Storage Unit Find: 1982 Ford Mustang GLX

Update 3/27/20 – Another big price cut! This Mustang is now listed here on eBay for $6,500 or best offer. Are we getting closer?

Update 2/19/20 – The seller has cut their asking price by two grand! Is that enough to find a buyer though?

From 2/8/20 – This 1982 Ford Mustang GLX may not be everyone’s idea of a performance car, but it is an interesting alternative to the GT if you’re looking for a Fox Body. The reason I say this is because it could be optioned to the hilt when new and still come with a respectable 3.8L V6 powerplant. Of course, the wire-look hubcaps pretty much tell you all you need to know about this car’s intentions, but Ford did allow customers to order a GLX with the V8 and TRX wheels. Check out this long-parked survivor here on eBay where it’s listed with 63,000 miles for $9,500 or best offer.

There’s some great info out there about why the GLX was such an intriguing model at the time. Ford was basically allowing customers to not live with a penalty-box base model but also avoid stepping up the “powerful” GT if that wasn’t their bag. The GLX allowed customers to have a more luxurious driving experience if that was their priority, without sacrificing access to performance if speed was also a must-have. The GLX set the stage for the later LX trim, which effectively offered a lower-spec model with GT-grade power and performance – with a lighter overall curb weight.

Now, this particular car really was the epitome of how Ford intended most GLXs to be ordered, with the automatic transmission, six cylinder engine, and fancy hubcaps. Still, it came with a handsome woodgrain-look dashboard fascia, and the four-spoke steering wheel was intended to invoke some sense of sportiness. The rest of the cabin was standard Fox Body fare, though it’s worth noting in this case that the bucket seats appear to be in excellent condition, and aside from a good vacuuming, not much else is needed to have the cockpit looking top-notch.

The engine bay appears surprisingly clean for a car that I’m sure has been parked for some time. The seller notes that it runs and drives, but that’s all he shares for details on mechanical health. The optional T-tops give this car some level of sportiness, but it’d be further enhanced if the original owner had opted to stick with the manual gearbox. Still, the great colors and surprisingly well-preserved interior make this GLX worth a look if you’ve been hunting for an obscure Fox Body that isn’t a GT or a pace car tribute. Would you spring for this

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  1. Cadmanls Member

    Aaaa 9.5k for a V6 fox body, maybe a bit high. Been watching Barrett Jackson I assume. Seems clean but no.

    • Miguel

      Correct me if I am wrong, but by that last picture it looks like a straight 6, not a V6. There are more than 3 spark plug wires on that one side of the engine.

      Are you seeing the same thing?

      • Pete R

        It’s a V6 with 2 spark plugs per cylinder, so that’s why you are seeing 6 plug wires like that.

      • Bob S

        It is a straight 6, if I’m not mistaken, 82 was the last year you could get one. Pete, Ford didn’t have a V6 with 2 plugs per cylinder, but the 2.3 four pot in the Ranger did.

      • Gary S.

        Yes they were an inline six. I had an 81 Mercury Capri that was inline 6. It was by no means a racecar,but it would power brake well and leave about 15 ft of dual black marks on the asphalt! Definitely not 10 G’s of car though.

      • Angrymike

        Actually, it looks like a four cylinder, oops I see six plug wires, guess it is a straight six.

      • Howebrad460 Member

        It is not a V6. It is Ford’s 200 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder. I do believe this was the last year for the inline 6 in a fox body before they moved on to the 3.8L V6.

  2. Steve R

    The seller is delusional, they are asking $9,500 for a $1,500 car. Even a 1982 GT in similar condition wouldn’t bring that asking price.

    Steve R

  3. Doc

    Remember my cool babysitter buying one new back in 82 like this but blue. Was cool being a 9 yr old out with TTops going to store or beach


    These cars kept Ford making a profit. Collectable wise it isn’t here. It is a Fox but with out the 5.0 it mind as well be a Pinto.

    The head gaskets were the weak point of the 3.8 engines.

  5. Mike D

    Could you at least wash it? How about vacuum? Pull it out of the garage? Sheesh. Asking ridiculous money for a pos and doesn’t even bother to make it look good.

    • Big_Fun Member

      Snowy conditions make washing a no go. Look at all the furniture they pulled out to move the car. They could, however, taken the out the sand covered floormats and shook them off somewhere else. I see mildew on the seats and trim, doghair on the back seat back. They make vacuum cleaners that are 12 volt, or cordless. Armour All cleaning wipes, even Wet Wipes could have made this car appear better looking in less than ten minutes…

    • Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

      No need to put any effort in when you have a piece of treasure so rare and valuable, the masses will be fighting over it…

  6. Stangalang

    That is definitely an inline six..which you really don’t see much..I would definitely rather have the v8 but the inline 6 was pretty good too

    • Tirefriar

      It’s a 3.3L I6. Pretty cool and not a common set up.

