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Free To A Good Home: 1965 Corvair Monza


Long time reader Chris B, AKA Chebby, is in a bind and needs our help! He’s about to lose his storage space and doesn’t have anywhere to park his Corvair. Rather than leaving it outside or listing it for sale, he’s decided he’d rather offer it to the Barn Finds community for free! That’s right, there is such a thing as a free lunch, well in this case a free car. It needs work but you can’t beat free! There are a few requirements you need to meet before you can pick it up though. More info about Chebby’s Corvair below.


So what are said requirements? Well they are pretty simple. First, you need to have a plan for what your going to do with it. In 2 or 3 sentences, tell us what you are planning to do with it and post your response in the comments below. It doesn’t matter if you are going to restore it, customize it or rat rod it, we just want to make sure you are going to do something with it. Chebby will look over everyone’s plans, ask questions and pick out who he feels will give his Corvair the best home. The second requirement is a willingness to keep both Chebby and us updated with your progress. We want to see his Corvair back on the road and the process of getting it there! And the last requirement is the ability to come get it sooner, rather than later. I think those are pretty reasonable terms for a free car. Now let’ get to the car and it’s condition!


From Chebby – Car is a 1965 with a ’66 engine and trans. It’s a mutt. It has been amateur-restored at least once before. Odometer works, and says ~45K but could be anything. Have all the removed parts for the car—bumpers, lights, glass, trim—except exterior “Corvair” “Monza” and “110” emblems, they were shaved at last paint job. I drove it as you see it in the Bernal GT road rally two years ago, and the ‘extreme patina’ was very popular.

Mechanical: It’s equipped with a 110 two-carb engine. You can hear it run in the video but it sat for another year and will not start now. Has a brand new battery and cranks, could be a fuel clog or spark issue, I don’t know and no time to mess with it anymore.


I think there is a manifold leak from when I went over a parking lot speed bump with a ‘plus-sized’ friend aboard and scraped the headers. It’s hard to tell because the Stinger-style mufflers are loud. Idle sounds a bit like a big block Chevy, full throttle sounds like a biplane. I’m told the headers are rare items. Also headers on a Corvair mean no heater….


4-speed shifts nice. Pinhole leak in the differential seal weeps onto the clutch face and makes it slip a teeny bit. Been like that for years, it’s only intrusive on a steep hill. I added a little 90 weight every now & then. Brakes were upgraded to dual master cylinder.


INTERIOR: 70’s Camaro/Vega seats in front, driver side is ripped. Back seat is there but cooked. Carpet ok, could use a re-dye. Door panels are crappy. Headliner old but good. Needs all new weatherstripping.


Dash is perfect and gauges work. Radio missing but I have a non-working one to fill the hole. Lights, wipers, washer all work. Windows all roll up and down smoothly.


BODY: Needs the most work, but not bad for someone who can do body stuff. Panels were all perfectly straight but street parking took care of that: my neighbor backed into the driver’s door, and all four corners have swipe dents from tall SUVs parallel parking by ‘braille’.


Driver’s door dent has been partially pulled out, you get a spare door as well. There is rot behind the front fenders, and in the c-pillars—right pillar is pretty bad, but I have a replacement you can weld in. 


Floors and trunk are solid as as far as I can tell.


Tires are unsafe at any speed, one doesn’t match and is plugged. Rollers or around town only. Rear glass is out and resting on the window frame. Rear shocks are Gabriel Hi-jackers, they give a good stance but ride harsh. The CA reg is 2015, one year delinquent. A spare LH door and engine lid come with it. 10 pack of Vanilla tree air fresheners in the glove box, the best kind! Car is garaged in the Hayes Valley neighborhood in San Francisco.


I just want to thank Chebby for giving us the chance to help him find a good home for his Corvair. I know how hard it can be to lose your storage space and have to get rid of your car, but giving it away shows how much he actually cares about this car. He’d rather let it go for free, just to make sure it ends up in a good home and doesn’t get left outside to rust away! This seems like the perfect car for someone on a budget that is looking to get into the hobby, so if you’d love to have this Corvair and can pick it up quickly, be sure to leave a message in the comments section!


