Fully Documented: 1979 MG MGB

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If you would love nothing more than to lay your hands on a classic British sports car with a fully documented history, then this 1979 MGB could be the car that you’ve been looking for. It currently shows 89,000 miles on the clock, and the owner has full documentation for the car which dates right back to the day that it rolled off the showroom floor. Even better is the fact that the MGB is listed for sale here on eBay, where it is being offered for sale in a No Reserve auction. It is located in Michigan City, Indiana, and at the time of writing, bidding is sitting at a mere $1,650.

It’s pretty hard to fault the appearance of this little MG. The panels and paint present really nicely, and there isn’t a sign of rust anywhere. The car has always been kept in a climate controlled garage, and this has certainly helped the car’s cause. There are many people who don’t like the rubber-bumper MGB, but I think that these look okay if the car has the right paint color, and it does seem to work with this car. The soft-top is in generally good condition, but it does have one small tear in it that should be able to be repaired. Even if it can’t, replacement soft-tops are readily available and are surprisingly inexpensive.

Apart from the aftermarket CD player hanging under the dash, the interior of the MGB is original. The owner has been using it as it is, and the new owner could continue to do so. However, if perfection is the aim, then the seats would probably benefit from new covers, while the shifter could also handle a new boot. One piece of good news is the fact that not only is the dash original, but it seems to be free of any cracks that can plague these little cars.

One of the great attractions of this particular MGB is the fact that it is being sold with full documentation and full service history. That’s a pretty important factor to consider because it means that the new owner can be sure that the car has been maintained correctly. The 1,799cc 4-cylinder engine that is fitted to the car only produces 62hp, but in a car this light, performance is surprisingly sprightly. Those horses are sent to the rear wheels via a 5-speed overdrive transmission. The engine bay presents well, and the owner does say that this is a “turn key and drive away” car. All in all, it sounds very promising.

The MGB is not a fast car, but it is an enjoyable little car to drive. So often, these have suffered the rigors of poor maintenance and dodgy repairs, and this has made the ownership experience quite unpleasant for many people. This car looks to be an exception, and it looks like the sort of car that the new owner can climb into and enjoy as the weather becomes warmer. The fact that it is being sold with No Reserve makes it all the more tempting.

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  1. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Wow a car with a full service history. A first on Barn Finds?
    Looks a nice car ..

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  2. Sanityfactor@outlook.com

    IIRC, the original steel dashboard is under that rubber paddy thing…also drop the front end 3/8″ like it was meant to be…and rewire the whole thing losing the lucas electric bs….know what….just buy a fiat 124 spider instead…

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    • Paul T Root

      It is not the same dashboard, they changed often for the US. England kept the metal dash much longer. The ’77 on have rollbars front and back, making them almost up to pre74 days, plus easier for my old knees to get in and out of.

      This one was back dated to HS4 dual carbs, so HP will be a bit better. Obvious other desmogging.

      Wish that bid would go up, so I could continue to delude myself as to the worth of my car.

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  3. Scott

    The rubber numbered MGB can take the Rover v8 very easily. I’d love to pick this up for that reason alone.

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  4. HoA Howard AMember

    I sure would like it. The O/D seals the deal, but too far away. Of the dozen or so MGB’s I’ve looked at online, from all around the country, none had O/D, or that they knew about. I’ve heard of people not even knowing what O/D was, much less used it.As interest wanes for these, going to find a lot of deals like this. There’s a ton out there, but very few with O/D, the most important feature. This car has had it’s smog equipment removed( I did the same thing) if that’s an issue for any. I’m sure, with 37 bids, and stalled at $2g’s, just tells me, even a nice one like this nobody wants to spend a lot of money. Bad for seller, good for us. Turnaround in prices maybe? If you can find one before it hits the “sites”, there’s your deal.

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      Howard, is the O/D switch on the dash on these? It looks like the turn signal lever is missing, I kind of thought it was there. Thanks, Mike.

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      • donek

        In the top of the gear-lever-knob?

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        On mine (’71) the right side of the steering column, the wiper stalk moved fore and aft for O/D. Spitfire had them on the shift knob, most older ones, like the AH 3000 had a switch on the dash. I believe the newer MG’s like this, have them on the shift knob.

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  5. Coventrycat

    Nice. First to go would be that CD player.

