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Front Yard Find: 1960 Chevrolet Corvette

left front

There’s only one picture and no information provided in the craigslist listing, but it’s enough to make one curious. It’s said to be completly original. They appear to have done a pretty good job cleaning the windshield and you can see their bottle of window cleaner in the only picture. They are asking $36,000.  What do you think it might actually be worth? What do you think it would take to restore it?


  1. Avatar photo Mark

    A friend had one of these fully restored, dropping around $90K in the process. It was a very nice driver, but not numbers matching. He tried to sell it for several years, but classic ‘vette collectors are a persnickety bunch. Exactly one person showed up to make an offer, at half his investment. He considered himself fortunate to get that much. It used to be, you paid for the restoration and got the car for free; now people are willing to pay for (at most) half the restoration. I’d be surprised if he was offered half the asking price.

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    • Avatar photo Mike

      This generation Corvette is expensive to restore.

      The top Corvette restoration shops will tell you 1500 hours labor alone to “Top Flight” restore a C1 Corvette. At just $75/hour labor charge were are already over $100,000 just in labor. Add $30K minimum for parts and your will have a nice $100K Corvette which you have spent $150K to restore.

      As is the case with many “Old Cars” that need restored getting the vehicle for FREE may not be a good deal!

      That is certainly the case with this car!

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    • Avatar photo Dan

      Contacted the owner, the car is actually in West Virginia, not Staten Island.

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  2. Avatar photo Rick

    I don’t think there are barns on Staten Island. I could be wrong. Looks like a Katrina victim to me… as always, PPI. Especially with that asking price.

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  3. Avatar photo DRV

    It’s worth $20k Max or whatever someone wants to pay. I wouldn’t touch it for more than free for restoration. I know every nut and bolt on this car.

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    • Avatar photo picklz

      EVERYTHING is only worth what someone wants to pay

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  4. Avatar photo BRAKTRCR

    After it was washed it looks much better in that second picture ; )

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  5. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    Well they have cleaned the windshield and provided a second picture showing what the car could look like if someone added a bunch of cash to the $36K price of entry.

    I would be concerned about the body having been exposed without some of its paint for so long. I think that can damage the ‘glas body. Anyway, assuming this has the 230 engine, and with the auto trans this will have the lowest value for the model year. And it needs everything.

    Maybe OK for a pro restorer with experience and access to parts if he can get it for a low offer, but I don’t see this car being worth anywhere near the asking for the average C2 fan.

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    • Avatar photo dave

      55? was last year for stove boat 6
      1960 had the 283
      Single card
      Dual carb
      Feul injection

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      • Avatar photo Donnie

        I think Dolphin is talking abought the base 283 it is 230 horse power.

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      • Avatar photo Dolphin Member

        Yes, Donnie is right, I was referring to the base 230 HP engine for 1960. But as Gary reminds us below, a car as bad as this one could have much worse problems than being the base model if it has a rusty frame—if it exists at all and isn’t a scam.

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  6. Avatar photo George

    I would say Sandy, not Katrina…

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    • Avatar photo Rick

      Yeah, that one.. :-)

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    • Avatar photo starsailing

      Flood victim somewhere….guys says car is in ol West Virginnie……Take a look at left side background of photo…counter/cabinets removed from house looks like flood damage…then behind that….tent of some sort covering goods probably from inside house.
      Front left tire looks ripped/shredded…left fender has chunk taken out of it…probably related incident…Flood take the car for a ride somewhere down the block sideways?

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  7. Avatar photo Steve

    It is a powerglide as well, jeez louise, subtract another 5 grand.

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  8. Avatar photo Gary Oliver

    I bought a 61 Corvette years ago that sat outdoors on the lawn. The car looked great but the frame was rusted.. You could push your thumb onto the frame and it would break like a potato chip. The frames rust considerably between the rear wheel and the door. Had to take the body off and replace the frame. Never again!!!

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  9. Avatar photo Glen

    For $36,000, I’d prefer Jason O’s 66. That is a beauty!

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  10. Avatar photo Lee Hartman

    Bought one almost identical back in ’74. Looked about the same, but I was able to drive it home. Barely. But it was only $500!

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    • Avatar photo dave

      When I got back from Naming 74, I bought a 65 roadster 327 Feul car with side pipes and knockoffs with both tops for 1800.00. Then a year later bought a 65 hit in rear 396 425 car for 600.00.
      Those ware the days but I was only making 6.50 an hour being a garbage man for Detroit. I think Hoffa was I’m one of those cans:)

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  11. Avatar photo Joe

    Not sure what this is worth, or if it is scam. A similar posting on Pittsburg CL was taken down a day ago. Note fixation on “hub” caps in both ads. Here is the removed P-burg posting text which is now removed:

    1960 corvette C1 barn find
    1 day ago … 1960 one owner every org nut and bolt, same hip caps as when was bought.. needs full restoration but a numbers matching car brings a lot …

    So I wouldn’t go wiring any funds to an overseas bank account!