  1. Alan (Michigan)

    IF, If I lived on the West coast, and IF I had already pulled my ’66 Corsa out of long-term storage and gotten it going….. I’d be first in line to submit a suggestion for the Monza’s future, and get it into my garage.
    Corvairs make for great fair-weather drivers, for those who don’t want to risk using one in the winter (rust never sleeps). And, they make for really fun autocross cars as well. This posting fills me with a bit of angst. I really need to get the Corsa going. It turned 50 this year. I learned to drive in it, so you can see how old I might be… :-/

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  2. 70kingswood

    very generous, I hope this Corvair finds a good home, worthy candidate for a budget resto!

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  3. Bill

    Ugh… If only… that would be my daily driver. have parts source, the know how, and everything, just no money or time to fetch it! Probably clear coat it until I saved the dosh to make her blue again. Would be a wonderful commuter and family cruiser.

    best of luck to the winner!

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  4. Errol wyman

    Good morning something about these cars are special in there own way this is a car that i like to restore with my 9 year old daughter and get it in top running condition as a daily driver for her when she turns 16.

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  5. Eric osborn

    I would trailer the car home to colorado and put it in my garage. I would restore it to close to original with some period correct performance parts. I would teach my son how to work on cars and about automotive history with this car. Also it would be painted electric blue.

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  6. Bill Lawrence

    Me and my son have talked about restoring an old car, so he can learn how to work on cars and also to hone my skills. My dad and uncles got me into cars, with the Corvair being my favorite of the cars they own. Being a dad, whose wife is a stay at home mom, with dad expenses, it would be a dream come true for a free Corvair to get this dream of ours started. We’ve also always wanted to take a cross country vacation. So the pickup of it would be an awesome father-son experience to begin this dream of ours.

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    • cyclemikey

      What would I do with the car? Give it to Bill Lawrence and his son.

      Wish I’d had the chance at that scenario when I was a kid.

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    • Derek Hunt

      I live in Ohio, I have been a corvair guy from age 14 I’m 54 now . I sold my last corvair when my children were yonger( took a lot of my time) ready to get back in the game. I would plan on a crown conversion ( mid engine v8) I have a fresh 350 on the stand and nowhere to go. That’s my plan , thank you for your consideration. Derek Hunt

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      • MARK

        Hate to break it to Ya but this is a 6 year old thread.

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      • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

        4 years, actually, but the situation is the same. LONG GONE!

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  7. Cody arnold

    Id love to have it i love corvairs id make a father daughter project and restore it to factory condition

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  8. Vince Habel

    Lower pans on engine can be cut to go around headers. It will give some heat. I had a 69 with a modified 140 plus 2 67 coupe a 65 coupe and a 66 convertible. Getting to old for a project like this.

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  9. Dave Wright

    I would have my son pick it up with his car transporter store it an another one of my son’s ranch in Byron for a few weeks until I can get down to pick it up for the trip back to Idaho. I just hired a master body man to start a new busisness here in Idaho. We would do a complete high quality restoration and use it as an example of the work we do along with our equipment and tractor painting busisness.

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  10. Michael Meel

    Not gonna lie, would not paint it even if I had the money. Car looks killer fix all the bad rust keep the original motor and drive it like it looks now absolutely beautiful!

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  11. angliagt

    If someone gets this,please give us an update.

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  12. Cletus

    Where is the car located? I’d love to give it a home next to my ratty 1970 Corvette.

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  13. Matt Member

    id do the manditory stuff and use it as a daily driver…

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  14. Jeffro

    Ralph Nader called…he wants his Corvair back

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  15. David Montanbeau

    We live about 3 hours in the Foothills from the Bay. We are a restoration facility and have owned about 6 Corvairs. Spiders, Greenbriers, Corsica. Bought my 1st Corvair in 67 at the Detroit Auto Auction for 50.00. The shift tube was bad. It was a 1963 and it would go through anything with the oversize studded snow tires in the back and big bags of salt up front. I raced an Eldorado in a snow storm and won. He was not happy. Even got busted street racing a Corvair. Went to Woodstock in 1969 with an early Greenbrier that my dad had because we couldn’t fit 10 guys in my 1965 Chev Impala SS convertible with a 409-400 4 speed. I will ponder this opportunity. I’ll be delivering a 37 Dodge in a couple of weeks in that general area.