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  6. Fred W

    A few years ago, working for an online appraisal company with a remote buyer, I did an inspection on an identical one that was supposed to be low mileage and untouched. It passed muster, looked as good as the dealer said. The dealer’s asking price was- get ready- $29,000. Hope the buyer didn’t pay that.

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  7. Wayne

    Not only emissions removed, but dual carbs installed also. That is not a bad thing if done correctly. Meaning removal of the cat converter from just below the intake manifold. I bought one for $500 where the converter had overheated and the intake/exhaust manifold warped so bad that you could see over the top of the center intake runner into the intake port while the manifold was still attached to the cylinder head. ( it has a 2.8 v6 in it now). And for those of you that think that you can just remove the rubber bumpers and replace them with chrome. Think again. That is NOT just a bolt in situation. I know I have done it. In the unlikely hood of having another rubber bumper MGB ( I hate the look) it will receive a bumperectomy and installation of the fiberglass “Sebring” covers.

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  8. mike b

    A good buy, even before factoring overdrive. Missing smog equipment could be a problem in some jurisdictions. I see the turn signal (also the horn activator) in the side shot, and OD switch on the shifter. Looks like a dash top overlay. Seems like most of the late B’s had the dealer installed trunk rack so inspect for repair. Easy to get all the parts to make it a really nice driver.

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  9. Dave Croydon

    I have one almost exactly the same. Same year, same color, carb conversion. Love it, drive it everyday in the summer. I would say O/D a must, I’ve had them with and without. The switch is in the shift knob, tends to be fickle. Worth twice the bid price in fun alone.

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  10. ccrvtt

    “Just buy a Fiat 124 instead”? Not to throw shade on the Italians, but they invented rust about the same time as the British.

    Italians are perceived as more flamboyant and the driving position in the Fiat reflects that – all arms out, lean into the wheel and go like hell. The MG has a more vertical wheel and you get the feeling of flying a Spitfire, or maybe a Sopwith Camel. Neither one is going to win a drag race against a ricer, but that’s not the point.

    Chrome bumpers, lowered suspension, wire wheels if you can find them, and a proper (i.e. not plastic) steering wheel completed in the color of your choice as long as it’s not metallic.

    One of these days I’ll get me another.

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  11. Fossil

    If I didn’t have a 5/8 restored ’77 Corvette to finish off and move on, I would buy this little beauty in a heartbeat. The adaptable Rover V8 would be the first addition on my bucket list. AND it would be a keeper!!

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  12. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    A classic Florida story…

    My wife and I had just arrived in Florida, driving my 76 B in this very same color. We were stopped at a traffic light north of Tampa, and I glanced over to see a 50-ish guy in flip-flops come out of a 7-11 store with two 6-packs, each one in those flimsy plastic bags. He climbs on a motorcycle, hangs one 6-pack off each handlebar, and pulls out of the parking lot and next to my wife and I. He looks over and exclaims “Hey, that’s a nice looking MGB, for a licorice-lip!”. We nodded in startled agreement as he tore around the corner, 6-packs swinging to-and-fro on those handlebars. It took us a minute to get the licorice-lip reference.

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      Great story Rex! The licorice-lip meaning the bumper?

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  13. Wayne

    The bid is now at $4,500. For that kind of money you can get a Miata. Not the same character, but everything a MGB should be. I am currently on the fence about replacing my Bs ( one roadster and one GT) with a Miata.

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    • ccrvtt

      Just did a Check Engine Light check in a Miata & was reminded why I never bought one – I’m 6’3″. Never had a problem with headroom or legroom in my B’s.

      I guess when they were designing the MGB in the late ’50’s they should have considered using the late ’80’s technology available to the Miata’s design team.

      “Not the same character” is dead-on. You’ll never have the pleasure of staring at Smith’s gauges in any Japanese car.

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  14. HoA Howard AMember

    Yeah, well, that “good deal” just went over $4,500 bucks, quite a jump from $1,600. Still not bad for an O/D car, but I’m out.

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  15. Little_Cars Little Cars

    One nit to pick, Adam, in your write up is technically this is NOT a 5 speed transmission. The overdrive does electrically give you a 5th gear, but to be clear you don’t have “5” on that shift knob. This distinguishes this car from conversions done using actual 5 speed transmissions on MGs. Very common swap on the diminutive Midget using Datsun gearboxes. Orange is one of the better colors available on the rubber bumper MGBs. I

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  16. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Ended: Apr 18, 2019 , 12:45AM
    Winning bid:US $5,600.00
    [ 49 bids ]

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