Free Sports Car! 1970 Triumph GT6

I still dream of buying a property someday that has old vehicles left behind from a previous owner, and hopefully find among them either a project I had been pining to own or a vehicle that could be sold to offset the purchase price of the property. Of course, most of the time the left-behinds are generally rough projects worth about as much as the local scrap yard is willing to pay, but sometimes you can make out a bit better. I’m not sure whether there’s any money in the rough 1970 Triumph GT6 a seller here on Facebook Marketplace found on his newly acquired property, but you can’t beat the purchase price of free!

This Triumph GT6 is one of two listings on Facebook Marketplace at the moment with the seller urging buyers to come yank it off his newly acquired property. The imagination runs wild with what transpired here, but I feel it’s almost always the case of an elderly owner who passes away with no heirs or other clear path to moving the cars off of the property. Of course, it could be an able-bodied enthusiast who used the cars for parts and chose not to deal with the hassle of moving them, but most of the time, the buyer would demand the vehicles be removed before taking possession.

The GT6 has clearly been here for a while, sinking deep into the moist Washington soil with plenty of spare parts still inside the rear hatch. The car has been stripped of many of its external adornments, including the taillights and bumpers, but the gas cap is still there. Glass looks mostly intact, too, with the exception of the driver’s door, and while I’m sure the floors are nearly gone, the rest of the body looks largely straight – at least straight enough to get some good spare panels off of.

That said, I’ve been trying to sell two Spitfires for a local salvage yard for months and we’ve had not a nibble, and that’s for two cars far more complete than this one with a near-free price of $300 each. Is there no longer any love for the Spitfire or GT6? The seller has had the ad posted for a mere six hours, so time will tell if an enterprising British car nut sees the opportunity for the lowest possible point of entry into a new project car or the possibility of making a few bucks by parting out the good stuff. Which option would you choose?

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    Long drive for a free triumph, but if it was closer!

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  2. 370zpp

    Boat included?

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    • stu

      Yeah! The boat tows the car!

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  3. Vegaman Dan

    Oh, I want. No room for more projects. Already have a spare hatch, windscreen frame, nits of interior and suspension. If I had the space…

    Got my 68 Mk3 Spitfire to get painted first. Must finish projects.

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  4. sir_mike

    I like the Monza style fuel cap

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    • Tom S.

      The TR6 fuel cap is an easy swap.

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  5. TouringFordor

    Gone. The bonnet is the most valuable part of that car.

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  6. Seth

    Where are your $300 Spitfires Jeff?

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    • Amorypaz Amorypaz

      Do tell.

  7. AKRunner

    I already have a free Triumph! Years ago a friend called me up and gave me his 1979 Spitfire after he decided it was beyond his interest or abilities to keep it running. I drove it a bit every summer for a few years then parked it one fall and didn’t touch it again. Out of stubbornness I still have it though it’s been sitting in storage for years. Come summer I plan to get it running well enough to drive once in a while. If it doesn’t cooperate it may get converted to electric or ?????

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  8. grant

    I’m looking for a (driver) Spitfire right now

  9. MFerrell

    What to do with it? Follow these step-by-step instructions:

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  10. TW

    Is that price negotiable? 🤔

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  11. PairsNPaint

    This is actually a GT6+. You can tell by the louvers on the C-pillar. This will have the much more desirable full-IRS suspension rather than swing axles.

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  12. Tort Member

    Careful for you dream for. About three years ago I bought a place with thirteen acres in which about half were woods. The seller told of an old classic truck out in the woods. I imagined a mid thirties to early fifties Chevy, Ford or maybe a 47 Studebaker that I learned to drive in on the farm years ago. My dream turned out to be a 1960 Ford with the motor long gone. Cut a few poplar trees and brush to clear a path. Hooked a chain to the front bumper and to my tractor. It pulled a little hard initially and suddenly much easier, turned my head around and I was pulling the cab forward and the frame from the rear of the cab had only moved a few feet. At least I got it out of the woods and after cutting in up in a pieces with my torch, loading on my trailer and pickup box took it my find to the metal salvage yard and left with a hefty sum of 38 dollars!

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  13. Andrew S Mace Member

    What a surprise: It’s already “sold”! BTW, it was a 1969 model, not 1970. Hard to say if the price was right or not. ;)

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  14. Robert Thomas

    Such a shame. The GT6 is one of my favorite Triumphs.

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  15. TW

    Is that price negotiable?

  16. Newport

    Yard art!!

  17. JMB#7

    Yes there is still a lot of love for Triumphs. The GT6 is classic styling.

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  18. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    My first and only Spitfire (so far) was a freebie. After extracting it from a goat pasture I sold the bonnet for $200, the radio for $50, front bumper for another $100 and the remains for a few hundred to someone who used it as a basis for his show car. The engine had only logged 25k miles and there were still chalk marks showing on the frame and firewall.

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  19. Kevin Kendall

    Buddy of mine bought a 73 for that exact price,good solid car also,old man just needed it out of the way

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