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  16. M.W.Rozmen

    always wanted one of these Monzas! awesome cars. if only I lived closer I’d be begging for this one!

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  17. David Frank David Frank Member

    The local Corvair club (Classic Corvairs of River City) would be interested in it, either as a club project or for one of its members. The club restores a Corvair every year and gives it away in a raffle to raise money for charity. I called Chris, a club officer, about this one and sent him a link. I can provide his phone number and email if you like. Their website is northern-california-corvairs.com .

    (They have a really cool display of Corvairs at the Museum)

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  18. Cando

    I’d pick it up make in run and drive give it some life put it in the heated barn along with the other 15 I’ve bought and did the same with saved a many that would have never seen the road lots of Lovin in non loved cars

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  19. Jim nonenmachet

    At my daughters house in Aptos for Halloween and it’s her birthday today Oct 31st. Here on holiday from Boise, Id. Would love to drive it home in a couple of days, that is if it would make it! I’m risk taker and would love the adventure! Would make a good start for a long relationship. My wife would be following in our car.

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  20. William Craig

    Well I live in Canada. Nova Scotia which is the Atlantic Province. These cars are one of the best cars around. The Corvair to me is a classic car. I would love to be able to get this. I think if I was to get it I think I would leave it the way it was made. Keep everything original would be the best way to restore this sweet little ride.

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  21. mark

    I would love to fly down and drive it home to northern Ont Canada. My father has just retired and the two of us could use a new challenge. It would be a bonding experience.

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  22. Andrew Worrell

    It would feel right at home with the other 60’s chevys in my weather tight Morton building it would be put back on the road and will be kept in drive ready condition I have always wanted a Corvair and will treat it to the best a car can expect to be treated. I live in Iowa so not to far and it will be trailed back to its new hole in style.

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  23. Jim Levante

    This is simple, I would make it into a sporty road race inspired car. I would hop it up a little, add a roll bar two front seats and nice nardi steering wheel. I would paint it white and add minilite rims. Then it is off to racing to Starbucks for a cup of coffee.
    Thank you for this little diversion from work.

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  24. Brian Porter

    Would drive it make it mechanicaly reliable and drive my mom had a 65 it was totalled before she got to make the second payment I saw pictures I liked the looks of the car would like a driver to just enjoy the road with

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  25. Chebby

    Hey everybody! Thanks for all the interest and comments, even the ones who are just kicking tires.

    It’s not totally clear to me who is putting a serious hand up to take the car vs. just musing about what they would do with it, so while I and the BF crew would like to know your intentions and create a feature around that for everyone to enjoy, what I really NEED to know up front is exactly how and when you can make the trip to San Francisco to retrieve the Corvair and the extra parts that go with it. You need to own, rent, or borrow a tow vehicle and a car trailer.

    I am super busy and the car is obstructing a construction project in my landlords’ garage, so time is of the essence, hence this offer. I don’t want to be one of those guys who dies with a “someday I’ll get to it” car, so this is your chance to get to it!

    Priority goes to whoever can come quickly, and has a fun plan, as several of you do!

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    • Dave Wright

      My son will pick it up tomorrow with his car transporter.

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    • Bill Lawrence

      Hi Chebby,
      I’m trying to work out the logistics of getting use of the truck, trailer and time off within the next two weeks. We are coming from Florida, which would add to the adventure and story. I’ll know in the next 24 hours if I can pull this off

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    • Bill

      I had a 65 two door in high school during the mid 70s and left it with my parents when I left for collage, it’s long gone. 40 years later I own a body shop and am finally in a position to take on a project like this as kids are about grown. If s car is complete and original I like to keep original. I have a desire , ability , means , and a good home forte sweet girl.

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    • Bill

      Reality is a trip is tough to make. I’ve had a few cars shipped to me in east Texas from California. I’ve had very good luck with two shippers and would have one of them bring to me. They have taken very good care to ship me some non running cars so I’m quite confident in their ability to bring the vair to a good home under roof.

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    • Michael Meel

      I have good experience with my shipping company and they always get it done in 4days flat!

