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Found in Grandpa’s Garage: 1924 Model T Hot Rod

It’s not very often that you see a touring car built as a hot rod. With their longer wheelbase and four doors, they aren’t as nimble as their two-door cousins and aren’t as desirable to customize. This one is from 1924 and the seller says they found it in their grandfather’s garage. Located north of Sacramento in Roseville, California, it can be found here on Craigslist. With an asking price of $5,000, it seems like a pretty reasonable asking price. Check out this unique hot rod and see if it might be your next project. Thanks to T.J. for the tip on this one.

The engine is a Chevrolet V6 backed by a turbo 350 transmission. The ad doesn’t say anything about the condition of the drivetrain, but it looks like it hasn’t been abused. You can see the dropped front axle and suspension components appear to be new. The seller says they have the front fenders and engine cover as well, which gives the new owner some appearance options.

The seller says the rear end appears to be a Ford unit, but it looks like a quick-change. What do you think this rear is?

Overall, this is a pretty unique car. I don’t know if the turbine wheels are going to stay on it, but they actually look good. The long body with four small doors is certainly an interesting look. It would give someone the ability to have a 20s hot rod with room for four people. What do you think about this one?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Neat. By the way, it has 3 doors not 4. Driver’s “door” is just stamped into the metal and doesn’t open. Never have figured out why and no one else I’ve talked to knows either.

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  2. Dale Nash

    The reason the “driver door” is just stamped ribs to look like a door is because the original E brake/ high gear lever was in the way of getting into the car from the drivers side. As for the rear end, it appears to be Chevy rear end with a fake bolt on quick change cover.

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    • Mark Ruggiero Member

      Plus, as every aficionado of b&w movies of the 30’s thru the 60’s knows, no one EVER got in the driver’s seat from the driver’s door. They all slide in from the passengers side. I always have presumed it had to do with city living, not wanting to be in the street…

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    • FOG

      Often repeated that the “fake” door was credited for saving the “family jewels” over the brake lever.

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  3. Big C

    Have your own Munster’s Coach!

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  4. rustylink

    Looks like something that Archie and the gang would cruise around in Riverdale in.

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    • GitterDunn

      Yes! Do a ’30s – ’40s style jalopy, with corny slogans all over it and a bulb horn. It would need to have stock skinny wheels and tires, though.

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  5. fozbuzz Member

    Love it!! always wanted a touring body–wish it wasn’t a continent away!!

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  6. jetfire88

    In the hot rod world, it’s called a “Tub”!

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  7. Bill Bell

    NO longer wheelbase…the same as any old T body style..!!

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  8. Terry J

    It is a “Tub” as Jetfire88 said and they were very popular hot rods back in the day when surfing songs were on the radio. The proof is that there were several plastic model kits available, most with surfboards sticking out the back. It looks like a square tube steel frame and a 4 bar front end. $5000? Sure couldn’t build it to that point for that. :-) Terry J

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  9. Dale Nash

    In the 1990s I built a 1926 T tub as a highboy with a Buick nailhead engine. It was like riding a 4 passenger motorcycle. The grandkids loved going for ice cream in it. This would make a sweet ride for somebody.

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  10. dogwater

    To much money and time to put this old project in running order grandpa found that out maybe 10 years ago it would have been worth it.

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  11. V12MECH

    Probably worth it for the parts, aftermarket quick change “look alike” cover for diff.

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  12. Lee Wells

    Looks like a 10 bolt Chevy rear axle.

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