Fuel-Injected 5-Speed! 1969 Ford Mustang Grande

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I have previously discussed project vehicles that have appeared on our desks at Barn Finds and how some could be prime candidates for a faithful restoration or a restomod build. This 1969 Mustang Grande treads the middle ground because it features a period-correct V8, but someone has performed modern upgrades that should make it more civilized and powerful. It presents beautifully and would suit someone seeking a turnkey classic. The Grande is listed here on Craigslist in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The seller set their price at $39,500 for a classic that appears to need nothing.

Ford introduced the Grande to its 1969 Mustang range as its luxury offering. Only available in Hardtop form, it brought trim upgrades and additional sound-deadening for those seeking a car that slotted neatly between a regular Mustang and a Mercury Cougar. The history of this car is unclear, but it presents exceptionally well in Winter Blue. The seller confirms it received a past repaint in its original shade, which might be when a few exterior additions occurred. The Grande features a non-functional hood scoop and what appears to be a Mach 1 rear spoiler. It rolls on a stunning set of Magnum 500 wheels that perfectly suit the car’s character. The paint is excellent, with no visible issues. The panels are straight, and there’s no evidence of rust. Placing the Mustang on a lift reveals rock-solid floors and rails, with everything wearing a consistent undercoat for effective future protection. The chrome sparkles beautifully, and the glass is spotless.

The VIN confirms this Mustang rolled off the line featuring an F-Code 302ci V8 producing 210hp. That brings us to a fascinating point about how luxury can cost more than simple dollars. If this were a base Mustang Hardtop, it would tip the scales at 3,060 lbs. The Grande includes additional sound-deadening material and other niceties that push the weight to 3,159 lbs. The impact is felt under the right foot because while a four-speed equipped base Hardtop takes 15.9 seconds to cover the ¼ mile, this Grande pushes that figure to 16.1 seconds. Admittedly, the difference isn’t significant, but it helps explain why manufacturers like Lotus focus heavily on weight minimization. Some of this is purely academic because there is more to this immaculately presented engine bay than meets the eye. The V8 isn’t numbers-matching, but it sports enough upgrades to suggest the driver may have considerably more than 210hp under their right foot. Hiding below the standard-looking air cleaner is a Holley Sniper EFI system that should improve engine breathing and throttle response. It should also eliminate any cold-blooded tendencies the V8 might have, while spent gases exit via aftermarket headers and a dual exhaust. The system isn’t as sophisticated as that found under the hood of vehicles like the SVT Cobra, but it allows this Grande to tread the middle ground between a faithful restoration and a full-blown restomod. The ponies feed to a rear end with traction bars via a five-speed Tremec manual transmission. The Grande features power steering, but I’m surprised it retains its unassisted four-wheel drum brakes. Considering the upgrades and overall presentation, the seller’s claim that this Mustang runs and drives extremely well is unsurprising. The improved refinement provided by the mechanical upgrades means it is possible that the new owner could utilize this classic as a practical daily driver.

The Grande brought a few trim upgrades designed to impart a more luxurious impression than the base Mustang or the more sporting Mach 1. This one includes interior trim in Blue cloth and vinyl, a console, and woodgrain inserts on the dash and other areas. The buyer also receives a rim-blow wheel, aftermarket gauges below the heater controls, a retro-style stereo, and an LCD control unit for the EFI system. The overall presentation is excellent, with the covers on the bucket and back seats showing no marks or wear. It is a similar story with the remaining upholstered surfaces, the carpet, the dash, and the pad. It isn’t loaded with options like air conditioning or power windows, but life inside this Grande should still be pretty pleasant and comfortable.

This 1969 Mustang Grande is a stunning car, and the indications are that the new owner will need to spend nothing beyond the purchase price. On that subject, it raises the question of whether the figure is justified. If this were a 100% original vehicle in pristine condition, it would be slightly beyond the market top end. While its condition is excellent, I would struggle to say it is perfect. The mechanical upgrades should make it more user-friendly and civilized, but they also muddy the water when considering its potential value. Most readers will agree that such changes can impact value, making a classic worth whatever someone is willing to pay. It has only been on the market a week, but do you think the seller will need to be patient to find a buyer?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    Someone is going to jump all over this just because of the good looks and the overall condition. I like this one.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    I agree with bobhess. This is a great looking Mustang. The 1969 Mach 1 is an all-time favorite of mine with its “Sportsroof” profile, but the hardtop looked good too. Add some Mach 1 touches to an attractive blue Grande, and finish it off with classic Magnum 500’s, and you have a winner.

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  3. AzzuraMember

    Lose the spoiler.

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  4. jwzg

    Probably knocks down 25 mpg too. I’d have it with AC and front discs.

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  5. Don

    I can’t understand why someone invests into a car like this and cheats out on the brakes. should have discs on all wheels. Oh yea, and lose the spoiler.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      I remember a road test of a 70’s t/a with just front discs & drums on back –
      & it stopped shorter than a vette with 4 wheel discs. Go figure.

      Were these ’69 stangs available without that big clock on the right?
      Back in the day, i would think if 1 of these sat for several weeks in cold weather outside, that clock ticking could not have been great for the not so great battery in the car back then.

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  6. Howie

    This looks and sounds like a great deal. Posted 8 days ago.

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  7. Moparman MoparmanMember

    I always thought that the fake reverse vent looked silly.The top character line could have curved down and forward similar to the original car (or not); or just never have used that goofy “vent”. This is going to be a good buiy for some lucky person! GLWTS!! :-)

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  8. Beyfon

    What possesses someone to build such a great looking car, and then finish things off by drilling holes into the trunk lid to mount that terrible spoiler. Like putting a mustache on Mona Lisa.
    That said, I bought a new Mustang GT Convertible back in 2006 and managed to get it built without the silly spoiler. So I may be a bit unusual in my tastes?

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  9. Jose Rovirosa

    Really well-executed little coupe. Only things I’d change would be the brake setup and getting rid of the decklid spoiler.

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  10. Robert Liivoja

    I have always been a GM fan, but I really like this Mustang.
    Great color.
    Probably a lot of fun to drive!

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  11. Sam

    4 Wheel Disk. Or at least Front. It’s got the Go……….BUT NO WOOOOOO

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  12. Miminite

    I like this era Mustang hardtops; a friend has one same color and yr with a 351C and 4 sp he’s been messing with for yrs (for a lot less $$).

    I’m pretty sure have seen this one before by this or another dealer. I like it for the most part, but very much agree lose the spoiler, add discs and AC for this price. Seems like big bucks for something they cheaped out on and made cheesy at the same time.

    But hey, what do I know?

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