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    • Jimmy B

      Hello Chebby, we are just over the Bridge in San Bruno , have rig ready to go !. WOW ,what a generouse offer to some one !. My late Uncles were engineers of that car. Anyway , our New Motor Gospil Ministrys Youth Automotive program would love to to have it. Teach them the basics of automotive & Design . We are a self funded school. And this would be a great “First” project for them esp the girls who really want a Classic car to work on, then when done we will come pick you up and take you for a spin down Memory Lane . And we will have you raffle it off ! For Childrens charity.You will go threw the prosses with us via the internet shot Live so you will be able to see it come back to life !. You will pick the colors. And wheels and so forth . Hope to hear form you , thank you for offer to us “Car Nuts ” I have had a rare 59 1/2 sedan (60),62 monza,&wagon. Some Rampsides. ,camper. Jimmy B 323.921.9441.

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    • Bill

      I see I’ve got a couple thumbs down. Not sure why that would be. I really like the 65-69 body style best and as I said earlier I had one in high school and sure would like to have one again and put back original if possable .

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  26. Andrew Worrell

    I’m free to come get it any time I have a truck and trailer and can leave any time for it. I a real GM guy looking to add it to my collection

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  27. Glen

    There are several worthy candidates, someone has to step-up and make the commitment, soon. Unfortunately, I’m not the one. It would be nice to see a family working together on it. Good luck all.

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  28. Andrew Worrell

    I agree with Glen a antique truck brought my father & I together and it would be great to see that for a family.

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  29. P

    Your plus sized friend.

    What does she look like?

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  30. angliagt

    I’d like to see it go to someone who doesn’t have a project car(s).
    If I got it (it’s only about 5 hours away),it’d probably just sit on my car trailer
    for too long,while my other projects stayed on the back burner.
    Some of you are very fortunate to be able to have lots of storage area-
    indoor & out),& have some nice enclosed trailers,& tow rigs.
    I guess I’m lucky that I don’t,or I’d have even more stuff around here.

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  31. Octavio Mosquera

    My brother has had corvairs all he’s life and would love to have and would love to restore it and put in the car shows here in Lancaster CA
    So get back in contact with me soon.
    My brother has a black corvair 65 auto magic in he’s garage OK

    Octavio and if you can send me an email or text me or call me

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  32. Chebby

    I am so jealous of you guys with trucks and toys and spaces to park them!

    Agreed, some worthy candidates here. Will let the post run a little longer and assemble a short list.

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  33. Lany Whitenack

    I am a disabled vet. and, live in west Virginia. I would like to take you up on your offer. I like to tinker with old cars, and just got rid of my 1972 mer. 220 diesel and am looking for something else. my wife and I would drive out to you, and pick it up. I agree to your terms, and would like to have it.

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  34. Bobsmyuncle

    LOL ahh the fun of trying to give something away for free. I tried that once, and I wish you luck!

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  35. Gerald

    Personally I think that the 2nd generation, 2 door Corvair is one of the most attractive cars ever designed, take a look at one from a 3/4 rear angle. Also, the 110 engine is the most capable for all-round driveability, much better than the 4 carb 140 unless an all-out top speed is your goal. I’d sign up for a welding class at the local community college a fix that rot.

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  36. Another Bob

    I bought a chunk of Corvair from Arizona that included the roof all the way to the dash. Been scratching my head trying to come up with my plan of attack grafting this into my Ontario built 66″. Bravo to the guy offering this car to the worthy. Dealing with the windshield rust is not that straightforward. I look at this as an amazing offer. A solid, air cooled flat six with aluminum block and heads, space efficient, advanced unibody construction, and IRS. I suggest whoever buys it, makes it safe , then drives the wheels off it till it needs more rebuilding. Look forward to the updates.

