1967 Mercedes-Benz 300SE For… $290,000?!!

Now here is a curious listing, quite off the beaten path. It’s a 1967 Mercedes-Benz 300SE convertible for sale here on Craigslist in Phoenix, Arizona with an asking price of $290,000! What’s curious is that the seller, who obviously knows quite a lot about these cars, claims that this car was on the stand at the Frankfurt show in September of 1967 (Hall 5, Stand 805), and that it received extensive show preparation—including a polished aluminum intake, additional chrome plating, and black painted valve covers. We have to take the seller’s word for all this because there’s no engine shot. There’s also supposed to be additional safety features on this show car that wouldn’t normally have been included in a 1967 300SE convertible. Thanks go to Ian C for sharing the tip!

For that amount of money, I’d expect to see a photo of the car on the stand. That shouldn’t be too hard to find, but the vendor writes, “If anyone has photos of this display please contact me about them.” What we do get is documentation (in German) indicating this was a “Standwagen” with destination “IAA Frankfurt.” So maybe this is indeed a European show car. If so, what’s it worth? This was a top-of-the-line Benz, featuring a three-liter inline-six (modified from the version in the 300SL Gullwing and roadster), air suspension (troublesome if not taken care of), and such niceties as factory Kuhlmeister air conditioning, limited-slip, Becker Mexico radio, and exceptional (but expensive to restore) wood and leather.

The vendor’s logic is that only about 53 cabriolets were built on the 1967 300SE line, and 708 over the course of the model. That contrasts with 1,853 300SL Roadsters and 1,400 Gullwing Coupes. Therefore, the 300SE Cab is very rarer than the $1 million-plus 300SL and thus easily worth $290,000.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work this way. Value isn’t simply based on rarity, but desirability. The 300SL is a Tier One automotive icon, and it will always be more desirable. The prices reflect that. Hagerty lists a Concours example of the 300SE as being worth $68,500, but the convertible is obviously worth more. I see 300SE Cabs listed for $140,000 and $335,000 (in the Netherlands), plus a really gorgeous one sold for $157,500 in September.

The European show credentials do add some value, if they’re genuine. Maybe the price is justified, but the owner really should give us more details. We do learn that this impressive automobile has 50,000 original miles, which is nice. But with the information provided, it’s a bit of a pig in a poke.


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  1. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Rarer than a gull-wing maybe…. but therefore highly desirable and worth this ask? Very unlikely, IMO. I’m no Benz expert, or even close to being one when it comes to uncommon European cars. But I think this guy will be waiting a looooong time to sell at anywhere near his wished for price.

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  2. Howard A Member

    Nah, I’d rather have that 6 figure VW bus,,,see how silly it seems? If there ever was a car worth this kind of money, it’s this. Finest motorcar ever made, and a ragtop to boot ( pun intended) Wow!

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  3. Will Fox

    The `62-`71 Benz 300SE coupes/convertibles were hand-built cars; the attention to detail these got even overshadowed the large sedans of that era. The gorgeous wood inlays on the dash, hand-stitched seats, etc. have always brought huge prices on these with collectors. But $290K? No; not even from a Benz collector. I’ve seen late `60s coupes bring $150K or so. This seller’s dreaming though; If he gets that price, he found a true sucker.

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  4. Kurt

    Take away at least one zero and generate some bids, please.

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  5. Fred W

    Doesn’t look like factory stance- has the front been lowered?

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    • ChasH

      The self leveling suspension (air bags) needs some work, $$$.
      Also I noticed the chassis number has been redacted on the paperwork.

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  6. Rhett

    Growing up outside of NYC, 300 SE, SEL’s, etc.. were pretty common in the late 60’s, early 70’s. To me, this will always be what a Benz looks like. That said, the alloys are sketchy (although I like them) and that’s creeping up on 330 America money.. This would really have to ring ALL your bells..

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  7. PebblebeachJudge

    These 300SE cabriolets are low on the choice list. A good clean low grill 280SE for less than half this asking is realistic. The 300SE motor has nothing to do with a 300SL on any level. Given this car is already on 80’s wheels makes you think where does it stop. Realistically a 300SE is worth in the 100K range.

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    • ChasH

      The M189 engine shares a bit with the M198 engine of the SL. The 30 degree cut on the top of the block being the most visible. Rocker arm/camshaft architecture is also similar. Not sure about conrods or crankshaft.

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  8. Arby

    On Craigslist???

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  9. James

    Beautiful car, I love the styling. Wish I had $29,000. I’d buy it! ;)

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  10. Scott

    The photos of the interior don’t show any AC installed, nor a radio. Does anyone know what year Mercedes stopped shaping the speedo hood out of wood?

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  11. rdxblast

    Somebody told ‘0’ has no value. So, I added as much as I want!

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  12. Louis Chen

    I missed the old “Die Beste order Nitsch” “The Best Or Nothing” styling of the ’60-’70’s. These old MB were big and has that pleasant THUMP when you close the door (S)! Too bad today’s MB looks pretty much the same and somewhat flimsier. I believe the price are a little high and the claim unknown at best. If I have some spare change I’d offer $90K and maybe inherit a money pit in the long run? LMAO….

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  13. art

    FYI…that car has been on Phoenix CL for about 290,000 days. Seriously, about three years that I know of.
    I guess he figures that there is “one born every minute”. He just has not found that person yet.

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    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      I was born at night…..

      But not last night!

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  14. Richard

    Are those wheels correct? I expect a fat hubcap for 1967

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  15. Mark Garcia

    300 SL’s were m198, the 300 se and cab were m189, no comparison what so ever

  16. Mark

    The car looks jacked up in back. As someone said the air suspension probably needs work. The color also looks like an American metal flake not a European type color.

  17. Poppy

    Wow, check out the incredible rear legroom (for 1 person lying down on the seat, that is).

  18. Del

    This would go nice with that Rolex.

  19. Andrew Franks

    The price is absurd and the Seller knows it. He/she is simply insulting everybody’s intelligence.

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    • Steve

      He must be smoking some good stuff if he thinks this mundane Merc is worth anything like this price

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