Garage Find: 1967 Cadillac Eldorado

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Front-wheel drive, in many cases, has a chilling effect on certain makes and models that are held dear by enthusiasts. This is always one of those moments where you have to shake your head gently at your fellow gearheads, as the uproar over front-wheel-drive versus rear-wheel-drive doesn’t really become an obvious issue in daily driving (unless you’re Jason Bourne and wanted by a government syndicate). The 1967 Cadillac Eldorado shown here doesn’t get a lot of love in the marketplace these days, and I suspect it has something to do with it being the first front-drive offering. Find it here on craigslist $16,000.

As a young man, I used to get all bent out of shape when someone would defend front-wheel-drive as if I was somehow responsible for protecting the universe from a dissenting opinion in the debate of FWD versus RWD. The same could be said for automatic versus manual transmission show-down, which are right up there with politics when finding uncomfortable topics to argue about with friends. Ignoring the FWD layout for a second, I just want to talk about this view of the Cadillac: what a stunning car. The long trunk, the slanted taillights, the huge hubcaps, the flared fenders – it’s slightly goofy-looking, but overall, it just has amazing presence. The seller reports that the body is in great shape.

The dramatic looks continue to the interior, where the doors open so wide you can practically jump in the backseat without flipping the backrest forward. The two-tone upholstery is in nice shape and the carpets look very clean. The wide-open feeling is a feature that is sorely lacking in anything made in the last 20 years, and despite sitting in a garage for the last decade, this Cadillac has survived in amazing shape inside and out. All of the power options are said to still work, including the windows. Though it is an “A/C car,” the seller confides that the system is not hooked up at present.

The ’67 Eldorado was powered by a massive 7.0L V8 engine capable of killing many, many dinosaurs, with 340 horsepower and close to 500 lb-ft of torque. However, it also weighed almost 5,000 pounds, so you may not have been able to feel all the power when wafting down the road. It could still reach 60 miles per hour in under 10 seconds, and the power was contained by a 3-Speed Turbo-Hydramatic transmission. The Eldorado of this vintage was an exercise in excess, and for those reasons and more, it’s one my favorite eras of Cadillac’s flagship.

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    Nice, but what is that gigantic missle-looking device in front of the master? Sorry about saying “master” but hey…

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    • angliagt angliagtMember

      I believe that’s part of the A/C system.
      ’67 was the best looking year for these.They
      do look even better in a dark color (like Black).

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    • Big_FunMember

      That’s the cylinder for the automatic level control – it keeps the rear end at the correct height.
      I see this has the ’68 style lights in the front fenders. No bulbs. The ’67 should have body colored inserts. The parking and turn lamps are in the bumper for this year.
      I don’t think Cadillac offered that interior color in two tone. Somone had fun mixing and matching. Same with the trunk lid paint. Front power/rear crank windows were only in ’67.
      The seller’s cavalier attitude about fixing it and then bumping the price…well, I’ll wait, then. Make sure the A/C is cold, please. Thanks.

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      • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

        Big fun,

        You are correct. That is the vacuum-operated air pump at the end nearest the power brake booster, and the other section is the tank to hold the pressurized air. [Yes, a pump using negative air pressure to create positive air pressure!]

        One of my elderly family members bought one of these, in bright baby blue, brand new from Capitol Cadillac in Washington DC, and when they decided it was too big for them, I ended up buying it. That’s when I found out I needed to get a boat captain’s license!

        I have a heavy right foot, and I never was able to coax anything more than 7mpg, but the ride was almost as good as my 1955/56 Packards.

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      • Tony

        I had to look again at the picture because it slipped by me; but you’re right, the front corners in that year were only body panels, not light inserts. Clearly, a prior owner decided to customize the corners. Something else I noticed, in the rear: It looks like there are lights in the rear bumper. I don’t remember Cadillac putting those lights there until ’69, possibly ’68, but not ’67. If I’m right, then somebody customized that as well with a later bumper.

        I’ve seen reviews for these Eldos, mostly less-exalting than this article. At least the first-gen FWD Eldo had good looks in its favor…but gas is not the only thing it scarfs like a school of piranhas. Their appetite for tires was apparently notorious. The absence of a hump was a big selling point back then, but its appeal was clearly fleeting, as not one FWD car built in the past generation has that much open interior space…to include Eldos from the late-’80s to the end of the model.

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    • oilngas

      That is a vacuum operated compressor for the rear air shocks.

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    • Thomas J Ritter

      Part of the a/c. Look close and you can see where one end is disconnect as per said in article.

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    • Bert Fernandez

      This 67 Eldo is one of the best they ever made …
      I suspect that the automatic A/C system is not working properly …
      The a/c line going into the evaporator is off , now all the moister is going into the closed system .
      Yes , that is not Cadillac blue engine paint .
      The price is a little high but , in spite of the obvious things …. Car looks real good for a 55 year old .
      Who ever buys it needs to get an Old School tech to work on this baby .
      This is still using Points & Condenser and No Catalitic Converter that thieves are stealing in 2023 …
      I would buy this beautiful car , if I still had a garage … have an apartment .