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  37. Brian T Kearns

    I’d restore the car and get her in to drivable status and make her my every day driver when I get her home to Delaware

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  38. Bobbi Johnson

    Would do a full restoration with my Grandfather and use it as a daily. Im 17

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  39. Chris H

    At only age 16, I would use it as an opportunity to learn about cars and how to work on them without the risk of damaging a car that is more expensive. I plan on taking care of getting it rolling safely first ex. New tires, rims, axle, brakes, suspension etc. And work my way in with restoring the dashboard and get the engine more reliable. I would love to have this car

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  40. Big Rob

    I will have one of these empty in Oakland on Saturday. We can have a roll back meet us at or near your place, scoop it up, then back it up to my 53′ trailer and roll it right in. As for me, I have never owned a Corvair before, but I love the looks of your particular model. I would get it running, finish the paint and bodywork, and just enjoy the car as an almost daily driver.

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    • Big Rob

      I love the thumbs downs on this. Haha! So someone doesn’t like that I would finish this car and enjoy it? Or is it that I run an interstate moving company and I dispatch 22 tractor trailers that can easilly haul anything I need from parts to entire cars? What a joke.

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      • Gerald

        The haters down-voting you are probably jealous of guys with pick-up trucks and flatbed trailers so it shouldn’t be any surprise that they go apoplectic over someone with your hauling ability. Don’t hate the haters, pity them,,, lol!

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      • David Montanbeau

        I did that for 20 years with 2 million plus accident-free miles. You just do household goods? One of my loads.

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  41. Bapid

    I love the look of the corvair. Hadn’t really paid much attention to them until recently but am becoming more of a fan of these great looking cars. I hope this one goes to a home where it will be brought back to its original glory. I agree with some others on this site that if I were closer I would pick it up and give it to Bill Lawrence and his son. What a great project to do with your son.

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  42. Larry K

    Sounds great!

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  43. Neil Brooker

    I would have it picked up before the weekend and i would bring it over here to Australia Restomod it as a spirited road car for fun weekends with my family. I would also make it available to you when on holidays over in OZ as there is lots of fun winding roads here.

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  44. Oingo

    Please give the car to someone that will drive it by old Ralphy’s house on a regular basis,

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  45. Jesper

    I love the idear about giving it to somebody there will get it back on the road in near future.
    Somebody who not allready have 4-8 classiccars, and 100,000$ in the bank.
    Maybe one of the young BF. Readers.

    At least not somebody there just could buy , what they want.

    Btw. The 1000$ Olds 88.
    Is landet in Germany, and im in action with getting it back on the road.
    Fantastic projekt.
    A big thanx to BF.

    Good day to all BF. Readers.

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  46. Brian

    Considering the condition, this thing needs to go back on the road. I’d straighten up the exterior and paint with the original color. The interior doesn’t look bad. I’d mostly leave it alone. It’s a $5k car at that point and something that’ll stay on the road for a while.

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  47. cyclemikey

    Lots of great comments. I’ll be interested to see who winds up with the car.

    Is there any way to find/boot the troll who has flagged every single comment with a thumbs down?

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    • Jeffro

      Apparently the same guy has 4 friends who have no love for ralph nader!

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Some of the thumbs downs are accidental clicks guys. People go to click the thumbs up, but somehow miss and click the other one, then email us apologizing for down voting people’s comments.

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      • Bobsmyuncle

        Once again, it becomes an issue.

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  48. David Montanbeau

    Dave is winning with the most dislikes-7 I’m second with 5. At least we have the same 1st name.LOL The person probably has nothing good to say and sits on a couch watching reruns of Black Top Highway.

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  49. Another Bob

    Here is my story for the generous owner. When I was in University I had a British flag on my wall that I had bought at a Church sale in the Bahamas many years before for Ten cents. . It was a worn out and faded Cotton with a Patina you could not recreate.(All good stories involve Patina) It looked quite amazing. A fellow student who I did not know very well commented on it and asked if he could have it for his Grandfather who he claimed was a World War 1 Vet. He asked more than once till I gave in .
    The rest of the year the flag was on this Prick’s wall. Please screen the lucky recipient with an interview and skill testing question. That looks like a very solid project car. Great that it will drive on.

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  50. Bobsmyuncle

    In my opinion the best option is the Corvair club. They have the passion and know-how to ACTUALLY see the project through, which means good progress reports for Barn Finds to feature, AND it will benefit a charity in the end. Heck maybe the car can be featured right here when complete?