    • Superdessucke

      You don’t see it much because it wasn’t an upgrade over the standard 2.3 4 cylinder. In 1982, the 3.3 6 only had 87 horsepower. That was actually 5 HP less than the standard 2.3. This is probably very rare indeed!

  7. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    It has the dealer nameplate on the deck lid, I get a kick out of that. Price seems aggressive. I imagine it will be relisted with a lower opening bid soon.

  8. Chris H

    Yeah. No. Not at that price. T-tops are nice though.

  9. vinny

    Yeah everybody thinks because its 1970s or 1980s its gold

  10. Bob_in_TN Member

    I’m pretty much with everyone on this one. A decent Fox Body which would probably clean up nicely. Overpriced.

    If you had this at a car show, be prepared for this comment (even as the spectator is looking at the engine compartment): “they didn’t put the straight six into Fox Body Mustangs.” But they did, here is an example.

    The straight six started being installed about halfway through the 1979 model year. I’ve heard different reasons why it was offered, both likely related to the hot-selling new model: supply issues with the V6, straight six was cheaper to source and was readily available.

  11. Bob S

    I know most on here would tell me I’m comparing apples to oranges, but, I’d take the 81 Zephyr listed yesterday for $4500 than before I’d consider this one, even if it was closer to that price. You have the same drivetrain, same equipment, half the miles, and half the price. Ok, it doesn’t have t-tops and 2 doors, but when you take it to the car show, it’s not screaming ME TOO!

  12. JC

    WAY overpriced. Last year I looked at an almost perfect condition (mint interior, power steering, super cold a/c, great paint, very clean and well taken care of) 1980 Mustang with a straight-6 and the seller was having a hard time finding a buyer at the 5000 range. This particular ebay Mustang is 1500 tops, as mentioned by another comment.

  13. FordGuy1972

    I see a straight six, not a V6, too. They are reliable and give adequate performance but way less desirable than the V8 models. Definitely priced too high, probably worth less than half of the ask. It does seem like it’s in good shape and some serious cleaning and detailing should make it look pretty good. I wouldn’t mind having a Fox-body Mustang again as the wife had a ’79 Pace Car with the 302 and a 4-speed years ago. I wouldn’t want a six cylinder though, or one with the T-tops. Unless I got one for a real deal. This seller is going to be disappointed when he realizes what this car is really worth.

  14. Troy s

    What makes the fox body Mustang a well liked desirable car even today is the 5.0. That’s what all the noise was about, nudging out the sharp looking new Z28 Camaro,at least in a straight line and then just getting stronger from there each year. I drove a girlfriends 2.3 4 cylinder a few times,,,had a manual transmission, and both times I feared for my life trying to merge into high speed traffic, completely gutless. Don’t see the big dollar here with this one.

  15. Johnny

    My brother had a pacer like this.With the little horses on the side. With a turbo 4 cylinder and it didn,t have any power. He got rid of it quick. Not for this price and the 6 cylinder I don,t think so. He,ll find out. It does liook in nice shape. Looking at the dirt in and on it. I wonder how often maintence was made on it? The t-top is another turn-off for me.Wait till it starts leaking.Maybe that is why it was parked inside. Some of those seals are hard to find and expensive.

  16. Bobby Longshot

    I think $95.00 is a perfectly reasonable price for this car.

    What? $9500?

  17. Wayne

    4 cylinder Fox body cars can make a nice V8 conversion car. But not the straight 6 cylinder cars. As the subframe is different. So unless you have a 4 cylinder or V8 front subframe around, this is not very desirable for anything other than a boring daily driver.

  18. lc

    A previous comment was made about it that mentioned it’s subframe doesn’t take the V8. So if it ran good (no bogging down) b/c of all that emissions crap, I would use it (exactly like the previous comment made) as a daily. Don’t ask me how I know about the bogging down. I used to have a 81 Ford Durango with the 3.3L, and when it got to about 50mph it totally would bog down and want to die. I didn’t want to pour lots of money into it so I sold it even though it ran good otherwise. So if it ran good without issues, I think this particular set up would be worth 3k.

  19. Andrew

    If this sells for anything close to the $9500 I am listing my 86 GT convertible and my 84 svo the next day. I had a fairmont with that straight six and it was okay around town.

    • lc

      I have sold some cars on Ebay to include my 81 Mercury Zephyr Z7 with the 3.3L. Recently in the past year or more, I have had no luck selling any of the three cars on Ebay that I still own which are my 81 El Camino, 90 Mustang, and 84 Cougar. It use to be if the car didn’t sell, there were no fees to be paid. But Ebay changed it about 7 years ago. So I spent at least $150. But I’m on board if that car sells for that much. I doubt it though, and Ebay needs to go back to not charging when cars don’t sell.

