1-Of-92: 1968 GTO Ram Air 4-Speed Convertible

Asking $50,000 for an unfinished car separates investors from hobby enthusiasts, and this four-speed 1968 GTO Ram Air Convertible in San Jose, California deserves respect even if it doesn’t sell this time around. GTOHeaven.com supports the seller’s claim that the Verdoro Green Poly drop-top is one of 92 made with convertible top, 400 Ram Air, and four-speed. If the $50k Buy It Now price is too dear, go ahead and make an offer here on eBay. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

The smooth rear styling features tail lights set into the bumper. The dipped trunk center echos the bumper bulge below. Nice work, Pontiac! The listing may hold the record for the most photographs posted without showing the whole car. I’m no professional photographer, but I might suggest turning the cell phone 90 degrees to landscape mode for a subject that’s wider than it is tall.

The numbers matching 400 runs as-is, though some additional interior work will be necessary before going for a ride (see below). The sale includes what’s described as everything needed to complete the job, so for the sale price plus labor, you might have a $90,000 car. Pontiac raved about the car’s Endura Bumper, claiming “you have to kick it to believe it,” and its ability to shrug off abuse spawned more than one amusing commercial.

Pontiac’s sales brochure suggested you “Get one, before you’re too old to understand.” Ironically the buyer will likely be gray-haired while many today are simply too young to understand. What would you give to get this “Goat?”


  1. Matt steele

    Someone with a lot of cash is going to buy this ..they will spend big money to finish it. They will be smiling for a very long time.

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  2. TimM

    Great car!!! So close to finishing and there letting her go!! 50k is to rich for my blood!!!

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  3. On and On On and On Member

    I remember that commercial clubbing the bumper with a crowbar. Yikes.

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      The one of 92 must be for the color because they made quite a few 68 GTO 400 4 speed convertibles.
      In the early 80s a friend of mine had a 68 400 4 speed GTO yellow exterior and black interior blacktop. I had a 1968 Plymouth fury lll 383 4 speed and he wouldn’t race me. let’s just say that five thousand pound Plymouth fury was not slow.

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      • Glen Riddle

        1 of 92 refers to the Ram Air engine and 4-speed combo in a ’68 GTO convertible. Production mumbers by color are not available.

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  4. 433jeff

    Wow im impressed if the orig motor is there at all never mind runs so so. To me the 68 is better looking than the 69, and to me this car looks better than the 70 ss, i missid on one in Maryland 5 years ago red stripped out sold for 1500$ on cl, was a RA2, of course me and the buyer didnt know, and i couldnt take the ride, same car sold a week later on ebay for 6100, someone is fixing her now. I imagine

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  5. Lemonboy

    Are those the correct Ram Air II heads? I thought the Ram Air II heads, similar to Ram Air IV and SD heads, had the center exhaust outlets coming straight out of the head and not in a ‘V’ shape?

  6. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Somebody please finish THIS and get this back on the road !

  7. Skippy

    $50k is top dollar for a GTO project, even a “nearly complete” one. Unfortunately, the values of these cars is beginning to wane. Do a search for 1968 GTO convertible on eBay and click on “sold items” in the left hand side to get a more realistic value. I see 4 finished cars that sold from $17 to $32k. …and does anyone else think it is odd that this car is listed on eBay as Pontiac-Other rather than GTO? A search for GTO does not bring it up.

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  8. Glen Riddle

    I assume this is not a Ram Air II car, as most of the ’68 Ram Air GTOs were not.
    Total Ram Air II stick GTOs was 199, with no breakdown between hardtop and convertible. Total Ram Air stick GTO production was 849: 92 convertibles and 757 hardtops; so approximately 11% were convertibles. If that breakdown is consistent for the Ram Air II cars, it would mean that approximately 22 of those 199 Ram Air II stick shift GTOs were convertibles.

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    • Glen Riddle

      Indeed, body tag photo in the listing shows a build date of 11A, or first week of November 1967, so definitely a Ram Air I car.

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