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Garage Find 1970 MGB GT Project


The previous owner of this 1970 MGB GT sadly passed away and his wife wants it to move on to a new family. It’s been parked for the past 16 years and is in need of a restoration. It appears that everything is still there, but it has plenty dents, dings, and scrapes. A friend has listed it here on eBay for her, with a BIN of $2,995 and the option to make an offer.


Since this auction is being managed by a friend, there isn’t a ton of information or even decent pictures for that matter, but it looks like this one is mostly original. The wiring hanging down under the dash does have us a bit worried though. The 63k miles are believed to be original and accurate. Sadly the 1.8 liter straight four isn’t running and the seller was unable to get it to turn over. We would just want to ask if that means they were not able to start it, or if it is actually seized up.


The body looks straight, other than for a few scraps on the driver’s side door and some rust spots on the lower half of the body. This should be a good project for the right price, as long as the electrical systems have been messed with too much. Parts are plentiful and there are a number of MGB specialist out there willing to help.

There is another project and a driver quality MGB GT currently on eBay right now that you may want to look at for comparison. Which would you go for?


  1. 2VT

    I’m familiar with that dash board design and the wires hanging low is pretty much normal at this stage. Rust and “being messed with” are important to know. The MG convention this June is in Corvalis. Lots of interested folks would be there.

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    • Mike

      Very true on the low-hanging wires — very similiar to my ’73 Midget (so probably nothing to be too worried about).

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  2. paul

    You know if I didn’t have another project on the fire I would grab this split bumper GT in a heart beat.

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  3. paul

    I just clicked on the driver quality B in Orlando Fla. ( a few short hours drive ) & I really have to stop doing that!

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  4. Jon

    That “driver quality” one has an incorrect year, or has been messed with. Rear bumper is wrong, as is the center console in the interior. Most likely a ’72-73 instead.

    That doesn’t make it bad, it’s just something to think about when looking at it. What else did they get wrong?

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  5. scot

    ~ this looks like one heck of a good starting point for someone who fancies MGBs. buy it, make it road-worthy, then restore it and enjoy it, simultaneously. most parts are still inexpensive and easy to source.

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  6. rancho bella

    I like the GT’s. Sport car, functional, great parts supply and very easy to drive. Comfy as the windshield is taller than the convertible. So a taller driver doesn’t need to look under the windshield frame to look down the road.

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  7. Dolphin Member

    Looks pretty good for having sat for so long, part of which was in the sun by the look of the topside paint. If this hasn’t been driven too much in Oregon winters (rain!) it could be really good

    More and better photos would have helped the sale, and are much cheaper/faster than the old days when we had to load film (remember that stuff?!) in the camera, take care with every shot, and then get the stuff processed and printed. Just put the camera down low and fairly close to show the rockers, then take off some wheels to show the dog legs and inner panels. If these are all good, the car will bring a quick sale, or at least more lookers to check it out, especially given the number of sports car guys in Oregon.

    Best of luck to the seller.

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  8. jim

    you can buy all three for just over 10k ,less if you make an offer on the driver. drive the green, fix this one and use the other red one for parts. nice find

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    • paul

      Exactly, people spend that on tire & wheel packages.

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  9. jim

    in fact there are 7 mgb gt’s on ebay right now and you might be able to get 5 of them for less then 16k total. a lifetime supply or not.

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  10. Cameron

    Overall looks and sounds like a nice car, Dad had one in award winning condition in Bronze Yellow (and still does) I’m not sure if his has Rostyles Wheels though and as we know they took different axles to the other types of wheels Leyland were offering at the time and these do appear to be Rostyles so considering that the engine has seized, that could need a full rebuild and then you don’t know what else may have seized EG the axles which would mean finding new axles for it that will also fit Rostyles, the only savior might be if the original owner had a Rostyles conversion kit on it, in the case of that happening you might find yourself lucky.
    The price of $2995 translates over here as approximetly £1960 which is about where it should be at perhaps a bit high considering it isn’t in drive away condition (That is once I have imported it at great expense) certainly normally if it was in the country I would have to make sure for £1960 that I could at least drive it and as I said my Dad has one (shame about the bubbled paint though…

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