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  51. Chebby

    Thanks to everyone who has commented so far, this is not going to be easy but I am reading everybody’s input….stay tuned!

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  52. Gintautas

    How about giving this beautiful car new life in Europe. Since I was little I dreamed about American car. I know that I have almost no chance to win this car, but anyway-it will still be my dream. Dream of American beauty.

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  53. Jesper

    Even if the car is for free 0,0$
    It still cost 2000-3000$ to get it shipt to Europe. Thats also a way to show you realy want it.
    I would love to fix it, and use it as a day driver, but have so many other cars there need love.
    I would love to see it go to a person, there maybe not have money to buy a car like this, but could fix it in that tempo, he, or she could buy parts.
    Somebody there realy would love it, and not a club, for who its just the next projekt.

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  54. Chebby

    Okay this is fun….it’s like fantasy football meets Smokey and the Bandit! Here’s my topline to the responses so far:

    Bill Lawrence, you seem to be the crowd favorite. I have to say, I think driving 6,000 miles negates the free aspect, and IMO you’d be better off putting that money into a local Florida car….

    Lany Whitenack, I’d say the same thing to you.

    Dave Wright and Andrew Worrell, you both have trucks and sound serious.

    David Montanbeau, you are local and know your stuff. Would not want this to become parts for your other projects though.

    David Frank, I love the idea of it being your raffle prize….I didn’t want call one of those car donation charities because I figured they would scrap it. Plus you are in NorCal.++

    Jim Nonenmachet, your idea is crazy but you are the one guy who I think could pull off driving it home…it’s not a great idea but it’s possible. You would have to get the engine running and put new tires on and fluids in it, and you need a plan to take it away somewhere and deal with all that, you cannot do any tinkering on it where it sits. I can refer you to the Corvair specialist in SF who used to work on it, you could tow it there and get the work done. That would make a good BF story for sure.

    Neil Brooker, how would you pick the car up for shipping to OZ?

    Bobbi Johnson and Chris H the 16-17 year olds: I like your spirit, but a lot of questions: Where do you live? DO you have permission to do this? Who is going to help you, and most important–I am assuming you are not experienced enough to drive a tow vehicle, in your case who is going to come get the car?

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    • cyclemikey

      Can’t say that I agree that a 6000 mile round trip negates anything. That trip might well turn out to be as important and lasting a memory in that young man’s life as the restoration itself.

      You’ve got a lot to think about, Chebby. I don’t envy you the choosing.

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      • Chebby

        Agreed on both counts. Thanks cyclemikey.

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    • David Montanbeau

      We do all Mopars. No Chev in stock except from a 1971 GMC Suburban 4×4 that we will be selling. I only came in and chimed because of my past history with GM. OH!! Forgot to tell you that my dad was one of the top Corvair mechanics for the greater Detroit area in the 60s.

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    • David Montanbeau

      Shipping to OZ would cost about 1800.00. We ship cars there all the time from the Port near you. They put them into containers.

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      • David Montanbeau

        In Northville for 2700 Good buy for all the Corvair lovers.
        Starts and runs good. Most seals and gaskets were redone in the last few years on the engine.

        The convertible top could stand to be replaced.
        Needs a new seal on the line to the trans shift cable. Typical for this engine.
        Could use some new floor pans, sills and other minor body work.

        This has been a project car for me and has been in my garage during the winters.

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    • David Montanbeau

      Whoever gets this car, I will donate this book that I just bought from CL. This will help you or me if I’m the lucky one to get the car.

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    • Brian T Kearns

      Hey do you still have the car have you decided yet just curious

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  55. Gintautas

    All clubs and rich guys gets all they want. And car for them is just to show of or make money. For me-it’s like family member. You never give them away. That’s why I still drive my first car VAZ 2102. It’s almost 20 years now. Thanks for Your reply.