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  2. Dave

    Reminds me of an Imperial Battle Cruiser.

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  3. Ken

    The engine looks like it’s had a, “Craigslist Rebuild” in Ford Blue. Are Cadillac engines supposed to be that color?

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    • Tony Primo

      True Ken, the Cadillac colour is more of a navy blue.

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    MISSING A/C COMPRESSOR, the 1968 is the one you want , hideaway headlights and the 472 motor, it’s the ultimate of the razor edge eldorados

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  5. MoparDoug

    Okay, I have never looked at these close before, so I have got to ask, what are the lights on top of the quarter panels half way up near the trunk lid for? Are they brake lights similar to what the Toronado did?

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    • Tony

      Hi MoparDoug,
      Those things atop the rear quarters aren’t lights but air vents for the flow-through ventilation system. They were on the ’67 Eldo only, went away for ’68.

      I have a ’68 Eldo that’s a true Barn Find. Have owned it 35 years and it’s always been a great running car with the 472 engine but is stripped down waiting for someone to tackle the quarter panel rust repair it needs. Just can’t find anyone willing to do it, so it languishes in my garage. Would love to get it shining like this beauty again!

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  6. Sam61

    What a brute. I had an opportunity to purchase a triple black 67 Eldorado about 25 years…regret it. This would a great garage to a first year Tornado and 65 Riviera/hideaway lights.

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  7. Robert Levins

    It’s a beautiful car. I’ve owned several El Dorados but not this generation. Mine were 1974 (1), and 1978’s(4). Love Cadillacs and this model as well, but I can see why the Lincoln Mark III was such a huge hit. FRONT WHEEL drive Eldorados and Toronados were fantastic for their time because no one else were making them. I hope this one gets a good home. FWD was a gamble for GM – but it paid off, at least in their early big cars. The “Challenge” came starting in 1980 with the X- body cars, a challenge for quality, and that took a better part of a decade to get even close to these Eldorados, if ever. Good luck to the new owner. Love the article.

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  8. David Nelson

    2-tone blue and white interior? Not sure but I do not think it to be orig upholstery!

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  9. Dom

    How far are you from Maryland?I would like to come and see this vehicle in person before I bid.

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  10. CCFisher

    The author’s take on front wheel drive vs. rear wheel drive is interesting, but the statistics don’t support it. According to value guides, a late-60s Eldorado is worth considerably more than a contemporary Continental Mark III. There do seem to be more driver-quality Eldos out there than restored examples, so that may be what keeps the value perception low.

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  11. John P.

    So…is it $16,000 USD or $16,000 CAD? Car IS in Canada apparently. Pretty significant difference too. ($16K CAD is under $12K USD at the moment)

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  12. Comet

    I always thought this model was one of the best looking cars to come from GM design.

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  13. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Always loved the look and design of the 67 Eldorado. It’s like Cadillac picked up the ball from the Riviera and ran down the field with it. Gorgeous car and looks to be a good price too

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  14. Dave Brown

    Unoriginal. Detroit didn’t plan this. It’s been ruined. I would never buy it.

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  15. Sixone

    There’s a few things really big me about this car: the engine bay, the color of engine, that interior get-up, owl tires, and the worst thing of all – the old timey looking exhaust AHHHHHH!!! Looks like a plumber went crazy with pipes from the plumbing supply house. All that said, just my opinion. Maybe it’s a great car, but right off I’d have to replace the whole interior, replace the exhaust system, pull the engine and repaint it (at least), repaint the exterior etc, etc. I think there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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  16. Sixone

    There’s a few things really bug me about this car: the engine bay, the color of engine, that interior get-up, owl tires, and the worst thing of all – the old timey looking exhaust AHHHHHH!!! Looks like a plumber went crazy with pipes from the plumbing supply house. All that said, just my opinion. Maybe it’s a great car, but right off I’d have to replace the whole interior, replace the exhaust system, pull the engine and repaint it (at least), repaint the exterior etc, etc. I think there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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  17. Dennis Zozula

    I borrowed a friends caddy of around this vintage. Most of our highways were two lanes in those days so passing was common. I got stuck behind a slow car with a long straight coming up. I floored it and was doing 90 quickly. I realized I had enough room to pass another car and floored it again. I went by at about 110 mph. The reason I tell this is about what happened when I took my foot off the throttle. Nothing ! I expected it to slow quickly, but no it just glided along slowly bleeding off speed and I had to use the brakes to get back to 60.

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  18. Glenn SchwassMember

    I’d love to have that engine in a tri 5 truck. It would be a blast and could tow like a beast.

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