French Micro Car: 1968 Velocar Veloto

1968 Velocar Veloto

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If you are on the lookout for something a bit different and quirky in the way of a classic car, then you should probably look no further than this 1968 Veloto. It definitely fulfills those criteria, and I doubt that you will see many of them kicking around the streets of your local town or city. This particular car is being offered for sale with an asking price of $17,400. Located in Chicago, Illinois, I have to thank Barn Finder Rocco B for spotting this one for us. You will find the Veloto listed for sale here at Hemmings.

Information on the Veloto is quite scarce, but I do know that the body was constructed out of polyester, and attached to a steel frame. The car is powered by a single-cylinder 50cc engine, so keeping overall weight low was a high priority. The vehicle weighs an impressive 264lbs, and with that little engine, it is capable of reaching a staggering 22mph. It is also capable of carrying two people, but it is a snug fit for all but the skinniest people.

The interior of the Veloto is definitely motoring at its most basic, except for that rather chunky steering wheel. The car is fitted with a standard bench seat, and that’s about it for interior trim. The 50cc engine provides drive to the rear wheel via a Constantly Variable Transmission. The front suspension is provided by a setup using rubber rings, while there is literally no rear suspension. Brakes are only fitted to the rear wheels and are cable operated. The owner says that the car runs, drives, and is fully functional. He also says that it is a fun little car to drive. Cars like the Veloto were designed by French companies to exploit a loop-hole in their licensing and vehicle registration laws. This basically allowed anyone over the age of 14 years to drive 2-seater cars with a top speed no greater than 40km/h without having to hold a full driver’s license.

This Veloto is definitely something that is very left-field, and it does appear to be in extremely good condition. The owner claims that there may only be one or two of them in the US, and that’s a claim that I readily believe. It is definitely not a car for long-distance cruising, because that would potentially be a slow and uncomfortable experience. However, for car shows, occasional drives, and for coffee and car meets, I doubt that there are many cars out there that can start a conversation as easily as this one can.

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  1. Cncbny

    I had a Jawa moped that was 50cc. Same top speed and passenger capacity . I don’t think the moped would sell for $18k though

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    • Solosolo UK Ken TillyMember

      I had a Norman Autocycle when I was in high school and I used to tow 2, and sometimes 3, of my mates around the neighbourhood with it. Up the hills I would sometimes have to pedal, but most times not.

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  2. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Not only is the car very left-field, so is the asking price.

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  3. Coventrycat

    I wondered where the enclosed cab to my snowblower went.

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  4. Cncbny

    Lol! I’ve seen people in Walmart on those, but they usually have a basket on the front.

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  5. Marko

    Looks like someone put a snow blower cab, on a golf cart.

    Bizarre observation, but if this is a French manufactured micro car, why is it right hand drive? Modern French cars are all LHD.

    Would be fun for cruising the roads at the weekend retreat at Mur-a Lago in West Palm Beach though !

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  6. Pete Kaczmarski

    Give me my ’63 King Midget. A lot better styling plus was made in Ohio.

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  7. ccrvtt

    The French don’t copy anybody and nobody copies the French.

    Probably a good thing…

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  8. Victor Anderson

    If I was going to get a micro car — I’d get one of those Berkley SE328’s. This would probably be the last one I’d ever want — don’t care for the styling at all. As matter of fact I can’t seem to find anything I like about it — especially the price lol.

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  9. Mark

    I can hear the crash test drivers in the factory breakroom back in 68’…….”guys, we need a union”

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  10. BA

    That would beat anything but a Dodge Demon with a busa engine in it

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