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Funniest Craigslist Ad of the Day!

1929 Pontiac

We try to keep things somewhat serious around here, but sometimes we just need a good laugh! Thankfully the internet is never short on supply of comedic relief, especially when it comes to some seller’s ads. When I opened this listing that Chuck F sent in, I nearly fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard. The seller labels their 1929 Pontiac with the heading, “Some Assembly Required”. I don’t know about you, but after looking at their photos I can’t help but find that statement a bit funny! Have a look at their listing here on craigslist in San Francisco, but prepare yourself to either laugh or be absolutely surprised at the seller’s asking price! Special thanks to Chuck F for sharing this one with us!


  1. Don Sicura

    As dumb as it may sound, it is a great deal & good price if you need any of those parts.

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  2. Brian

    I love how the original key is in the ignition switch, but the body from the dash back is missing!

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  3. rusty

    I agree with Don looks worthwhile price for a good starting project or a supply of parts

    dont get this sometimes.. why people making money hand over fist on muscle cars and other cars but a deal like this is considered too dear????

    Looks clean and honest and an easy starting point for a resto…shite its heaps rarer than most muscle cars which were based on mass produced bodies

    I wish the seller the best and hope he doesnt get too screwed down

    dig the camper van in the back of shot

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  4. Brendon

    All that torn apart/ gone and yet it still has both license plates…

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    • cory

      Probably part of a street rod somewhere

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    • rapple

      …. and even better, they are those highly desirable California “black plates” that collectors seem to desire!

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  5. cory

    Huh? I guess I missed the joke. Looks like a pretty decent deal actually. A rough restoration project, but a goldmine of parts. Not out of line at all on price

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  6. Highway

    I have to agree… hulks like this are on every farm in the midwest, but in the Bay Area this is a smoking’ deal. Perfect entry level gow job for the money.

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  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    I wouldn’t mind taking on a project like this one, if it weren’t for all the other works in progress that I currently have underway. I sure hope someone takes it and someday, is able to twist that original key in the switch and fire that outfit up.

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  8. Andrew

    I wonder what the key started…nothing…lol

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  9. Fred

    Not sure what I would do with it, but the engine looks like it may very well be rebuilt and carefully stored, making the value of it and some of the parts seen easily in line with the asking price.

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    • Brian

      Looks like a good beginning to building a woodie wagon? Not sure if Pontiac (or if any coachbuilders made them from Pontiacs) back then, but it would be cool if done well or, dare I say it, street rodded!

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        That’s a great idea! Make it into a woodie. The Reynolds Museum in Wetaskawin, AB had the remains of a ’27 Ford T. The body was beyond salvation save for the radiator and hood. They decided to build a depot hack out of it and use it to shuttle visitors from the car museum to the aviation hall of fame (and elsewhere) and back. When I took the restoration course up there, they were just getting to it. Since that was 6 years ago, they must have it done by now. But it is a museum and they don’t go too fast; they just do it right. I wonder if there would be some plans that could be modified/adapted to do this into one?

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  10. Barney

    These cars had essentially an all wooden body covered in sheet metal. The wood probably rotted and the body fell apart. I watched this happen on a 28. The owner wouldn’t sell. He was gonna restore it some day. Fifteen years later, there was no body to restore.

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  11. Chuck Foster Chuck F

    I thought it was a real good deal, California is loaded with old cars you don’t find in the rust, errr east/northeast areas. I love to search Craigslist now they have added a year and price range, 1928 to 1972, under $6,000, San Francisco has a ton of them.

    Speaking of funny ads, I ran across one that said it had a atomistic transmission. Waahaaahaaa. Atomistic, it must have been a car from The Jetsons.

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  12. Chuck Foster Chuck F

    How old are those license plates? They have wide yellow letters, but I can’t see the year. Also, who thinks the Chief Pontiac hood/radiator ornament/mascot looks like Harrison Ford? I bet you could get big $ for that radiator and grille surround alone. The big question is where is the rest of the body, maybe it was a wood wagon huckster, now that would be cool to restore it as one.

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  13. ConservativesDefeated

    On the plus side the ’33 title and the keys.

    In a world where everyone is a ‘hero’ and hyperbole rules the roost from the internet to talk radio, a little understatement goes a long way

    On the negative, The wooen buck is long gone and how would you know what you were missing?

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  14. Alan (Michigan)

    Most of the extensive list of items that the seller has posted to Craigslist are vintage, either mechanical/machinery or automotive related. 76 items as I look right now. The seller is no rookie, and probably not the owner of the Pontiac either. Still, even as a percentage or commission seller, he or she provides much to see, with the good photos as a starting point.

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