Garage Find Pony! 1965 Ford Mustang

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Ford saw that their Falcon sold well, and when they put a sporty body on it, created an entirely new class of car with the Mustang. In 1964…and a half…the “pony car” was born, and we all benefit from its existence. The Mustang birthed competition from General Motors and Chrysler, but the Mustang will always have the title of “first pony car.” Once Carroll Shelby got his hands on it, all bets were off, and to this day Mustang and Shelby are inseparable. This isn’t a Shelby, but it’s got the right looks and oodles of character. You can find it here on eBay.

They include no images of the undercarriage, but we can make assumptions on its condition by looking at the engine bay and noticing very little rust around the strut towers and braces. Hopefully the rest of the frame is as clean as that. What might be undesirable for most people is that this comes equipped with the base inline six-cylinder engine mated to an automatic transmission. Personally, I’m a fan of the unusually-optioned cars, and when just about every Mustang packs a V-8, an I-6 is refreshingly unique.

Inside looks incredibly clean. I can believe that if this is a garage find, being kept out of the elements for however many years definitely saves wear and tear on fragile interior components and materials. However, that’s one of the main missing bits of information that I would like to have from the seller: how long was this in storage? Normally, that wouldn’t really matter, but being in storage for two weeks is not the same thing as being in storage for twenty years. The length of its hibernation will govern what sort of maintenance it needs. I figure at the very least the new owner will need to make sure all rubber, hoses, and fluids are in decent shape, and that the battery can hold a charge.

We can’t really know what condition the paint is in because the pictures look like they were taken after a rain shower. On the plus side, I see no rust on the body. No major dings or misalignments, with the exception of the rear bumper and front fascia, which have bends to them. All the glass is present and in good shape. Give it a solid couple of weekends to detail it inside and out and you’d have a decent driver, assuming it runs. It’s in great visual shape, but what’s on the outside seldom matches what’s on the inside. But if it does run, you’ll have a solid cruiser on your hands with a pedigree and following matched by few other cars.

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  1. rextremeMember

    Judging from the looks of the garage, it may have been stored there a long time…

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  2. Gord

    No shot of the right front which looks to have some serious damage.

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    • Joe Cat

      Good eye. A dishonest seller.

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      • Motorcityman

        New EBAY member since 2020 only……1 review.
        *Proceed with Caution*

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    • Charles A Simons Jr

      I just bid on it and then saw that right from damage. The grille is also out of whack. Daylight between the headlight frame and the fender. That’s a whack. Hope the whole right side isn’t screwed up!

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      • Motorcityman

        Why would u bid on a vehicle that doesn’t have pics all around the car??

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  3. Lee

    As a high-schooler I had the luck of owning a 1964 Ford Falcon Futura and, a few years later, a 1964 1/2 Mustang. Except for the bucket seats and the automatic shifter in the floor, they were the same car inside. One peculiarity was it had a single turn-signal.indicator on the dash (that.blicked for both right and left tirns). These photos brought back alot of nostalgia. But, I agree with the other commenters. I think the photos are too few and too deceptive.

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  4. Alan Robbins

    The complete lack of any description tells me that the engine is frozen, the underbody is rusted through, the frame rails are toast, and the transmission is probably missing… And the fuel tank is full of jelly.

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  5. Bob Mck

    May want to run away from this one without a personal inspection. Read the sellers review!

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  6. TBall

    Definitely intent to deceive on part of seller in this listing.

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  7. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    If I wanted to bid on this car I would write as much negative stuff about it as I could to scare off other bidders. Then I might be the low bidder. Ha, ha just kidding. Bid well, bid wise.
    God bless America

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  8. Chuck Simons

    THe listing has been cancelled.
    I wrote the seller asking about the r/f damage.
    ‘This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.’

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  9. 1st Gear

    And it’s gone.

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  10. t-bone BOB

    Aug 24, 2021
    Starting bid:
    US $1,000.00
    [ 0 bids ]

    Located in:
    Palm Desert, California

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