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Garage Find: 1963 Austin Healey 3000

So this Big Healey is a pretty incredible find! It’s a survivor that has been parked for the past 50 years. The seller specializes in classic British cars and some other pretty amazing finds parked in the garage with this Healey. There’s no word on the other cars stories, but you can learn more about the Healey here on eBay in Forked River, New Jersey with a $38,500 asking price.

Easy to get distracted by all the other interesting finds in the background, but let’s try to stay focused on this Healey, at least for right now! Looking it over, you can tell that there is lots of work to be done here. There are signs that it was red at some point and has been repainted white. It also looks like someone started to restore the interior, with new seat covers already installed. These are fairly basic cars, so restoring the rest of the interior really shouldn’t be too difficult.

We get a decent look at the engine, which has already been serviced to get the car running again. The carbs have been rebuilt, the brakes sorted, and a new radiator installed, so it should be ready to drive. Being a Mk II BJ7 with twin carbs means that this is the 134 horsepower straight-six. It also means that this is a late ’62 and should have roll-up windows, a feature you take for granted until it starts raining!

I can’t help but point out that there is clearly a Jaguar E-Type with what appears to be a Pony car past it (it’s hard to be sure since all that can really be seen is the hood). I know, I said to not get distracted by the other cars, but how can you not when there’s an XKE involved? And did you see the MGA under the tarp parked in front of the garage? This seller really does love British sports cars! The Healey is a sweet find, but I think their asking price is way too high, it previously got bid up to $24k which is much closer to what a #4 is valued at. It runs and drives, but I don’t think it’s closer to being #4 (fair condition) car than a #3 (good condition). That being said, it really would be an awesome car to have, but only for the right price. Thoughts?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Pretty detailed information and pictures. Take 10K off the price and you have a solid car. Wish the first one of these I restored looked even close to this one.

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  2. ccrvtt

    The good news is that this car is on the market.

    The bad news is that I will never be able to afford it.

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    Me neither. Paid $500 for my first one.

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    • Jimbosidecar

      I can beat that. I bought a ’56 AH 100 for $300 back when I was 15 and in high school

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    • Troyce

      My AH 100-4 was 700USD in 1969. More than it was worth at the time.

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  4. A.J.

    Damn, I want this! My first car was a ’63 Healey bought right out of high school for $1200. Sold it to the AF recruiter a year later for a grand before I went in.

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    • robert j mulvaney

      A/J this is no repaint i’m the owner #2 it is a very good number #3 survivor car. not a single micro one will see the trace of red,why would someone ruin this with a full restoration when it does not call for it also i will say i differ with the editor on several statements there is a complete interior kit with it also i;m putting in a full set # 4 like new 60 spoke wires chrome thanks

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  5. Simon

    What a lovely original car, you just can’t find them like this these days.
    Although these cars dropped a little I am starting to see them holding and coming back up, most projects have been snapped up and had money spent on them.
    If I can sell my NGA I’ll buy it.

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    • robert j mulvaney

      never a repaint i’m the owner

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    • Adam

      What a fantastic car this looks, and I’d disagree with the comment that “there’s alot of work to be done here”. Also unsure of the comment it used to be red, and what that’s based on?! If Didn’t have my next project due to commence soon, i’d buy it! I’d prefer it over an e-type!

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  6. robert j mulvaney

    hi barn finders , i’m the owner no this is not a repaint 100 % original i know the complete history original title white!.i’m #2 owner . old English white and far better than a #4 as stated ,so lets get the facts straight ok the back ground is a 72 ss chevelle convert,no pony car ,thank you all for nice comments in my opinion keep this original only once it’s stays that way. sometimes it’s hard to put a value on these survivor cars ,it definitely is not off the rector scale ,the whole world is negotiable bring it on thank you,hey A J come and get her

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  7. robert j mulvaney

    thanks all

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  8. Dave

    Next to an XKE roadster, the 3000 would be my next best choice in English roadsters. Owned a 3.8 xke roadster in the 60’s and worked on and test drove a few 3000’s back in the 70’s. I think they are just plain purdy!

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  9. stillrunners

    Nice…but these players know where the cars are parked and just are waiting…..

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  10. Mike Lussier

    robert j mulvaney
    I can’t say enough good things about your Healey. It’s a fine solid unit. There’s plenty of restoration work to be done and yet it’s great. You should get it certify it and restore it. Lots of $ but do it show it and keep it. I’ve had mine since 1977 # 2 owner. Never looked back on my decision to keep it.

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    • robert j mulvaney

      MIKE ,why would you want to restore a car that in all reality does not need a lot of work done to it ! (seeing is believing)this car needs the minimal attention and your on the road to glory.same as the editor of this barn finds never saw the car ,this needs to be preserved not made into a trailer queen spend your $$$$’s on another toy.cheers r/j

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      • Billieg

        I’d paint it Porsche red, put a 302 ford motor in it with a 4 speed and side pipes. Chrome wheels and Redo the interior tan leather and have fun with it!

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  11. Del

    This is a beauty.

    But as a buyer, I would want a new paint job.

    Which could affect sale price.

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  12. robert j

    like I said DEL every one has their own ways ,several people interested in the UK say do the best to preserve it drive it and perhaps down the road a repaint ,there is really not a lot of work to be done outside of what one creates he or she themselves thank it’s at a fair price with offers too ?

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    • Simon

      Why would anyone change it and put different engine in and devalue it.
      Keep it original. 👍

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  13. robert j mulvaney

    Mr, Simon, some folks don;t have a clue ,pay good money for a classic and put a dumb pony motor in , knock the value way out in left field ,

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