  20. JoeNYWF64

    I was not aware this gen came with T-tops because i thought there was always a frame around the glass of the doors.
    Low & behold here, the frame is not there!
    That’s crazy tooling up 2 different types of doors for t-tops & no t-tops!
    Why bother with ugly less sporty window frames for non t-tops?
    It LOOKS like the side glass above is so tall, tho, that it may not retract all the way down inside the door. The ad seems to bear that out.
    To solve that, Ford should have either lowered the roof, or raised the beltline.

    • PVDave

      That’s crazy tooling up 2 different types of doors for t-tops & no t-tops!”

      I owned a couple T-Top Fox bodies, and I can assure you they did not tool up for a second door-

      Instead, ASC (American Sunroof Corporation) installed the sunroofs, and used a sawzall to cut the frames at the base, then covered the cuts with modified body seals.

      They also took a sawzall to the roof, and covered those cuts with the T-Top frame.

  21. Wayne

    JoeNYWF64, Most of us are familiar with the term “Technical Service Bulletin” particularly if you are a Ford technician or work on Fords on a regular basis. These “factory repair instructions” relate to “known” problems concerning delivered/in use vehicles. There are literally tens of thousands of these “on the books” on almost anything that can go wrong on a vehicle and Ford did not catch in pre-manufacturing testing. (this is not to be confused with the service manual which is generally printed a month in advance of vehicle production) In the old days (pre 2000) dealer shop offices had many large, thick binders of all available “TSBs” These were invented/started by the factory because of “T-Tops” on Mustangs and their propensity for leaking and flying out.
    Just a little tidbit of history on Ford T-Tops.

  22. Superdessucke

    I doubt it Is enough of a cut to move it. The problem is the 5.0 versions are so much fun. They are quick and sound great. This would be slow and not that much fun. Well, it might be kind of fun as just a cruiser. But it wouldn’t be near as enjoyable to drive as a Mustang GT from the same year. So while it has some value, I would say that value is south of $5,000.

  23. Tirefriar

    This one sold on BaT just recently:

    Considering the fact that its a GT, significantly better condition and has sold at auction site that is known for “out of the park” results I would say the example we have here is overpriced by about $5k, and thats after the price reduction.

  24. Gary S.

    The price is moving in the right direction but still to high. Especially considering an ebay ad under the posting of this one with a nice white convertible 83 GLX with the V6 in clean condition for 7,500.

  25. AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologist Member

    I would have to agree that the price is a bit high and the car should be cleaned up. I just sold a 17k mile, all original 87 4cyl Mustang LX Convertible, one owner, for $6500.. however the car was mint…a true 17K miles. Sold in less than 2 weeks. The key is that it looked originally like this yellow one..However, we spent several days cleaning and polishing her back to her near new appearance. If I presented like this one, we would have never hit that price mark.

  26. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    My friend had one just like this. Bought brand new, red, 6 cylinder, T-Tops.
    He wouldn’t even buy this at this price, for nostalgia’s sake.

    Without the 5.0 on the side, these are just weird old used cars.

  27. Stilbo

    The price is way off but…
    That straight six is full of extra main bearings, extremely smooth running and just needs an Australian head and intake kit for eating BMWs.. albeit with sufficient suspension mods and a five speed.

  28. LC

    From 1989 to 1999 I owned an 81 Mercury Capri, and I’m almost sure it had the 3.8 in it. Mine was a 5 speed and I enjoyed it for what it was. The only repair that I had done was the clutch paw pedal if I recall the name correctly.

  29. David Ulrey Member

    The car doesn’t seem bad overall. As to the price…I’ll be nice and not say what I think. What I’ll go with is that everyone is entitled to dream right?

  30. Lc

    It looks like one of the ac lines at the firewall is capped off.

  31. Cadmanls Member

    He thought he would make good money on this flip. Finding out the straight six car doesn’t seem to attract too much attention.

  32. CJinSD

    If he’d priced it at $6,500 obo at the beginning of February, maybe somebody would have bothered offering him the four grand that would have been top dollar for this car then. Now? Who wants a cheap hobby car that doesn’t have higher priorities?

  33. Mike D

    Keep going…..

  34. Jay


    Stop watching auctions….you will never see one of these

  35. lc

    Wow! Did this 82 Mustang with a 3.0 6cyl really sell for $7,500? Man, I’ve sold cars on Ebay, but never got anything near this. I have sold at least one car on Ebay with a 3.0 6cyl that was very, very minty, and sold for $3,340 which was my 81 Mercury Zephyr Z7.

  36. lc

    Actually, it was a 3.3L straight six in my then 81 Zephyr Z7 that looked identical to this Mustang’s engine in this discussion forum.

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