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Fresh Cosmetics: 1985 Mercury Capri ASC McLaren

I wish I could say I was making this up, but we have yet another Mercury Capri ASC McLaren for sale, and this time, the color combination even matches one of the last ones we featured. Limited production or not, the ASC Capris have to be one of the best surviving “rare” models ever made, as there’s no denying they were short-lived in terms of the production cycle but the amount of them that still pop up for sale is surprising. This ASC McLaren is an interesting mix in terms of condition, as it benefits from a recent respray in its original colors and also has had some work done to the Recaro interior, but there are some flaws to sort out. Find it  here on craigslist for $13,995 near Daytona Beach.

The ASC McLarens featured a custom roof and top conversion into a convertible, with the back seats deleted to use as the storage area for the top. The look was interesting; it was clean, but you could tell it wasn’t quite factory. The assembly line at Ford would soon migrate to traditional, factory-built convertibles for the Fox-body chassis, which made the ASC cars almost stillborn in a way. The interiors featured gorgeous Recaro seats and the the wheels were usually upgraded at the same time to one of a handful of designs that ASC offered; this car wears the desirable BBS-look alloy wheels painted in gold.

While the Recaro seats were refinished fairly recently, the seller notes that there are some issues the next owner may want to sort out. For instance, a previous owner cut all the power cables to the seats, which he contends makes them manual buckets. Now, I hate old-school power seats as much as the next guy, but if you cut the cables, they don’t move. Perhaps the previous owner also made modifications that allow them to be cranked back and forth manually (for instance, swapping the seat base out with a manual one) but that information isn’t confirmed or denied. And for a recent upholstery job, the wrinkles in the leather are a bit surprising.

Fortunately, the ASC-specific top looks to be in great condition, and the back window is haze-free. The seller reports that the top is also a manually-operated device, which I assume means the motors are dead. The paint looks good from this side of the monitor, but given the condition of the seats, I’d want to assess the paint condition up-close. The seller notes the original radio and speakers were swapped out but that the speakers are not hooked up. Overall, this is a nice driver, and the issues noted wouldn’t be enough to sway me away from making an offer if I was on the hunt. These days, however, it seems like you can just wait until next week for another ASC McLaren Capri to show up for sale!


  1. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    Someone has put out the right McLaren Capri bait, Barn Finds has caught them all!

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  2. Avatar photo Stan

    These look awesome.
    Put a shift kit and a trans cooler in the wimpy AOD automatic and you’ve got a great cruiser.

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  3. Avatar photo Uncle Buck

    The top is manual. Not power. Great cars to drive . I have had a great summer driving mine. It’s on its way to a new owner.

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  4. Avatar photo Malcolm Boyes

    To me..so much better in every way than the Ford version..love that its got just two great seats and looks just right as a two seater..This could be a fun cruise with a few small fixes..needs a nice top down run to the Keys!

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  5. Avatar photo KARL HOLQUIST

    auto-trans is a boat ankor!! c-4 or a stick would be better

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