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4-Doors Ain’t Worth Nothing: 1973 Plymouth Satellite

1973 Plymouth Satellite

Four-doors have always gotten a bad rap. As a kid, I remember my dad telling me that four-doors weren’t worth anything. He might have been right, but that also means that those of us who can’t afford the two-door classic of our dreams may be able to pick up the four door version. Take this Plymouth for example. It will never be a ‘Cuda and it doesn’t have a Hemi, but for it might be perfect for someone who wants a Mopar on the cheap. It has V8 power and plenty of room to haul the family around. It’s listed here on eBay with bidding starting at $99! Let’s just hope that the seller knows that four-doors arent worth anything and has set his reserve accordingly…


  1. booya

    I want this so I can make my own movie about a rogue undercover cop with 24 hours to clear his name.

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  2. roger

    I would sure like to have it.

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  3. sparkster

    This car is going to Hollywood, Ca. to be a ” movie car” . You got to love the last picture on the ebay ad. Hoist ? ? ? we don’t no stinkin hoist to raise this car off the ground.

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    • Dave Wright

      Hollywood all ready has plenty of them. When I was buying government equipment in So Cal the prop guys were always at the sales buying tons of this stuff. I know of several yards full of them as well as military vehicles. The only stuff they have to go out of the box to look for are unusual vehicles. One of my buddies was a provider of Chargers for the Dukes of Hazard…….he traveled all over buying cars because they wrecked so many. He had to be careful with the sellers, if they suspected he was from Hollywood, the prices went way up.

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    • Fiete T

      Always a great sign when they just jam the forks under it and ‘lift away.’ Use to live in the rustbelt, am always suspicious of cars from there- note the trunk mat edges and the semi-clear picture of the covered floor through the driver’s door…yeah, no faith in this thing not being a terminal bucket

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  4. Jim Mc

    “Four doors good, two doors better!”

    With apologies to George Orwell. (and anyone who reads this)

    I like the car, too. Up to about $2800 or so. ’73 w/a 318, even with an auto, it could be a sweet ride. Had many like it. Keep it out of the salt and it’s nigh indestructible.

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  5. Jesper

    I dont care if a classic have two or four doors. Some models look wrong with only two doors,
    It depends about the model.
    I better want a four door in good condition, than a coupe in bad.
    Its all about model and price.
    And if family have to come with on a drive, a four door is better.
    Better 2 four door cars, than one coupe, for the same price :-)

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  6. Blindmarc

    You just don’t see these anymore. One Adam -12…….

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  7. packrat

    This is the latest year in my area to not be harassed with emissions testing. Just keep it in tune, the salt washed off of it, a little mound of spares in the garage rafters and under the workbench. A pleasant, slightly low-key vehicle, and you don’t have to worry about being denied plates when the central computer is unhappy that a tire pressure monitor has a flat battery.

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  8. Kevin

    Does it really matter whether its two or four door, station wagon or muscle car.People buy cars for their own specific reason. Many buy as it holds a special memory or they simply like the style of the car. Not everyone wants a Porsche, Jag, or muscle car. I find that most people going to car shows look at the oddball 4-door, station wagon etc more than the many muscle cars, Porsche, Jags etc. JMHO Kev

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  9. juan

    I ask my friends the same question: You want THAT car unobtainable/unaffordable (Ferrari, 67 Mustang, 57 Chevy conv., 59 Cady, you name it) car or you want to be part of the antique/classic car world? I love 30´s Packards but I can´t pay them, I really want to have a 59 impala coupe or a convertible but I have a 4 door sedan (6 cil. and three on the tree) and I´m OK with that.

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  10. Ralph Terhune

    I have a 4 door ’67 Ford LTD with 52K miles on it and I love it! Great car!

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  11. DrBrodski

    “I remember my dad telling me that four-doors weren’t worth anything”

    Your dad was right, but only at that point in time. When cars become classics, even the dowdiest, frumpiest, unfashionable family car that was once the choice of mothers, fathers, uncles and grandpas can be viewed in a new light. Generations that weren’t born when they were made and nostalgic buyers can perceive them as being quite cool and chic. That goes for sedans as much as coupes. People get sick of seeing 2 door coupes all the time and a well preserved 4 door is just the thing to relieve the monotony.

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  12. TheBear

    This car (the one in the picture) is now in Sweden…

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