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  56. Maria McKim

    My husband Mark runs a youth program out of Coquitlam BC and is alway on the look out for a cool project. It’s called Customs for Urban Teens. It is a volunteer run program available to kids aged 14 to 21 that runs Monday nights. The kids are provided a warm meal, equipment and instruction on how to build custom cars. We do all the majority of our fundraising through hot dog sales 4 times per year and do not run on government grants at all. Only other money we get is from raffling off the finished cars. We have completely customized a 1965 Chevrolet impala from the frame onward and finished it with a paint job from THE Gene Winfield. Currently finishing a 1949 Chevrolet Pick Up again full customized. We let the kids decide the direction the builds go in which encourages their creativity and teamwork. I used to own a 1965 Corvair. Would be cool to have the kids bring their ideas to the table and make this thing super custom. Check out the program’s website http://www.cutprogram.org

    All work is done by the kids guided by dedicated volunteer instructors that also have families and full time jobs.

    One of the instructors has a truck and trailer we could sort out logistics relatively quickly?Perhaps take a couple of the kids down for the “find” would be really cool!

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    • Chebby

      Wow, really cool Maria. I wish I had gotten training like this as a young guy. I love this idea! Let me know the best way to contact you (we can do it through BF as well).

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  57. David Montanbeau

    From one of our customers.
    Penny, my 63 Corvair I just bought Sunday just outside of St Louis and am driving home to Maine.

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  58. Richard Ramirez

    When I was a kid I would steal these cars. Now to make amends for everyone I stole, this car can clear-up a part of my life. Bring it back to life here in sunny Baja California!!! There anr not to many so she can be the talk of the town. Thank You

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  59. Chebby


    Hey everybody, I believe we have a worthy winner. This wasn’t an easy choice because a lot of you had good ideas and intentions.

    Maria McKim (above) and her husband Mark have a really cool weekly program in Vancouver teaching at-risk kids how to work on and customize cars.

    I think the largest number of people will get enjoyment out of this, they’ve got the motivation to finish the job, and we can certainly watch their progress, as they will hopefully keep BF and their own website posted with updates!

    Thank you all for watching and commenting and of course the story ain’t over ’til it’s over so stay tuned….I will let you know how this turns out.

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    • David Montanbeau

      Let me know if they get the car so I can send this manual to them. Great choice. They probably will hot rod it a tab like they did to the 65 Chev.

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      • Chebby

        Thanks David, very generous of you!

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  60. Bobsmyuncle

    Nicely played!

    Great car by the way, I’d loved to have stumbled on this locally, almost exactly what I’ve been looking for purchase #3 on my list.

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  61. GB Fisher

    Years ago, pre-internet, I tried to give away, free, a 1940 Allis-Chalmers farm tractor. After trying to sort through the pleas, hopes, wishes and big plans, I found picking a “winner” impossible. I sent out a pile of post cards (remember them?) to all the beggars stating whomever showed up at my location at ten AM on the next Saturday with a means of conveyance became the owner the tractor. One guy showed up out of the hundred post cards I sent out, loaded it into a modified 40 yard Dumpster and was happy as a pig in manure, as was I. It’s easier to sell for a buck, I think.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      If you ever want to run an amateur social experiment offer something for free on Craigslist.

      Do it once, you won’t make that mistake a second time LOL.

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      • Chebby

        OMG you are not kidding. It took me several times to learn that lesson.

        I gave away a NON RUNNING Honda motorcycle, and so many kooks replied who wanted to ride it to Alaska, or needed a reliable way to commute to work.

        I gave an old mattress away and the people drove 2+ hours to get it, in a giant monster truck that must have used $200 in fuel, plus they kept getting lost and kept me waiting all day. For a crappy old mattress. Everybody lost on that “freebie”.

        I spend about $6k on the Corvair during my ownership, a body shop quoted me $5k to do the work it needs….and then it would be worth $4k. I would have felt worse selling it for $1200 than to see it go for free to someone who’d be excited about it.

        My ulterior motive is that maybe we as a car community can fight the rising tide of speculators and investors (vs. hobbyists and enthusiasts) by having guys who are sitting on cars that are not particularly valuable just pass them on to someone who will complete the project that they obviously will never around get to.

        We all know that ‘someday’ = never.

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      • Dave Wright

        So……..where are people that can’t find 1200.00 to buy it going to find the 5-10,000 to fix it? Dog people learned a long time ago that you find better homes for puppies if you charge a nominal fee for them as opposed to advertising them for free.

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      • Bobsmyuncle

        Great attitude and contribution to the hobby!

