Convertible Pickup: 1989 Dodge Dakota Sport

The Dodge Dakota was at times an underappreciated truck, it just never seemed to get the loyal followers of its Ranger and S-10 competitors. In my opinion, Dodge got things right with the size of the Dakota, it was… more»

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Rare 5-Speed: 1986 ASC/McLaren Convertible

This 1986 Mercury Capri is one of the less-than-1,000 produced ASC/McLaren conversions, which featured a chopped roof and other styling and suspension tweaks to create a limited edition model with a hefty price tag premium. The example shown here… more»

18k-Mile Prototype? 1986 Mercury ASC McLaren Capri

From 1984 to 1986, Mercury worked with American Sunroof Corporation (ASC) to create the only convertible variant of the Capri muscle car – the ASC McLaren Capri. While not all of these limited-production variants were convertibles, this 1986 Mercury… more»

Convertible Cruiser: 1985 Toyota Celica GT-S

In current times, Toyota’s name is synonymous with dependable and practical commuter vehicles. However, during the 1970s and 1980s, the company offered a plethora of front-engine, rear-wheel-drive cars that were both reliable and sporty. The third-generation A60 Celica was… more»

Lowest Mileage Example? ASC McLaren Grand Prix

The ASC McLaren Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo has quite a long name, but it’s also a legitimately impressive performance car (by 80s standards) that is near impossible to find today in condition like this one. It helps that this… more»

1 Of 115: 1986 Mercury Capri ASC Coupe

A few days ago, we featured a Mercury Capri drop-top conversion performed by American Sunroof Corp. in the 80s. Less frequently seen and arguably more desirable are the Capri ASC coupes, which featured decent power and handling upgrades in… more»