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Future Office Building? 1985 Short C-23 Sherpa

Looking for an interesting way to set up a new office for your small company? Instead of building one or converting some old storage containers, how about using the fuselage of a retired aircraft? That’s what the seller of this 1985 Short C-23 Sherpa is suggesting as one purpose for this aviation leftover. It would be unique, although we’re not sure how practical. Located in Eugene (or possibly Redmond), Oregon, this interesting project is available here on craigslist for $17,500 (or $27,500 depending on where in the listing you read).

The C-23 Sherpa was a small military transport aircraft built by Short Brothers out of Belfast, Ireland. Sherpa stands for carrier or transport, hence that part of the plane’s name. It was designed to operate from unpaved runways and make short takeoffs and landings. The company’s roots date to 1908 and they are still in production today as Bombardier. While the plane’s overall length is more than 58 long, only about half of that was useable cabin space for passengers and/or cargo. The cabin’s width and height are both 6.5 feet, so as an office it would be kind of cozy.

Only one photo of the fuselage is provided, and it looks as though the wings and engines are long gone. So, the other two pics here are borrowed from other C-23s when they were in use. We don’t know how the passenger compartment is set up today and it looks as though the aircraft was last in civilian use given the paint and striping versus government grey. If you were to buy this thing, would you make an office out of it or are there only cool uses for this once Flying Ace?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Would make a good car collection storage unit. Build a ramp in the rear big enough for cars and away you go… to nowhere. Small AC to keep it dry and it would preserve any car for a long time.

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  2. Moparman Moparman Member

    Hmmm…6.5 feet height and width, and I’m 6’4″ so it would be more than cozy for me, LOL!! :-)

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  3. DelBoy

    This is the plane that saved Scotland’s many Island from depopulation and loss of communities in the 1970s. It was a stunning innovation that kept those island connected to the mainland when the ferries were unable to operate because of hazardous seas. I’ve no idea what planes now run those routes, but the runways are still wind swept beaches or sheep infested hill tops. I’m sure the people of these island have fond memories of this plane.

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  4. Howard A Member

    “Coming into Los Angeles,,,bringing in a couple of keys”,,good luck getting this one past the old lady. I say, live in it and if she has her way, that’s what you’ll be doing.

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  5. Harvey Member

    Some shmuck will buy it.

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  6. Jay E. Member

    Its been for sale for a long time with no buyers. Eventually the price will be right and it will sell. 10′ wide 58′ long will makes transport interesting, about the same as a single wide mobile home.
    Plus it comes with the wings, which make for covered storage as well.
    A 40′ CONEX is more practical and sells for $4000.00 so expect to see the price drop..

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  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    I remember the local commuter airline had a couple of these. Ugly as they were they flew quite well. The company also flew a coupld of deHavilland Twin Otters. There was a common joke where the airline bought the Twin Otters and had them shipped in crates. When they unpacked the crates they found that with a pair of wings they could fly the crates as well.

    What to do with something like this, I can’t think of anything other than a plaything for the kids in the backyard. I’m sure someone’s got an imagination…

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    • Karen

      Make it into a Vintage trailer=stick some wheels on it ?

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    • RSparks

      Put it up in a big tree and use it for a condo.

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      • William Polasek

        Would make a heck of a Tree Fort!

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  8. Troy

    At this price it would take a few years for return on investment but I would move it outside of a tourist trap town and convert it to a tiny house and rent it out for what ever the going rate was for hotels in the area. If you have the right property you can set it up so the wing cantilevered over a lake and they could dive off.

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    • Ted Mathis

      I think this would make a great bed-and-breakfast in some remote location.

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  9. Steve

    It make for a neat airline themed cafe.

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    • Howard A Member

      Near an airport, for best results.
      All great ideas, however, I bet none get off the ground,,,get it? Off the ground?

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  10. todapo

    As a builder, and grandfather, I’ve been thinking about building a treehouse on my land (dead end road, no zoning requirements, it’s NH after all). Was going to construct it on the ground, then have a friend crane it into the trees.
    I’d rather put this in the trees, aim it towards the house from a few hundred feet away, could be the coolest treehouse in my neck of the woods.

    Probably need to consult my wife first?

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    • fliphall

      Better to try for forgiveness than permission.

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    • Howard A Member

      Whip-tish( sound of whip cracking) I almost guarantee she won’t see your vision. Been there,,,

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  11. angliagt angliagt

    Just how would you move this?
    I guess you could use your Chinook.

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  12. Howie

    Cool, they have this and other items listed, but only one photo.

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  13. 57Wayne

    I’m thinking you can put it up in a tree…make a unique tree house …and Air BnB it. Even better if you can give it a view of something; beach, mountains…

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  14. TheOldRanger

    Since I have several acres behind my house, I think I could make this into a “man cave” with several recliners, a desk, a large screen tv, a bar, a microwave, large fridge, a small kitchen, etc. Sometimes the wife gets put out with all the sports shows on the weekend, she would probably say “set this up at least 100 feet from the house and back in the trees, and I’ll see you on Monday after your weekends of stupid sports programs… lol However, I suspect she might want to use this for some of her “female” gatherings as well.

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  15. Pat Gill

    A Shorts shoe box, I once offended a pilot of a Shorts when I used the shoe box name to air traffic control at Birmingham (UK) airport, he called my C712 a spam can…….

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  16. George Birth

    Unusual to say the least. Love to see pictures of it when it reaches it’s final destination and configuration.

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  17. Greg Gustafson

    Turning this into an office building? It’s an idea that just might fly.

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  18. Kenn

    Some shmuck will make fun of the person with vision who buys this.

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  19. Glenys Rodriguez

    I’m interested, how can I contact the owner? Please, if someone can help me

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