Fresh Big Block: 1970 Dodge Charger 440

The owner of this 1970 Dodge Charger describes it as being fairly original and untouched. The car looks to be in generally good condition, and some work has been completed towards restoring it to its former glory. Located in Bellflower, California, it is listed for sale here on eBay.

The owner states that the car is solid throughout, and the body itself looks quite good. There are a number of dings and scratches on the car, but actual rust issues look to be in short supply. The same is true when we take a peek under the Charger. It looks quite clean under there, with no real issues to report. The paint is looking tired right across the car, but the owner has recently replaced the vinyl top, and it looks really smart.

Apart from the carpet, the interior is said to be original. The door trims are looking pretty tatty but should restore okay, and there is a tiny hole in the headliner. The rest of the interior actually looks good, and desirable items like the floor console are present and appear to be in good condition. The owner says that all gauges and lights appear to work as they are supposed to, and this would include the tick-tock-tach.

Now the frustrating part. There are no photos of the engine, and we don’t know whether this is a numbers-matching car or not. What we do know is that the 440ci V8 engine has been recently rebuilt and that it is backed by a 727 transmission. I’ll give the seller the benefit of the doubt here because he does refer to the car as an original survivor. I take that as meaning that what is hiding under the hood is the original engine, but of course, I could be wrong.

This Charger is a car that shows a lot of potential, and it doesn’t look like it will take a lot of time or money to turn it into something special. A few people have obviously seen this potential, because there have been 23 bids placed on the car by 9 people. This has pushed the price to $17,600, but the reserve hasn’t been met. How high do you think that it will go?

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  1. TimS Member

    Answer to the last question is “higher than the average guy could hope to pay.” But boy, do I like the blue on blue with the 440/727 combo. Dreamed for many years of a ’70 with all the power options and a sunroof.

    • Joe Machado

      My son has a 70 Charger RT/SE 440-6 pack, 4-speed, Sunroof in Plum Crazy. All correct factory built car. Heard it is one in that combo. This one.

      • TimS Member

        I’m jealous, Mr. Machado. Luckily for your son it’s a stick so I couldn’t steal it.

  2. J_Paul Member

    Based on the badging, this is the mid-tier Charger 500 model. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t the R/T package be required to get the 440 engine?

    • Erich

      Yup. 383 was the largest option for a Charger 500 in 1970. R/T for a 440 or a Hemi.

  3. Woody

    Very nice survivor Mopar,I expect it to reach better than $25,000,the new vinyl roof is a big start to this project! “Rapid Transit”!

    • Brian

      Higher than 25? The reserve has to be more than double that. Probably at least 60k.

  4. jw454

    The fender tag says it was originally a 318 2V 230 hp. I’m sure that 440 woke it up a little bit.

  5. Joe Machado

    As new, it was a 318, 2 V. Auto. Factory air. 3 speed wiper. Built July 1, 1970. Very late car. Family worked there and built it. St Louis plant as all 70 Chargers. I lived about 5 miles from Bellflower. Stripe and hood black were added. Non muscle 500. I do not remember seeing this nice blue Charger. I do not recognize the street in pictures. Bet friends of ours possibly bidding. Typical Southern Cali no rust, not near beaches. Tinted glass standard with Air. Left remote chrome mirror. Rite mirror was not ordered.

    • Brian

      Non original engine then. Could be a 440 yanked out of a Winnebago. Ebay sellers know all the right buzzwords to imply rarity and originality. Unfortunately they lack the proof to back up their claims. Buyer beware. Would look at this car in person placing a bid.

  6. Superdessucke

    To answer the question, I think it’s only going to get bid up into the mid-twenties, unless we get a sudden end of auction bidding war. That’s a lot of money but a couple years ago this would have probably bid up to 40k in an auction like this.

    I don’t know what’s going on but it seems like the market for muscle Mopars is slowing. Whether that’s temporary or the start of the invetable trend downward remains to be seen.

    • Superdessucke

      Some financial fists started flying around at the end of the auction and it got bid up by over 9 grand within couple hours. Amazing. When I tried to sell my old Volvo 850R on eBay It reached its peak a couple days into the auction and didn’t move from there.

      Anyway, didn’t sell at nearly $30,000. To me that seems like a good price for a somewhat rough non-original engine car that may have even had a 318 originally if this wasn’t an R/T.

  7. Joe Machado

    At Barrett Jackson last week, triple black 69 Charger sold for $100,000.
    I took the Tribute Elanore Mustang, but do not know what it sold for. The Speedster kit car shocked me at $66,000. I hauled it also.
    Brought back here, the lowered Ford 1/2 ton, copper with assorted murials in paint.

  8. GM Guy

    This is a nice non R/T charger and should bring 22 to 32 thousand.Even with the unstock drivetrain.The 440 magnum was standard in the R/T charger.Also the price would be almost double if it was a factory R/T car.A 440 is a great replacement for the mild 318 and actually helps the resell value of the car.The muscle and style of these chargers was unbeatable.That is why they are worth so much money today and are one of the top 10 muscle cars of all time.

  9. Mike Machado

    Joe, your son has a mighty fine car there.
    This one here doe’s have great potential. I also love the blue on bblue combo.
    Thanks, Mike

  10. Troy s

    The black one posted today is more my style looks wise and it would have been nice if it had one of the bigger motors, but this is a decent looking ride here. Years ago I remember seeing original hemi and 440 powered Chargers for sale with the big guns having been replaced by 318’s for reasons of gas mileage or lowlead low octane fuel, at least the car was still driveable, only reasons I could think of.Plenty were still armed so to speak but it was gonna cost💰💰💰 to drive.
    It’s nice to see one swapped the opposite way like this one.

  11. Joe Machado

    I was buying 1969 Daytonas, Charger RT’s, 1969 Charger 500’s, Continentals, New Yorkers, Imperials, because they were available as “Getting rid of” back in the first and second, created gas shortage. I never got used to economy cars. Gas mileage was not important to me. Miles Per Hour was. Now, years later, the value went up and offset the fuel mileage issue that never interested me. But, the Lotus Esprit I bought the wife got 35 miles per gallon, hwy. Your mileage may vary. Joe the car guy since I was 9. Then 12 when I bought 2 cars

    • Chris

      Well I must say Joe, you offer a great deal of swagger in your posts. Interesting how you take the awkward position of offering so many intimate details regarding your past automotive exploits. Can you tell us more? Allow some of the mundane observers the chance to live vicariously through you! Lol

  12. KevinLee

    I wonder if this was sold new at Cal Worthington Dodge. On Bellflower Blvd., of course!

  13. Joe Machado

    KevinLee, my first Daytona was traded in to Cal Worthington on Firestone Ave for a motor home of all things.
    Earl Ike Dodge is a possible

    • Chris

      Oh go on! Lol

  14. Woody

    Yeah Brian,it didn’t reach $30G’s….

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