Exotic Barn Finds

Great Gatsby! 1986 Classic Tiffany

The Tiffany was one of several over-the-top, opulent kit cars built by Classic Motor Carriages of Florida. In the case of this one, a 1986 Mercury Cougar is lurking around under all the fiberglass and chrome that were applied…. more»

Concours-Ready: 1954 Chrysler Ghia GS-1 Coupe

It’s Scottsdale Auction Week, and also apparently “Sell Your Ghia Week”, given the hefty lot of Ghia-bodied cars we’ve been called upon to write about lately. Better a Ghia-a-day, though, than a diet of Chevy Vega’s, right? Bonhams is… more»

1-of-3: 1953 Ferrari 250 Europa Vignale

It is said that a fool and their money are soon parted. If you believe those within his inner circle, that saying best describes the attitude Enzo Ferrari had towards people purchasing his road cars. “il Commendatore” had no… more»

Runs on Jet Fuel! Turbine-Powered Batmobile

What warm-blooded American boy didn’t want to be Batman in the 1960s and drive the Batmobile like on the 1966-68 television show? I know I did. Then fast-forward 20 years and Batman and the Batmobile reappeared in what would… more»

Chevrolet Powered: 1970 Lamborghini Espada S1

Fresh from the successful introduction of the Miura, Lamborghini took aim at the market for true four-seaters with a supercar twist, something more family-oriented than his 400 GT. His first effort in this direction was the Marzal, a Bertone-designed… more»

Rare Twin Cam: 1976 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega

It’s a Chevy Vega with an engine tuned by a British sportscar company, and it comes with a tent. Do you really need to know any more than that? Pat L. you did it again—great tip on this 1976… more»

Preservation Class: 1969 Lamborghini Miura P400 S Coupé

On December 16th, Bonhams will run its Bond Street Sale in London, featuring two very low-mileage Lamborghinis, a Miura and a Countach. In ownership since 1995, and with only 14,500 miles on the clock, here is the 1969 Lamborghini… more»

Needs Engine Work: 1985 Maserati Biturbo

This is probably the nicest Maserati Biturbo that I have ever seen. Inside and out, this whole car looks like it just rolled out of the factory. Did I mention that it doesn’t have an engine? Oh yeah, well,… more»

One of One: 1958 Maserati 3500 GT Spyder by Frua

In the mid-1950s, Maserati was immersed in its racing program, and to good effect, since it racked up many podium finishes in Formula One and FIA. But racing stretched its finances. A successful production car would ensure the company’s… more»

1952 Alfa Romeo 1900 C52 ‘Disco Volante’ Spider Recreation

During September 22-24, RM Sotheby’s will offer at auction some 1172 lots comprising the entire Gene Ponder collection of automobiles and automobilia. Gene Ponder, a Texas kitchen cabinet entrepreneur, has turned eighty and decided it’s time to start “taking… more»

Unusual 1942 Cadillac Hearse With 454 Power!

Now here’s a car built by someone with a sense of humor. Listed here on eBay in Saint Peters, Missouri is this 1942 Cadillac hearse. It sits on a 1978 Chevrolet one-ton frame and features a 454-cubic-inch V-8 and… more»

Mike Tyson’s 1995 Ferrari F50

In November of 1995, this beautiful Ferrari F50 rolled off the assembly line as one of only 55 built to U.S. specs. It has been certified as only having 6,200 original miles by Ferrari Classiche Certified and was once… more»

Field Find: 1980 Lamborghini Countach Replica

As a kid, I used to go wandering through old yards and back-lots looking for automotive treasure. The most exciting thing we ever found was an old school bus. But imagine being a young enthusiast and coming across a… more»

One Owner Hero: 1995 Dodge Viper RT10

In the world of automotive, there are a few sounds that get the heart racing. The rumble of a naturally aspirated V8, the whoosh of a turbo spooling up, and the thunk of a well-made car door on a… more»

Racing Model: 1972 De Tomaso Pantera GTS

Like many Italian sports cars, the De Tomaso Pantera enjoyed a long production life. The first cars rolled out of the factory in Modena, Italy, in 1971. The final example appeared in 1992. Our feature car is a 1972… more»

Mopar Assortment In Florida!

You know the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, the seller here has nine interesting Chrysler products for sale but thinks he can get buyers interested with just two photos showing just three of the vehicles…. more»

Barn Finds