        Any time the discussion turns to flippers I try to preach the impact of this behaviour on our hobby. Usually my reward is a collection of thumbs down LOL.

        I’m glad you ‘get’ it, even better you are DOING something about it! Your welcome over to my garage and beer any day.

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  62. David Montanbeau

    In the 30 years being in the Mopar business, we have donated about a dozen cars that were in great shape to the Indian Reservation in the Dakotas. The owner was Native American and that is what he did to give back. I was the one delivering the cars since I was a 48 state 10 car hauler. What a great feeling when you pull up to the reservation and unload the car and hand over the keys. Its the biggest genuine hug that you will ever receive. The last car I delivered was a 70s something Cordoba with about 50k on the trip meter.

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  63. Samantha

    Do you still have the car. Me personally. I would restore as close as possible with some modification. I just done a 77 vega wagon. Wish I put in some shows. It’s my baby. This is my patience now. Might take me yrs to do but will have lots of pride in it. Good luck on who you choose. Samantha.

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  64. David Montanbeau

    What is going on with this car? Should I come this weekend and pick it up? Let me know. Delivering a 37 to San Bruno this weekend. Got my Corvair book to start on it. If not, will donate the book to the new owner.

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  65. Gary

    I bought my sister her first car when she was 16 yrs old, mom could not afford a car so I bought, after 2 years the engine went bad and she sold it, I was in the military and could not get home to repair it for her. I would love to get her another corvair and restore it fI have plenty of time but not a lot of moneyor her I am retired not

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  66. Aaron

    Well glad to hear the corvair went to a good cause im a car fanatic my mom has a 68 corvair. A 49 desoto and a 86 fiero. I have a 77 camaro 86 dodge d50 and a 76 vw scirroco

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  67. Ken

    Corvair Kid
    This is what I was called back in school. I had a 1965 Corvair Monza back then. I’ve searching for this car for about four years but was way to much or needed another couple of vairs to put together. I would love to have a ’65 to restore. If any one knows of a low buck ’65 please leave me a message. I’m on disability because of seizures. Most of my pay goes toward meds. Boy I need to go into the med business. I found this site by mistake and that is the best mistake I made.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    GOD speed…

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  68. Nick

    Ordered new Corsa, willow green, when arrived unable to take delivery due to draft.
    Always wanted one. Great cars.

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  69. James Fabry

    If you still have the car I will make arrangements to have it picked up asap I have family in stockton california and I would bring it to jersey to work wonders on this vintage car. My email address is (chesterbabesmokey2@gmail.com )please get back with me asap please. My cell is 609-500-6416 and I’m jim.

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  70. James Fabry

    Got that covered already.

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  71. Boe Jacoby

    My girlfriends first car was a covair her dad had one when he was young . it was total in an accident ever since then see looks for another to do with her father as he is getting older . he still has parts in his garage from the ones he has had in the past. I know she would put her soul into this project to do something with her dad in would love to be the one to help her with that. I can make the arrangements go come get it or have it shipped guickly not sure if its gone now was to concerned about writing this to get a chance st it. She does so many things for other people including my self it would be nice to see the return to her in some way
    Also would be happy to post and keep everyone involved. Up to date on projdct. I k ow it would go back to original as much as possible and the motor would be great with her father working on it. Hope its not to late thanks for reading this post

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  72. Boe jacoby

    Glade to hear it went to a worthy cause

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  73. Steven Vilardi

    Free ha nothing is free. You are just a bit to far away from Long Island NY to make this nifty project a good idea. The 65 plus Corvair was a great car with the exception of a few things like an oil blowing engine. They had the corrected independent rear suspension that leveled out as opposed the 60 to 64 models that would clock out (pun) and sort of swing under the car encouraging roll overs not unlike the VWs of the same era. Only problem was the Corvair body would not easily unbolt and make a dune buggy. One day I will get one like yours with the stick and the two door hardtop. It was one of GM prettiest designs along with the 65 Impala, 63 Riviera, the 69 Eldorado, the C-3 and C5 Corvettes and a few others. Anybody else out there with a four speed 65 or newer 2dr Corvair for free and a little bit closer to my home?

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