Garage Sale Twofer: Opel 1900 Sport Wagon Pair

File this under, “Why can’t this happen to me?” The seller claims he purchased a garage building and inside were two fairly solid Opel 1900 Sport Wagons. The now-former owner of the garage doesn’t want the cars, and neither does the new building owner. They look really decent, and the seller is opening bidding at $200 for both cars with no reserve! Though the lack of title may be an issue for some, those of us in states that create exceptions for older cars should take a look. Find it here on eBay and located in New Mexico. 

The Sport Wagon was actually a pretty sharp looker, with a three-door body and large rear cargo hatch. Engines were small but efficient, with this one likely having the 1.9L four-cylinder. The body on the yellow car looks quite nice, and the presence of factory decal kits and badges may indicate this paint to be original. Body lines look incredibly nice, with relatively few door dings.

Barely any details are provided about either car. The white one looks a touch scruffier than the yellow car, but that’s not saying much as they both look pretty good. The Opel 1900 Sport Wagon was based on the Opel Ascona as it was known in Europe, and cars like these were imported and sold through Buick dealerships when new. Unfortunately, poor execution on the sales side limited the successes of the 1900, and it’s highly obscure today.

This garage environment looks nicer than some living rooms I’ve been in, and perhaps that dry storage arrangement has helped keep these 1900s looking so sharp. I’m still confused by the previous owner clearly holding onto the Sport Wagons for years and then deciding he didn’t want them when the new garage owner came long – try finding a pair of these cars again that look this good and are selling this cheap. I’ll bet you can’t….

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  1. chad

    right size wagons, wrong side of the country.


    The Ad doesn’t say they don’t want them, just that they can’t find the titles. What is that aluminum foil ball on the engine of the white one?
    Giant junk piles in the back of both

    • JW

      Looks to be a way of covering the carb intake to me.

  3. Keith Price

    The yellow one is a 1975 fuel injected car, while the white one appears to be a carbureted 1974. The original Solex was usually pitched in favor of a Weber. The ’74 has a half inch narrower rims and slightly smaller front brakes. Love these.

  4. Jack M.

    Parking spaces were much larger in the 70’s, and people were generally much more considerate. That would probably explain the lack of door dings.

  5. angliagt angliagt Member

    Cool cars – I wish I could get them.
    MORE OPEL ( referring to the decal on the White one)
    was an Opel aftermarket parts vendor,in the Seattle area.
    I saw the building they were in in the early ’80’s.It was next-
    door to Bayside Racing – Bruce Levin’s shop.
    There was a 904 outside of the shop.

  6. davew833

    There was a bronze-colored one of these in my neighborhood growing up, a ’74, which traded hands among several families in the neighborhood, including mine. My mom drove it for several years in the early ’90s. I still have the front grille ornament. It was seemingly indestructible but was developing holes in the floor.

  7. Keith Price

    Hopefully, batteries were removed prior to storage. The battery is located behind the driver’s side wheel well, just in front of the cowl. If it rusts under the battery, it corrodes the open wires behind the fuse box. This glitch sidelined many Opels in the rust belt.

  8. Maestro1

    I’m closer than chad apparently is but I have no room.

  9. Alexander

    Sister had the wagon, I had a Kadett L coupe and a Rallye — fastback style. The earlier iteration though, 1969-1970. Very robust cars, indestructible engines. Hers was very practical for college runs. Mine was given to me by my music teacher and the fastback car became a donor for its instrument cluster and posher interior. Other than gas, I think I spent $25 having the radiator recored and another $75 to buy the parts car. This was in 1975-76.

  10. AUTOVISA Member

    There’s an Alfa and a Caddy maybe sold by now and a motorcycle at the end of the garage, nice finds.
    They’re going to sell for cheap and will end in another barn for years because parts availability.

  11. Chinga-Trailer.

    Deming, New Mexico is generally thought of as New Mexico’s arm pit, but it really isn’t that bad, there are at least half a dozen towns even worse – think Lordsburg, Artesia, Alamogordo immediately come to mind without needing to mention Gallup, Columbus or Hurley. Getting a bonded title in New Mexico is easy and relatively affordable. I found the “garage find” of a lifetime there a few years ago (one of the more exotic cars I’ve ever owned) and getting the title was easy.

  12. Tom S.

    I love two-door station wagons.

  13. BQS4

    @Keith Price, both are 75, the white one was swapped over to a carb intake, easy to do on the 1.9 motor, but, if you look at the motor picture, you’ll see a bracket on the passenger fender well, it holds the air filter box for the F.I. , also the grill shots show where the grills both have the word “OPEL” in them, only the 75 grill had this along with the blitz emblem. The 74 only had the blitz, even though the grills can easily be swapped, the bracket proves out. They both are manual trans cars, the yellow one would have an “automatic” emblem under the F.I. emblem, and there’s no kick down cable on the white one.I currently own 3 of these Wagons, two 74 and one 75, I love them.I have been driving Opels for 35+ years and they’re great little cars.

    • Glen Knott

      BQS4, I’m bringing home a 75 from Spokane WA to Southern MD. Used to work on these a ton in the mid 80’s to late 90’s. The shop I worked was actually listed as an Opel dealer. We had four or five of each except GT’s. We had a crap ton of those. Some were restored, to at least drive-able condition. Most others were parts cars frankly. It’s been a while since I got elbow deep in 1.9 Ascona. Where are you finding your parts? Mostly concerned about suspension and steering parts. Motor and accessory parts I can cross ref.

      Glen Knott

  14. Al HAll

    are these still up for grabs?

  15. Little Cars

    @Al HAll Listing is from April of this year, so doubtful. You could open up the eBay listing and find the original seller and contact them that way I suppose.

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