gauges have been added as well.

All of the sheet metal is present, and there is also rust to contend with. There is a fair amount of superficial surface rust on this truck, and there is some rot present as well. The rocker section of this truck has some rot, bit the door jamb sections are solid. The front fenders are very straight, as well as the grill and engine covers. The bed has some holes, and the bed walls are a little twisted. Underneath of this Ford is a chassis and frame laced with surface rust, but the frame overall appears to be solid, with no distinct rot. Depending on your skill set, and your determination, this Ford could be revived to see another day.

With its interesting period build, and just enough of it left to do something with, what would you do with this 1936 Ford Pickup?


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  1. Howard A Member

    Well, let’s see, it’s a year newer than the last time this truck was featured and $2,200 dollars more. Fishy as heck.

    • JamestownMike

      Yep, duplicate truck and story! Come on guys!

  2. txchief

    No title, no VIN, no way!

  3. Dennis

    I sent a $ 2,500.00 cash offer to buy the truck, with no title, it’s not worth anymore them $ 2,500.00. You can tell he buys these, power washes them, then sells them, I bet he never once tried to restore one of these, if so, the price would not be 6K, every time you turn a bolt, it breaks off, or rounds off and you spend five times removing each bolt. I can see making a little profit, but this is an outrageous price, but then again, it’s been listed price and NO SALE, I guess changing the year might help ! If anyone knows where I can buy a DECENT 35-38 truck, please let me know, I don’t mind paying, but want something after paying for it, not like this one.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Dennis, that’s just it, if the price of these things reflects it’s rarity, and I think to some degree that’s true, there aren’t any. Nowadays, if anything is outside the shed, it’s there for a reason. Years ago, I drove a dump truck and saw all kinds of trucks like this, sitting. Nobody wanted them. $100 usually bought it, and the owner was glad to see it go ( can you take the “parts” truck too, they’d ask?) I think there’s lot’s of 50’s stuff around yet, to be found, but 30’s stuff is clearly drying up. Good luck on the search. You may find something here. Montana, I think, they buy a lot of trucks from out west.

    • packrat

      The whole truck made of what my friend The Fixer calls “infinitum”. A PITA, just like Dennis said. The Best way to try to take any bolt off is to heat the head of it cherry red with a torch before trying to remove it. Maybe let it cool off and do it again before trying. Acetone and ATF squirted down on it after it cools down. Lather, rinse repeat until the bolt loosens or snaps in half, on to the next one. Take the man’s 2500.

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’m suddenly nervous about this thing. No VIN because the left front frame rail has been changed? Did someone try to graft on a front clip from something else? If that’s the case then the only choice would be to ditch the frame altogether and go with a custom rolling chassis from TCI or equivilant. Keep the Y-block and rebuild it but run an automatic behind it. Of course you could search out a rolling chassis from someone who is building a street rod and has opted for the TCI or equivilant, and perform a period correct restoration. Myself, this is pretty much street rod/restomod material.

  5. Joe Haska

    Howard A, did you get my message, if not check Mack Fire Truck

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Joe, just responded. I think you misunderstood my question.

  6. Jesse James


    There is one (1937) on Shreveport La. craigslist. I live in Shreveport so if he doesn’t send you any good pictures let me know and I will take a look and send you what you need. Link below with owners information.

  7. Bob

    Question– I thought the spare tire originally mounted on the right
    of the bed. Anyones thoughts.

  8. Mark S Member

    There looks like a lot of rot around the bottom of the door sills, this is going to be a lot of custom building, fitting and welding to bring this cab back. The box is really rough too whom ever takes this on is in for hundreds of hours of very dirty work. As for the bolts being rusted in remember that the ones that brake off your still going to need those holes, so next comes drilling, tapping, and in some cases running in helicoils this can take hours per bolt. I believe that the seller is being greedy $2500.00 was a very fair offer, if it had been stored indoors and was in better shape then maybe his price would be fair but that is not the case. This one is not for and amiture or the faint of heart and your going to need deep pockets by the time it back. Good luck to the buyer.

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