FREE 1955 Pontiac Chieftain

1955 Pontiac Chieftain

This Pontiac Chieftain is being offered free to the first person willing to drag it out of the trees. The owner is realistic in stating that it is probably only good for scrap, but that there might be a few salvageable parts there. Obviously you are getting about half a car, but heck, you can’t beat the price! It’s located near Wilton, New York and is listed here on craigslist. Thanks goes to Olaf E. for the submission!


  1. DENIS

    A little bit of wall art perhaps but a helluva lotta work for a few trinkets…bet he gets no takers

  2. Ed P

    At least the seller did not overprice this one. Parts is parts.

  3. 1ST-RAT

    This reminds me of when Tom Sawyer tricked the neighborhood kids into painting his fence. Tell someone they can have a piece of crap if they will do all the work to dig it out. I’ll pass.

    • TriPowerVette

      Well… you are certainly a glass-half-empty sort of fellow, aren’t you? One man’s “piece of crap” is another man’s efficiency condo.

  4. Aaron B.

    I think for the right person, it would be a good find…There’s still some trim and bits and pieces here and there….for someone doing a resto it might be a gold mine.

  5. Dennis

    Who cares if it’s free. It’s still a pile of junk.

  6. Big Eddie

    Personally I think it will buff out with a little elbow grease. What a deal.

  7. MikeW

    It reminds me of the ’51 Pontiac I cut in half to make a cheap jeep back in my younger days.

  8. rusty

    gees some off you are tuff

    the guy/gal is giving away parts for free…he obviously doesnt want it to go to scrap without giving someone a chance to save anything usable but the caveat is take the lot which is totally fair.

    give the craigslister a break

    seems NOW barn finds is getting to be a tuff crowd..kind’a reminds me of another site a few years ago..

    its free for hecks sake…I am sure there are enough goodies to at least be worth advertising it before scrapping it…if it finds a punter then nobody is losing nor are they paying.

    play nicely for freebies.

  9. Karl

    Yes, at first glance it does seem nuts, but somebody looking for those chrome pieces on the hood or doors or maybe a steering wheel might think this is the deal of the century. It’s not like you can go down to the Pontiac dealership and order any of this stuff. When I was hunting parts for my low-buck ’65 Mustang restoration or some of my father’s more oddball body-shop repair jobs, I was happy to take advantage of any source, as long as it was legit.

  10. JW454

    It would be interesting to know how it came to be there in the first place.

  11. rusty

    Yep Karl like you I was offered a rough freebie residing in a Creek totally stuffed but with the rare bits still on it. Take the lot or not.

    It was before the Internet when Morris minor convertibles were extremely rare to find in Australia ironically now they seem a dime a dozen.

    Anyway I promised I could remove it if they let me cut it up with an oxy into small bits that could be easily removed from the creek and that I could tow behind my Morris convertible.
    Many usable rare parts i could use on my everyday convertible and my other project convertible for free and some hard work over 3 or 4 days.

  12. Mike

    “But its got Patina”

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