Garage Art: 1955 Kleinschnittger F125 Microcar

When I first took a gander at this unusual Kleinschnittger F125, I called it a kiddie car; turns out, I was wrong. This is actually considered a microcar, powered by a single-cylinder two-stroke engine. While it only packs five b.h.p., that’s still more than you want your little ones toying with. This example has apparently been used as a modest art installation in a house or garage that would challenge my limited ability to pick out furniture that goes well together. Find it here on craigslist for $3,000 in Michigan. 

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Junior for the find. The Kleinschnittger featured aluminum bodywork and could reach a top speed of 43 m.p.h. Looking at it, that seems borderline terrifying, even if it’s below the speed limit in most communities. They’re certainly rare as I can’t recall ever seeing one for sale (except for this one that was listed for $43,500 as a restored example), and I’m not sure how to assign value to an oddball like this. It weighs a mere 330 lbs. and delivers an astounding 80 m.p.g.

Of course, it wasn’t likely designed to reach its top speed on a daily basis. This cute in-town vehicle would be perfect if you lived in a sleepy community and just needed to run to the bank or post office on occasion. Given we often credit the Japanese with most of the tiniest of road vehicles known as kei cars, the German-made Kleinschnittger is a fascinating alternative for the microcar fan.

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  1. TCOPPS Member

    Room for one more if you still wanna go to Aspen.

  2. Thomas

    What a beautiful find! That is German History after the Allied bombers bombed as to hell…

  3. Rick

    And gone already

  4. Pete Kaczmarski

    Give me an Athens Ohio built King Midget. Mine is an 1963 model.

    • Bob Vahsholtz

      Are you a member of the King Midget Club? We’re 400 strong and have a lot of fun with these little cars!

      • Pete Kaczmarski

        No I did not join but will look into it. But I did purchase your book and I really enjoyed it.

    • James

      At first glance, I thought it had a goose hood ornament! LOL

  5. Bob

    Forget the car, nice that it is, I want the house!

  6. Todd

    I bought it, original frame is gone.
    Now I need a parts car.
    Any thoughts?

    • TC

      Give ‘Toys-R-Us’ a try, you might find something that comes close but it’ll be plastic !

    • Matt Spielberg

      You need a visit to Charles Gould to crawl over his car with camera and measuring tape.
      The car was originally simply fabricated, and you have all the hard to get parts.
      Spend a little while on the web, and check out Kart shops for steering and suspension bits (sorry, no leads on new suspension rubber bands). Todays karts actually go, stop and handle really well.

  7. stillrunners

    You go Todd…Go !

  8. Richard

    They left a zero off that price. They will go for $35,000+++ all day long. There were 12 of those cars imported to the USA. Either that or it was a scam.

  9. Chasgould

    Congratulations on a great purchase Todd. These are very unusual cars, but they are also very simple.
    Although I don’t have a frame for you, I do have many sources for parts in Germany and I can ask around for you. I also have a complete and running 1954 Kleinschnittger F125 if you wish to take photos and dimensions to fabricate your own frame. It would be relatively easy to do.
    I almost bought this car from the seller five years ago but he wanted too much money back them. At that time, the car hung vertically on his wall.

    • todd

      Where are you located?
      Can I get your email?

  10. Wrong Way

    I am happy you bought it Todd. I was sure thinking about it myself. I have absolutely no more room for another car yet. I thought that I could find a corner somewhere around here to stash it. Good luck Todd!

  11. Richard

    Todd- That car was on the wall inside that fellows house for a number of years. He offered it for $10k a couple years ago. You definitely got a great buy. I don’t think you’ll find anything like a parts car. If you’re handy, there’s not much you wouldn’t be able to fabricate as long as you have the body and wheels. You got the motor too, right? I had it listed for him on my facebook page. I will try to find it.

  12. Richard

    From my facebook page

  13. Fernando Abruña

    Great Buy!
    These little cars go for much more in the microcar world.

  14. Todd

    Yes I have the motor and a bunch of misc. parts.
    Just no frame or driveline components.

    Building a frame would be simple for me.

    Coming up with the suspension, steering, brakes…. might be the challenge.

    • Richard

      The diagram I posted above indicates which parts are missing. You probably already figured that out. Did I mention you got a significant piece of automotive history?

  15. Lou Rugani
  16. Lou Rugani

    Kleinschnittger F125 brochure.

  17. Lou Rugani

    1952 Kleinschnittger F125.

  18. Todd

    I would really like to find a parts car someday but for now here it is.

  19. Todd

    Here is another picture

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