Found Under Tarp: 1980 Jeep J10

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The seller of this 1980 Jeep J10 pickup claims it was found parked under a tarp at the home of the original owner, and despite looking a little worse for the wear, it runs and drives well. In fact, he goes so far as to say it’s in like-new condition with the exception of needing paint. It does have the right look, with a light bar in the bed and evenly faded paint – if you’re into the slightly ratty look. The interior would suggest the seller isn’t exaggerating too much, as the upholstery does look quite nice. Find the J10 here on Facebook Marketplace with an asking price of $10,500 and located in Carson, Washington.

The Jeep is equipped with the venerable inline six and a manual transmission. You can see how sharp this truck must have been at one time, with a two-tone paint job that looks like white or light blue over navy. It’s hard to tell with the distorted top layer of paint, but some buyers may not care and simply use it as-is. Since it’s from the great Pacific Northwest, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it’s rust-free; vintage vehicles of all makes and models seem to survive incredibly well out there. Of course, the question on my mind is whether that paint can revived or if it’s so far gone there’s no chance of it bouncing back with a buff.

Here’s where you maybe start to buy the seller’s claims about low mileage and clean condition. The interior does look pretty nice, with surprisingly nice paint inside the door jambs and an untorn bench seat. The dash looks similarly clean and all the details appear factory correct, from the steering wheel to the gigantic manual shifter. The floors appear solid and there’s no sign of tell-tale rust inside the doors. The seller notes that the Jeep comes with some desirable original details, like the factory owner’s manual and hand-written notes from the first owner, presumably about the Jeep’s maintenance records.

Regardless of your opinion of patina, this J10 has a great stance, and the roll bar and brush guard up front are a good look for any 4×4, but especially a vintage one like this. The tires appear pretty fresh and I’m curious if the seller has tackled any maintenance in their time with the truck since rescuing it from besides the barn. The listing is a touch short on details, but if the claimed mileage of just 52,000 holds up, then there’s likely not a whole lot to go wrong on a truck like this with the venerable inline-six powerplant. If it just needs paint, is it worth the asking price?

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  1. Oregon_Guy78

    I think the paint job has a unique look that goes with the style of truck. I’d be tempted to clear coat it as is.

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  2. CJinSD

    Great truck. Awful price.

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  3. HoA Howard AMember

    Put it back under the tarp,,,kidding, for you J series, Cherokee fans. Due to the dismal experience I had, I wouldn’t give you the last 3 numbers. I’ve said it time and again, it looks like a Kaiser, but brother, it ain’t no Kaiser. They are great trucks, I just wouldn’t pay 5 figures for one, unless maybe it had the window sticker ,,

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  4. LastCJ

    Would be much more interesting if it had the 360 in it. The 2-piece factory roll bar is missing the center piece that goes down to the bed but guessing that’s due to the tool box. Definitely overpriced but guessing the seller would take much less.

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  5. Ken Cwrney

    Gotta show this to my future BIL! He’ll
    love it! We don’t see many of these here
    in Florida, the last one I saw was 30 years
    ago. It belonged to the son of a co-worker I worked with at the restaurant.
    And like most Florida trucks, it was jacked up at least 6 feet in the air. It
    had 14X35 monster mudders and a
    really tall lift kit. Since the owner was
    in the citrus business, the rest of the
    truck looked very well-used. But it ran
    well and served it’s intended purpose.
    Most every time I see one of these, it
    reminds me of a Tonka truck. This one is
    really nice for what it is and it will make
    a rare and very good work truck. The
    258 cube 6 is damned near bulletproof
    and when mated to the proper tranny,
    makes scads of torque. Everything you need in a pickup truck and then some.

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  6. James Martin

    Sold my neighbour a 79 for 1500 good truck never could get valve cover to stop leaking. Dana 44 axles 4:10 gear ratio. Stump puller for sure. Hasthree low gears and then 4 th gear. Price is a joke. Payed 2000 or less and trying to make a killing at 10000.

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  7. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    With no mechanical or underside rust issues, it should realistically bring maybe $2500-and in a years time the seller may be fortunate to get that amount. In this place in time he just might get some Jeep fan (of which I am one) to pony up this price but not around here..most people in this area are a bit more judicious with their “disposable” income and actually use something like this as a truck.As that 6 banger is a good mill, the tranny fairly stout to my recollection it was a TRUCK, not a showpiece stand-in for some cute little CUV/SUV.
    If you get it for a fair price paint it and drive it-it’s languished in the dark long enough.

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  8. Guggie 13

    I had two of these pickups , one was a J 10 6 cyl 4speed , long box , the second was J20 360 V8 auto long box . Both were used as plow trucks for my job at the time , both were great trucks and both had transmission problems . This is a neat truck but a little pricey !!

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    • JMB#7

      Maybe not for snow plowing, but I bet a 6-speed out of TJ Wrangler would bolt right up. Comments? I haven’t really verified that yet.

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  9. Stevieg

    Let’s file this one too in the “I like it a lot” file. Too bad the light blue on it fell apart like it did, it almost looks like the dark blue on it held up pretty well.
    I too do think it is a bit over priced, but I am inclined to think $4,000 is reasonable if it is as solid as it appears. Love the drivetrain! Bulletproof (maybe not plow proof lol).

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    • JMB#7

      I will take your side on the price issue. Where I am at, Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana, you would not find one with this little rust, and few miles under $4000. As a matter of fact if someone owned it and considered it worth under $2000, it would would be a work truck or a farm truck and be earning it’s own keep running every day! Now, as for $10k, they have the right to ask… maybe they won’t find a buyer, but maybe they will find someone who just had to have exactly this combo.

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  10. CJM

    Looks like it was originally a single tone light blue (baby blue). See door jamb. Then repainted white over dark blue. Nutso price. Seller probably paid 500 bucks for it- or hauled it off for free.

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  11. TimM

    Way over priced in my opinion this is still only a $3000 truck in running condition!!

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    You guys are way off on your pricing. Try to keep up…

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