Fuelie Project: 1964 Chevrolet Corvette

When it was shiny and new, this 1964 Corvette Coupe must have been quite a car. With a fuel-injected V8 under the hood backed by a manual transmission, it was a car that was all about speed. Today, it is a shadow of its former self, but maybe you will be the person to allow the Corvette to relive its glory days. Located in Wooster, Ohio, the Corvette is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the Corvette has reached $17,000, and at that price, the reserve has now been met. Has it generated some interest? Just a bit. There are currently 202 people who are watching the listing.

The Corvette has come a long way since it rolled off the line back in 1964, and it appears as though the road was pretty bumpy in spots along the way. I can’t be 100% certain, but I believe that the Corvette may have started life painted Daytona Blue because I have spotted the occasional hint of it in some of the photos. Today it wears its primer grey, and a full restoration is going to be on the cards. The body is showing some fatiguing and damage and will require the attention of a fiberglass specialist if it is going to be returned to its best. The owner does reveal that there is a rust hole in the frame, but how bad this is (and whether there is only the one) will only be able to be confirmed by personal inspection. Some of the external trim and chrome is missing, but the Soft Ray tinted glass generally looks like it might be okay with a clean.

The Corvette originally started life with the mighty fuel-injected 327ci V8 under the hood, pumping out 375hp. The seller initially thought that the engine that you see here was that engine, but as was relatively common practice in years gone by, the fuel-injection had been dumped in favor of a carburetor. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, so the history of this particular 327 is completely unknown. Behind the 327 is a 4-speed manual transmission, and that really is about all that we know about the Corvette’s mechanical configuration. The only thing that the seller adds is that the engine turns freely, but it hasn’t run for many years.

Seeing the interior of a desirable classic like this when it has deteriorated to this point can be a bit hard to take. However, at least the interior does appear to be largely complete. A full restoration is going to be required, but at least today, locating all of the parts is pretty easy. Even if you choose to equip the car with leather, prices still aren’t too expensive. I guess that it all comes down to a matter of taste (and budget) on that one.

Of the 22,229 Corvettes built during 1964, only 1,325 owners chose to equip their car with the 327 Fuelie. This was largely related to cost, because that engine was not what you would call cheap. Today, fuel-injected examples really do command a premium in the market, so seeing this particular car like this is a real shame. Now the next owner will face a choice. They can either try to return the car as close to the original specifications as possible, knowing full well that it will never be a numbers-matching car. Alternatively, they could use it as the foundation to build the Corvette of their dreams. Which way would you go?


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  1. Classic Steel

    Well i can see why a low reserve on the vehicle as its rough . They make sections of frames to weld in depending on damage.

    Its never going to be numbers matching with the engine long gone with fuel injection missing.

    I say but it back original color and redo the interior to original and then fix the wheel wells if flared or cut .

    I really think its cheaper to find one without fuel injection and buy it….

    A mechanical person and welder can get it back-under 35 K with paint and chrome plus interior.

    If the numbers don’t match buy a summit racing 350 hp engine with modern fuel injection and put the original looking valve covers plus shielding on it.
    The engine aithin might be worth something to sell 👍

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  2. Frank Sumatra

    How is this a “Fuelie” project?

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      Because the LS the next owner will likely swap in WILL be fuel injected.

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      • Frank Sumatra

        First thing about this car that makes any sense! Thanks.

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    • JohnD

      Good question, as they have managed to avoid pictures of anything that might be a tip off as to a fuelie (core support, tach, um, paperwork!!!) . . . I don’t know why they stopped at fuelie. They should have gone with super rare experimental 1 of 1 factory jet powered corvette with afterburner, jet engine and afterburner sold separately.

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      • Frank Sumatra

        Westinghouse AP1000 Pressurized Water Reactor would be my choice.

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      • ruxvette

        I’m sure it’s a tanker, too!

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  3. JoeNYWF64

    BFG & others sure didn’t scrimp on the size & amt of white lettering on tires back in the ’70s! Nor did the lettering turn brown, like on some of today’s expensive tires. oops.
    I guess a declutching fan was an option on non a/c vettes back then.

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  4. Bob S

    My 300 hp 64 coupe was well optioned, and had a clutch fan.
    In terms of a restore, the mention of a rust hole in the frame, would scare the crap out of me.
    Unless the person was well versed in Corvettes, and doing their own restore, I think it would be a better option to pay for a good runner.

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    This is one of those cars that it depends on what the buyer is wanting. Just a couple of comments: this will never be returned to original so consider a replacement frame. In addition to the FI engine looking to be gone, it sure looks to me like the fender wells have been cut and recurved so unless you like that look it will take some serious $$ to return it to stock shape. Add up the paint, the interior needs, all the mechanicals and body work this will require I expect the buyer will be underwater shortly on it.
    Just my thoughts.

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  6. Bud

    ” King Of The Mountain ” anyone ?

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  7. Jeremy

    The price alone just for a period correct fuel injection set up will scare the new owner, should they choose to try to get it back to as close to original as possible…

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  8. Bigbird

    Any frame rust holes, rust thru, or bad braces will surely make this car unsafe. The issue will be the price. A person will pay big, and then major work is needed on all parts of the car. If it goes for a song, tube frame, scca 355 ci Chevy and road race it. You can’t hurt it anymore.

  9. Kenbo52

    This will take DEEP POCKETS Not for me . Give me yesterday’s “66” with bad front end .

  10. TimM

    If the price doesn’t go much higher it might make a good project!! I’m with classic steel on this one!! Drop a modern LS in there and a new paint job and have at it!!!

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  11. 65 Fuelie

    Wow nice find. I bought a 65 fuelie much like this car in 2017. I am doing a frame off. Just the motor and missing fuel injection with air cleaner is $20k. Put an LS in it and enjoy. Don’t fix the flares. It has already reached $19,900 with 2 days left on the auction and will likely go higher.

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