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  12. Avatar photo van

    This car would be great as a family project
    I really like the character of 58-60 vets
    To bad cars like this seam to be listed at a price that only the (More Money than Brains club) can afford
    Anybody wonder how many MMBs trade cars to jack up the value at Barrett Jackson?
    “Hay Biff I’ll sell you my Hemi for a mill and buy your vet for a mill” wink wink nudge nudge.

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    • Avatar photo Doug Towsley

      Stranger things have happened than this one, Im guessing its a scam or bogus, but ive thought that and been proved wrong before. The great thing about the internet now days is you can sometimes marshall amazing resources. I had a friend in the Midwest who wanted a amazing deal in NJ. We know another guy with great computer skills. He tracked down the scammers listing the vehicles (ISP-Who is?) and showed up on their doorsteps. It was funny the reactions.
      But as far as rich guys propping up prices? Only if you want to spend a LOT of money on buyers and sellers premiums for what? Most auctions get you coming and going and the price to play can add up to as much as 15% premiums. There ARE shill bids, bid manipulations and all kinds of shenanigans that go on. But its also easy to get caught doing it. And, the penaltys can be stiff if caught.
      Not too mention rich guys who feel they got scammed can afford highly skilled competent attorneys. Just say’in

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      • Avatar photo van

        If you have 20 big block chevelles and you can boost the value by 20 grand the auction fees will be covered

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  13. Avatar photo Crazydave

    A few things come to mind
    Lack of detail is worrisome
    It definitely looks like it has been swimming – you could very easily wind up “underwater” on the costs
    Rust in Chassis is not only a scary thought, but is actually likely. If it HAS been swimming, the engine is also likely a good candidate for a boat anchor
    Since it is in several CL’s – it is quite “possibly” a scam
    All in all (if it even exists) there is a very real chance that the decimal is in the wrong place on the price

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  14. Avatar photo jim s

    one photo does not get you $36000. is that starting fluid in the can on the air cleaner? listed as an automatic. interesting find.

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  15. Avatar photo Texas Tea


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  16. Avatar photo The Walrus

    Often I’ve commented on here when I see value based on the book on a car that’s getting ridiculed by others. In this case I have no idea what the seller thinks they have, but they are at least 4 times the actual value and probably more like 6 (I think it’s worth $6K).

    With Corvettes condition is important and the original engine choice can double the value. There is nothing exceptional under the hood of this one.

    The seller is asking more than #3 money for a car that is somewhere between a #5 and #6. This car most definitely does not meet the criteria for a #4, and barely registers ticks as a #5.

    Corvette 1960

    Conv – 6: $3,020 5: $9,060 4: $15,100 3: $33,980 2: $52,850 1: $75,500
    NOTE: Add $3,000 for hardtop; 40 percent for F.I., 275 hp; 60 percent for F.I., 315 hp; 25 percent for two 4 barrel carbs, 245 hp; 35 percent for two 4 barrel carbs, 270 hp.

    4) GOOD: A drivable vehicle needing no, or only minor work to be functional. Also, a deteriorated restoration or a poor amateur restoration. All components may need restoration to be “excellent,” but the vehicle is mostly usable “as is.” This is a driver. It may be in the process of restoration or its owner may have big plans, but even from 20 feet away, there is no doubt that it needs a lot of help.

    5) RESTORABLE: Needs complete restoration of body, chassis and interior. May or may not be running, but isn’t weathered, wrecked and/or stripped to the point of being useful only for parts.This car needs everything. It may not be operable, but it is essentially all there and has only minor surface rust, if any rust at all. While presenting a real challenge to the restorer, it won’t have him doing a lot of chasing for missing parts.

    6) PARTS CAR: May or may not be running, but is weathered, wrecked and/or stripped to the point of being useful primarily for parts. This is an incomplete or greatly deteriorated, perhaps rusty vehicle that has value only as a parts donor for other restoration projects.

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  17. Avatar photo junkman Member

    Probably a scam, approach with extreme caution.Same MO as a sunbeam tiger scammer at exactly this time last year. Ads popped up around the country fishing for a sucker_ pay by google wallet. yeh sure!

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  18. Avatar photo starsailing

    Wonder if it comes with the …dead body that was found still in sitting position behind the wheel…..?

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