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From Kiwi to Canada: 1960 Jaguar Mark II


“Grace, Space, and Pace” – those were Jaguar’s three calling cards. This 3.4 Mark II has had the opportunity to cruise on roads in New Zealand, where it was originally purchased, the US, and now Grimsby, Ontario, Canada where it currently resides. It’s for sale here on eBay where bidding is currently at $5,100 with reserve not yet met. While this isn’t the most desirable 3.8/manual with overdrive/LHD combination, the 3.4 liter version of the famous XK engine isn’t a slouch. I’ve ridden in one of these with this combination, and other than feeling nervous that I was on the left side of the car without a steering wheel in my hands, I was impressed with the levels of both smoothness and power. This car benefits from a thorough description and some nice pictures, although some additional detail shots of the stated rust bubbling would be appreciated.


The interior is literally stunning, with leather looking good, carpet looking almost new and nicely finished wood. I’m sure others won’t like the modern stereo and equalizer, but those look like they can easily be removed. The seller describes taking the car on several extended trips and the radio might be welcome if you intend to do the same. I would love to drive this car and have the opportunity to get used to driving a RHD car in the US. Have any of you done that for an extended period of time? I’m interested in your experiences!


  1. Rovinman

    Whatever you do, don’t drive a “wrong” hand car as a daily driver, it’s only for the Shows, which takes a lot of fun out of our driving experience, unless you like meeting other drivers HEAD ON !

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    • Chris

      Its livable. Our Skylark is LHD in RHD Australia. Overtaking on 2 lane blacktop & turning
      right across trafic are the only potential issues.
      There’s a thriving community of LHD American cars here

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  2. Cameron Bater UK

    It’s nice to see a Jaguar or “Jagwar” with the wheel on the correct side. I prefer the Daimler offering personally as it has the beautiful V8 in it that (as far as I know) Jaguar never offered.
    I have seen some Mk2s both Daimler and Jaguar in awful colours for their body shape, making them look bulgy in all the wrong places and the two colours on top of my list is this red and the gunmetal grey (my fathers friend had one in the later until recently and it was B… E… A… Utiful.
    The red vinyl console is perhaps a bit much but I could live with it.

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  3. Howard A Member

    I agree, these Jag’s were just some of the nicest cars to come across the pond. I think it would be better with a manual trans., so you could whistle that awesome twin cam motor through the gears. Love the dash. These bring big money, and it’s going to go for a lot more than where it’s at now.

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  4. scottski

    I owned a ’67 3.4 S-Type for over eighteen years… and wasn’t too concerned with RHD, except initially getting used to shifting with my left hand.
    I actually liked being on the curb side of the highway… it was like being out of harm’s way, on your way.

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  5. Allen Member

    Just a little correction in the descriptive text: “Grace, Space and Pace” were words originally used by MG to describe their large SA and WA saloons back in the late ’30s. I don’t know the details regarding how Jaguar did it, but they lifted this advertising slogan from MG.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Allen, that’s interesting, I didn’t know that. Jaguar started using it in the 50’s as best as I can tell. This ad is from 1952.

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  6. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    I’ve owned a ’65 MKII since 1982, when I imported it from the UK where I had been working at the time. Wanted a MKIX but those didn’t last over there for a lot of reasons.

    The 3.4 versus the 3.8, if they’re the original engines/heads the 3.4 might have the edge as it has a straight port head that’s better breathing.

    RHD,,,,,,,,,can be a daily driver especially with this particular example being an automatic. If you’ve never driven a manual left-handed before it can be a handful especially with the Moss box. First gear being next to reverse meant I never launched from a light without making sure I was in the right gear. Plus the option of overdrive is nice.

    Driving by yourself can be a headache as you can’t see around to pass. When I had no passenger to spot for me I had a work-around to see from that side. A towel with a mirrored piece of stainless face forward on the top of the passenger seat and the mirror on the back of the visor provided the forward view reflected off the stainless mirror.

    Loved the S-Type but the IRS coupled with the small rear wheel cutouts made the car a pain to work on but the extra room in the back seat almost made it worthwhile.

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  7. Bobsmyuncle

    I’d be happy to check this out in person for any prospective buyer.

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