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Top Flight: 1967 Learjet 24D Flight Simulator

How many times have you wanted your own Learjet? It’s almost every day for me and for many others who travel on the crazy no-rules wild west roads of 2021. This one can’t fly though, it’s a 1967 Learjet 24D flight simulator. The seller has it listed here on eBay in New Waverly, Texas and they have it listed for $29,000 or you can make an offer.

Talk about the ultimate piece of garage art, although for $29k I’d rather have a vehicle or three, or four, or five. Still, this would be fun to own. It’s something like you would see in a museum such as the fantastic Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum between Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, an absolute must-see if you’re even remotely in that area.  I’ve been many times and it’s fun and interesting every single time.

The Learjet 24D was one of the first private jets for the general public – after the company’s first one, the 23 – and they were made for captains of industry, rock stars, and anyone else with warehouses full of money and not enough time to drive or take the train. Or worse yet, to fly on a regular airplane with regular people! I know, scary. As always, it’s good to be rich, something that I’ll never have to worry about. They could fly up to 45,000 feet and they were invented by William P. Lear. Although several aircraft manufactures make private jets today, when a person thinks about private jets, the name Learjet usually rises to the top.

This 24D flight simulator was made to introduce the 25 Series Learjet and was used by a company called FlightSafety International which used this section as a demonstrator from the 1980s until 2016. It can be used for a number of real purposes, not just as garage art, of course.

The custom 22-foot trailer comes with the sale. Gates Rubber Company bought Lear Jet Corporation in 1967 and the combined Gates Learjet Corporation was formed in 1969. Sleeker and more luxurious jets followed and in 1990, Bombardier Aerospace out of Canada bought the company.

Here’s where most of your time would have been spent while in training, although I’m guessing that the seat covers are not circa 1967. Apparently, this flight simulator is in great condition and that’s about all the info we get about its functionality as far as being used to train pilots. This is an unusual find but I know that there are many pilots among the Barn Finds family of followers and I thought you’d find this one interesting. Have any of you flown a Learjet? Or better yet, owned one?


  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Now THAT is cool Scotty! I wonder if it rocks side to side or the front goes up and down. A person could have a ton of fun, not to mention the mile high club. Great find, take care, Mike.

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  2. Pat L Member

    Nice find Scotty!

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  3. madbrit

    The aluminum trailer probably cost over $10K these days.

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  4. angliagt angliagt

    And kids think their video games are cool.

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  5. Haig L Haleblian

    Avionics are from the Flintstone era, but I’d love to have this in my showroom.

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  6. Steveo

    Put a hemi in it.

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    • Raymond

      Ok…park it right next to ur shorty duster with a fresh a freshy can of skoal in the redneck garage….yee hahww…

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  7. Howard A Member

    David Gilmore , I think had other things in mind when he wrote,”I’m in the high-fidelity, 1st class traveling set, I think I need a Lear-Jet”,,
    The Lear-Jet, the real thing. I think anyone who is anyone( probably no one here, I doubt many millionaires visit this site,,except maybe Leiniedude,,) seems like they “finally made it” when they had a Lear-Jet. The ultimate in personal, fast travel. With a MILLION MILLIONAIRES in this country alone, the list of owners, I’m sure is long.
    THIS? I’m not sure this is even up to date, it may have had a real purpose at one time, the outdated hardware might be worth something, I’d donate it to a museum and have kids play in it. Amazing what the wealthy pixx their money away on. In the words of a late trucker friend,,”must be nice”,,

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  8. Troy

    This is one of those things that you hide in the woods then throw a big party nearby, first person to pass out gets laid inside on the floor and you have hidden cameras to watch as they wake up and try to figure out where they are and what the neck happened last night.

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  9. Haig L Haleblian

    I’d be a buyer at $10k for the trailer and pick the Lear for free

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  10. Howie Mueler

    Yes super cool, says from 1967 and the seller has (0) feedback.

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  11. Roland Schoenke

    Nice nose for a custom made camper

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  12. Tim961

    It’s totally obsolete now. The turbo jet engines that these “flying pencils” had were so loud they were deafening but facinating to watch take off! They had hush kits available but the fuel consumption was rediculous. The turbo fans of today are much quieter and fuel efficient. The 20 series are pretty much outlawed everywhere

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  13. Nomad Member

    My chauffeur is Jay Leno.
    He can drive me all around So-Cal as I sit in this Lear…

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  14. wcshook

    Some are saying the avionics are obsolete, they maybe right. For any thing close to being current would cost waaaay more than the $29K the seller wants. Personally, I am more interested in buses, than this, but if I had the $$$$ and some where safe to store, I would. I would enjoy it as is. It would be a very unique conversation piece for sure.

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    • Pete

      I agree, There are also no screens to watch the earth move under you. I have flown a US Army SIM Box for a CH-47 it would do everything a real one would do. This is more of a static display. I guess you could do some -10 tasks in it for training without any effects. It should go to a museum, then many people could enjoy it for a minute.

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  15. JudoJohn

    It’s not a simulator, it’s the nose and cockpit of a Lear jet. Sure, you can sit in it, and light up the instruments, but it has no hydraulics for pitch roll and yaw movement. Plus there’s no control module to make it move.

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    • Howard A Member

      I thought so too, this is more like a salespersons prop to go around to prospective customers. Could be Hollywood prop too.

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  16. JimZ Member

    This is an autobiography/memoir written by the son of the Lear Jet inventor, Bill Lear Jr.. The author spoke to our Rotary club back in 2008 which is when I picked up this autographed book. In the book, Bill Jr. talks extensively about developing this and many other planes, along with recapping his very interesting life!

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  17. Mark

    Make a cool air b n b ?

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  18. Madlad

    Is there any truth to the story he had a daughter they named “Shanta” ?

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  19. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended:Nov 14, 2021 , 9:33AM
    US $29,000.00, Been relisted.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Thanks, Mike!

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Glad to help when I can Scotty! Stay warm.

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