Garage Find: 1968 Porsche 912

Just when we’re ready to yet again proclaim there are no good barn finds left, another incredible discovery surfaces on craigslist. In this instance, it’s a long-time owned 1968 Porsche 912 that supposedly has 30,000 original miles and has been sitting in a garage since 1980. The photos tell the story that this black-plate California find is indeed quite original, even wearing desirable factory Tangerine paint. The seller claims also that the garage it’s been sitting in belongs to the original owner, making this 912 even more of a discovery. Find it here on craigslist in Lake Balboa for $45,000.

The 912 was for years the lesser-loved sibling of the classic 911. It was a cheap sports car, not all that fast, but a good option if you wanted to look like you owned a real-deal 911. Those days are gone, as 912s have been enjoying a steady rise in price right alongside its more sought-after sibling. This 912 likely has an interesting story, as it not only has been hiding in this garage for 30 years but also has only 30,000 miles that the seller seems to indicate are original. The 912 looks to remain quite original in photos, all the way down to its OEM hubcaps. I love the decal strip running along the bottom of the doors.

The engine bay appears largely complete, and the seller claims the powerplant is numbers-matching. The California black plate just adds to the aura of originality, and that combined with all the right details – like uncracked taillight lenses, no overspray visible on the rubber seals, and an engine that looks like it hasn’t been modified or otherwise taken apart in years – makes this a  very compelling offer. While $45,000 may break your brain a bit for a 912, this is a very original car that deserves to go to a home that will preserve as much of the car as possible while making just the most basic mechanical improvements for life-safety purposes and overall driving enjoyment.

The interior is in very good shape, aside from what looks like some collapsed horsehair stuffing inside the driver’s seat. The original Coco mats are a treat, and fortunately, they are covering up structurally-sound floors. The seller claims there’s not a spot of rust anywhere which would be an incredible accomplishment for any air-cooled model of any variety.  The 912 comes with an aftermarket steering wheel that is absolutely period-correct, and the original radio remains installed in the dash. To think: a 912 going for almost $50,000! Would you pay this much for an original air-cooled or buy three of something else?


  1. Euromoto Member

    This car was on BF about a week and a half ago. Come on, Jeff, don’t you even read the site you write for?

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    • misterlou Member

      “Barn Finds: We’re Not Perfect”

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    • Mike

      Euromoto, didn’t you see that they are two different cars? Unless the owner changed the license plates, seats and steering wheel, it’s pretty weird that two ’68 912s with the same color, rims and using aftermarket steering wheels would be up for sale at the same time.

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      • Peter Bowman

        Same car as posted on July 4. Maybe you are referencing another one?

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  2. Steve Clinton

    IMHO, the first photo looks posed.

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  3. Squigly

    I like 912s more than a 911, but this price? Get real. This price is not about the love of the car or how it drives, it is because of people with too much money hoarding them and trying to make money. Nothing more.

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    • Saffron

      Porsches are worth any price because they are the best, period.

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      • FrankD Member

        I’ve had 3 Porches since 1971 and now on my 4th. I think they are great vehicle to a point. They are not worth any price in my opinion. Porsche has been playing the same game as Ferrari with 911 series for years. Making the model exclusive to a certain degree with low production numbers which in turn pushes the used Porsche 911 prices through the ceiling. If its a desirable air cooled model its even more.

        Another problem, Porsche dealerships and the used car dealers are also creating a pricing problem. Porsche has told their dealership network over the years to stop adding another $3 to 5k to a new Porsche. Presently this is an on-going topic and is a discussion in a PCA video.
        Used Porsches have gone up as high as 35% in the last few years. I refuse to pay the price. I’m waiting for the recession and price structure to change and it happening now.

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  4. Big C

    I’d buy three Bugs. In better shape, and almost as fast.

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  5. eurovin Member

    Sorry, I’m always skeptical of any car where the trip odometer is all zeros…

  6. Troy

    I couldn’t tell the difference between a 911 or a 912 just looking at it. However I’m surprised this is still available at this price in this condition if I had the $45k to drop on it I would grab this up.

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  7. Malcolm Boyes

    9112s are great cars. I have my wife’s 68 5 speed and its a great long distance car. It will cruise at 85 and get 35 mpg. Folks dont realise that a 912 has only about 30 less horsepower than a 911 and is nearly 200 lbs lighter..and the 911 carries that extra weight right out the back making the 912 a much more nimble car to drive. I also have a 1956 A with a big bore 912 motor getting around 110 hp..pleanty of power for these beautifully built, light simple cars. If this one’s motor is in good shape and it really has that low mileage it will be snapped up.

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  8. OldCarGuy

    Euromoto to Mike: don’t bother me with the small stuff!

    If I could find the thumbs down button, Euromoto would qualify. Kudos to Jeff for not retaliating that there is a difference between reading and paying attention. It is to laff.

    • Mike

      I searched “1968 912” and didn’t see the July 4th 912 which is the same car as this one. I saw the one posted on June 26th which could be it’s twin.

      • Euromoto Member

        We’re all friends (Including Old Car Guy). I’m glad you cleared up the back story on your original post because I was really scratching my head…

  9. Jack Quantrill

    You could make a good living digging up these old Porsches!

  10. shelbyGT500 Member

    I give 2 thumbs up for well staging, nice car cover ,empty home depot, amazon boxes ,the eye catching new yellow extension cord and the peek under cover for license plate is an icing.

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  11. Paul

    Cool car I drove a new one in 1968 also red. It was my high school sweethearts older brothers car. He felt pity on a 16 yr old driving a 1961 VW bug and let me take it for an hour drive around Birmingham Michigan on the pretense of filling up the fuel tank. Fond memories.

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