Garage Find: 1967 Volvo 1800S

We don’t know a lot about this example of Volvo’s sports car apart from the fact that it was last driven in 1997. It’s showing 190,000 miles and might make someone an interesting project. It’s for sale here on eBay where the buy it now is $6,999 but thankfully lower offers are being considered–I think the asking price is optimistic. The smiling car (well, look at that open grille and tell me it’s not grinning at the thought of being put back on the road!) is located in Charlotte, North Carolina–how did this import get in with all those stock cars?

As you can see from both this shot and the cover picture, there’s some rust around the edges of this Volvo. Certainly more than I’d like to see. The seller actually describes it as being a solid car. I think I’d like some more pictures than we have here. 1800s have some really vulnerable spots for rust and after looking over this forum thread I’d want to see pictures from specific spots.

And although it gives it that nice smile, I’d want to know where the grille is as well. I didn’t see it in the other pictures of the car.

While I’m encouraged by the lack of rust in this shot, there’s a missing item; the fuel tank. According to the ad, the tank needs to be treated or replaced. Unfortunately, we’re not shown any pictures of it, so I’d count on having to replace it.

The lack of rust in this shot is also encouraging. Unfortunately, it’s the only picture of the interior. Well, apart from this one which is the rear seats separated from the car, but at an odd angle. I really don’t understand the photography in this ad.

I’m guessing this is the original four cylinder engine, with twin SU carburetors making it look like a British car under the hood. I would certainly need to know more, like the type of transmission (automatic, manual or manual with overdrive) and whether or not the engine is free before I’d make an offer, and to be honest it wouldn’t be close to what they are asking. However there’s enough good bones in these pictures that if I were hunting for a 1800, I’d at least ask some questions. What about you?



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  1. Howard A Member

    I think this is a good, not great, buy. 1800’s usually can’t be touched today for under $10g’s, and nice ones go from there. I’d have to think, this is as cheap as it’s going to get. No need to ask if THIS car has O/D. I believe it was standard equipment on 1800’s. Great find.

  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    Not to be overly critical, but this is a very lazy presentation considering an asking price of 7K. No dash photos? No underbody photos?

    I bought a WAY better 1800 than this for $3500 just 5 years ago, and by the time I’d spent 7K, I had a nice looking driver with freshly re-upholstered seats, new brakes and tires, new Weber set-up, shocks, carpet, and all the exterior chrome (which, on this car seems to be AWOL, with no indication if it comes with the car).

    The listing’s description is devoid of almost all detail, and with better and more photos it could have answered so many more questions. You wonder why people list cars in this manner. Sure, if it’s a no-reserve auction, then maybe a bare-bones listing is acceptable. But for a 7K BIN, I want more.

  3. Anthony

    Price way too high. Can get cheaper ones. Most probably manual transmission. The P1800 ES had a lot of automatics.
    I’d pass on this one…

  4. Bob Deveau

    Here’s my barn find. 1963

  5. Rex Kahrs Member

    Nice 63 Bob. A Jensen? You need new springs.

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