Former Hot Rod? 1967 Chevrolet Nova

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UPDATE 03/06/2023: Selling a classic can sometimes be challenging, and persistence is often the key to success. That appears to be the case with this 1967 Chevrolet Nova. The seller had no luck with their previous listing. Bidding reached $12,100 on that occasion but fell short of the reserve. Not one to give up, they have listed the Nova again here on eBay. It appears no other details have changed, and the bidding, although short of the reserve, has raced to $13,100. With twelve bids submitted already, the seller may finally hit the jackpot.

02/26/2023: For various reasons, the 1966-67 second-generation Chevy Nova (aka Chevy II) wasn’t as popular as Gen 1 (1962-65) and Gen 3 (1968-72). Maybe it was the styling, where the car’s lines consisted of points and squares. Or perhaps the new Camaro was the cause. According to the VIN, this is a ’67 Chevy II 400 Nova with a V8 when it left the factory, but we don’t know if it’s still with the car. The seller provides almost no information about this auto, so the photos have to do the talking. From Waxahachie, Texas, this possible former hot rod is available here on eBay.

Chevrolet introduced the Camaro pony car in 1967, and it unintentionally took some of the wind out of the Chevy II/Nova’s sail as witnessed in the 1966-68 sales numbers: 172,475 vs. 106,430 vs. 183,552 when the car got a redesign and Chevrolet once again had a hit on their hands. You could get a 327 cubic inch V8 in the ’67 Nova, along with a 4-speed manual transmission, but they would typically come in the form of a Nova SS (Super Sport).

The seller provides just five words in the “Item Description” section of the listing: Chevrolet Nova, 1967 Chevy ll. That’s it. Maybe the seller doesn’t know much about the car and hopes a minimal ad will generate enough interest to reach the reserve that’s been set for the sale of this car. The mileage is nearing 93,000, and no mention is made regarding the vehicle’s mechanical health.

This Nova may have been a two-tone car when new as the blue roof flanks what may have once been a custom paint job on the lower extremities. There is plenty of surface rust to be found, mainly around the rear glass, and the floorboards look as though they may have been replaced at some point. The assumption is that the entire car will need restoring, including fixing the rear wheel wells, which were enlarged to accommodate larger tires. What direction would you go with this project?

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  1. Driveinstile DriveinstileMember

    Personally. 66 and 67 2 door hardtop Novas are one of my favorites. Its a shame they didnt sell more.

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  2. Danny B

    At a little over 12 grand with reserve not met.I think that’s about all the money on this with everything it needs..glwts

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    • Gordon Stroup

      Oh yeah, there was a private sale of a 66 2 door Hardtop not to far from me about 3 or 4 years ago and this one was NICE! The old guy let it go for, hold on to something…. get this, $2,750! Yeah, you’re thinking B.S., but nope, that was it. I didn’t know about it until a week later and my stomach just felt like crap. I knew he had it forever, but he never wanted to let her go, as he said many times. I think I cried that afternoon when I got home. I’ve always loved those Chevy II Nova’s and asked him time and time again. Damn it!
      I still dwell on that, that I missed out on it…. CRAP! Ok, enough from me. Later.

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  3. Rbig18

    These are still my favorite cars of the hotrod era. Love the lines.

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  4. BA

    Yeah I guess I’m a odd ball too, one of my favorite novas! 12 grand & ain’t hit the reserve? Someone is dreaming ! This car needs the 396 to get the air conditioner working right with that 4 speed would be a nice ride. Did I mention a 1971 Corvette with a Rat Ls5 454 4 speed & AC what a a bargin at 24 grand !

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  5. Walter

    $12,100 and under reserve. A quick search shows that 10 to 15K can get you a nice but not original one. You can spend a lot more than that too but i saw a few nicely done cars under 15 Since this one isn’t original either I don’t see the upside to dropping whatever the reserve is plus thousands more on this one.

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  6. Scotland

    My dad has a 1966 ss chevy II nova. All around coolest muscle car

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  7. Disposable Hero

    i dont know but it looks like 1 head (driver side) is a camel hump and the other? who knows.

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  8. Jamie Kershner

    As a owner of a 1967 Nova SS I hope someone does this car right by replacing those quarter panels..

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  9. Chevychase71

    When the subtitle out words the description and the seller has a zero next their username, eyebrows show raise higher than the bids.

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  10. Rainer Beran

    I like that body style too similiar to the Chevells of this era, not sure if i would pay that much. With the 4 speed it would be a fun ride.

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  11. Jon

    He’s a dreamer. 🤣

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  12. Bill Maceri

    When you ask what direction? I say whatever the opposite direction would be from this car. It’s described as having a lot of rust. That enough right there. As the song says “rust never sleeps”

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  13. Mike

    Next to the C2 corvettes the 66&67 novas are my favorite cars love the body style on the 2dr hardtop wish they made that body style for a few more years, I like this car a lot first thing I would do with this one is put the wheel wells back to stock

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  14. Doug Meyer

    Perfect , to build a budget racer
    A 302 or 327+ 4speed and 4:56 gears
    An 11 sec car with the right tires and driver
    Ready for slicks and a gear banger
    Paint can wait.

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  15. Montego_MX

    I like this one…I’d do it cream with black SS stripes, 327 w/alloy heads, full headers, 225/50/17″ fr, 275/60/15″ rr, level it, flare all fenders (radius) & a 5spd. Overkill is healthy…

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  16. Randy jones

    68 ss nova was a much better nova with the 68 camaro subframes in the cars…67 frontends are not much..looks like a Ford mustang frontend..

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  17. B302

    “no mention is made regarding the vehicle’s mechanical health” ?
    The add says it runs good.

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