Exotic Barn Finds

Barn Find 1982 Maserati Quattroporte

We don’t usually think of an actual barn find as being such an exotic and sometimes scary – as far as often delicate and complicated components go – vehicle as this 1982 Maserati Quattroporte is, but this is the… more»

Serviced Garage Find: 1980 Ferrari 308 GTSi

You’ll notice the “Serviced” portion of the title and some of you may wonder what that means. For any of you who have owned an exotic car such as this 1980 Ferrari 308 GTSi, or if you’ve known anyone… more»

Garage Find: 1968 Maserati Quattroporte

Finding a rare, exotic car hidden away in a barn or garage is what a lot of us are dreaming about. Seeing the ad and looking at the photos over and over again and then trying to see if… more»

Prototype #002: 1964 Cheetah GT Coupe

What is the price of rarity, uniqueness, and beauty wrapped into one vehicle? Well, for this 1964 Chevrolet Cheetah Prototype #002, the seller is asking $4,000,000! This aluminum body sports car was specially ordered by the president of General… more»

Cheap Exotic? 1990 Chrysler TC By Maserati

Here’s another in our Cheap Exotic series. It’s a shame that these cars weren’t ready for the market before the new LeBaron was, I think it could have made all the difference. As it was, people couldn’t see paying… more»

Cheap Exotic? 2005 Maserati Quattoporte

This 2005 Maserati Quattroporte is much newer than what we usually show here at Barn Finds. It’s twenty years newer than the previous newest Quattroporte that we’ve shown in the past but I have a feeling that Maserati ownership… more»

1-of-1: 1991 Porsche 911 Reimagined By Singer

The Porsche 911 is a car of legends, and its iconic shape is one of the most instantly recognizable in the automotive world. They are already considered desirable, but when you find one that has been “Reimagined by Singer,”… more»

Estate Sale Find: 1973 Citroen SM

Certainly one of the most exotic, unusual, sleek, sexy, unusual, unusual, and unusual cars maybe of all time, this 1973 Citroen SM is a great looking example of a very unusual car. It’s listed here on craigslist – which… more»

Fantasy F-14 Tomcat For Sale: 1987 Pulse AutoCycle

This Owosso Pulse AutoCycle, otherwise known as the BD-200, comes from the drawing board of Jim Bede, an airplane designer, and from the manifestation of an entrepreneurial vision of David Vaughn, who brought the fledgling company from Scranton, Iowa… more»

Running Project: 1980 Avanti II

This listing has some nostalgia value for me because an Avanti was the first car I tested as an automotive writer. I didn’t yet know that the manufacturers would lend cars, so I borrowed it from a local dealer…. more»

One Owner: 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS

For those of us who can clearly remember the 1980s, one of the most iconic cars to grace our tv screens regularly was the red Ferrari 308 GTS driven by Tom Selleck in the series Magnum, P.I. I can’t… more»

Italian Hatch: 1982 Innocenti Mini

The original Mini became a legend because it provided surprising performance in a small and efficient package. Like the humble VW Beetle, it was also a car that was the perfect foundation for all manner of custom and performance… more»

BF Classifieds Find: 1999 Qvale Mangusta

Let’s see — how many boxes does this rare Qvale Mangusta check? Italian styling?  (courtesy of Marcello Gandini) Check. Rare? 284 produced in total, check. DOHC V-8? Check. Reasonable price? $19,000, check. Chassis penned by an ex-Formula 1 designer? Check…. more»

Safety Orange Survivor: 1974 Bricklin SV-1

Malcolm Bricklin is a man with an unstoppable curiosity and verve for cars. Now 81, in his late twenties he founded a company to import a very little-known car to the United States from Fuji Heavy Industries—a thing called… more»

Canadian Supercar! 1986 Fortvac Bernardi

Only eighteen Fortvac Bernardis are thought to have been made in St-Henri de Levis, Quebec, Canada, at least that’s how the legend goes.  They were marketed as a gull-winged “production” supercar rather than as a kit car. The 1986… more»

Auction Of The Century: All 3 Alfa Romeo B.A.T. Cars!

When he showed the three Alfa-Romeo B.A.T. cars together at the Frist Museum in Nashville four years ago, curator Ken Gross called them “three of the most memorable concept cars in automobile history.” I was fortunate enough to visit… more»