Stash of Mopar’s and More in Northern Georgia

Along US-129 just south of Cleveland, Georgia lies some acreage and at least one building that contains mostly Chrysler products from the 1960s and 1970s. Their condition varies greatly from car to car and the seller says they’re all available to take home as he/she has lost the lease on the property that contains this odd collection. A complete list of what’s available here on craigslist is offered and they range from as little as $5,000 each for some to $175,000 for one possibly rare Dodge Charger R/T. If you add up the contents of the list, everything together totals more than $1.6 million. Thanks for this diversified tip, T.J.!

The oldest car in this batch is from 1962 and the newest is from 1977. The breakdown of the number of cars offered by model year is as follows: 1962 – 2; 1963 – 2; 1966 – 1; 1967 – 1; 1968 – 6; 1969 – 10; 1970 – 22; 1971 – 2; 1977 – 1; Total – 47. Some of these vehicles are indoors, while many more have been out in the elements for who knows how long. How they came to be on this plot of land is not mentioned. The seller indicates that 90% have titles, which means 10% would be sold by bill of sale.

Dodge dominates the stash at 29 cars, followed by 10 Plymouths, 5 Chevrolets, and one each from Pontiac, Toyota, and Ferrari. The Ferrari is the odd man out in the group. It’s a 250 GTE from 1963 and is described as a basket case with no serial numbers. That car alone is priced at $20,000.

Diving deeper into the assortment, 17 of the Dodges are either Charger or Charger R/Ts, six of them or Coronet R/Ts, three Super Bees, two Challengers, and one Dart Demon. Very little in this collection is not a muscle car. From the Plymouth camp, there are five Barracudas/’Cudas, three Road Runners, and one each of either a GTX or Satellite. One truck is in the mix, and we believe it’s a Chevrolet. If any of this is of interest, check out the seller’s list and make plans to pay a visit to Cleveland, Georgia.


  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    The only one that interests me is the Celica.
    craigslist wouldn’t seem to be the best place to sell
    off all this.It doesn’t say when their lease ends.
    Couldn’t they just find another place to move to?
    They’d probably be better off to just have an auction,
    although January isn’t the best time of year to sell. I
    wonder what happens to all the cars that don’t sell?

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  2. Dave Suton

    I’d buy them all but the Toyota. Let that one rot into the ground.

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  3. K Gun Offense

    I have been there before! Bought a 81 Challenger years ago. It was pretty rough but most of these cars are. They seem to fix them up as they go. I think the lost their lease deal is a gimic they use. I am sure I have heard that before. Trust me the prices they set don’t typically sound like they are in a big hurry. But I do know they are good to negotiate with. We went back and forth quite a bit before I was able to get the car I bought at nearly the price I wanted to pay. They also have all kinds of parts if anyone needs something in particular for their restoration process. They have every Mopar engine you could imagine. Most need rebuilt but some are actually close to usable without much work. Great place if you love Mopars and have the time to check it out. Definitely worth the time especially if you need something in particular!!!!

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    • Nico Monge

      I think you have us confused for someone else we have never had an 81 anything here and have only been here since 2019

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  4. Chris Cornetto

    A decade back I had way too many cars and had to relocate. Tough choices were made but after a month of kickers, pickers. And flippers and the cashiers checks and “when the check clears I’ll arrange transport “. Feebay and waiting for that to materialize. I thought auction..well after I did the math, I.E. the fees and then the 1099 that would have to be dealt with, I had a scrap processor handle the situation and in a few weeks everything from cars to racks of pieces and anything recyclable was gone including the tires. A clean slate. That allowed me to ship my best liked . These folks have maybe come to the same conclusion. A decade has changed the car market quite a bit, but in many ways not at all. One thing is certain once the sharks know you have to leave, they will offer less than what a pick-a-part charges. These guys might be hoping the high-end stuff moves and then at 100 or so dollars a ton who cares about the rest.

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      Part of my problem is that I can’t stand to see
      cars like this crushed.I rather see them sold cheaply,
      & at least used for parts.
      Better to save them,get a little money,& have
      buyers haul them off for you.

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    • Chris bartku

      Amen – sad but reality – I love this whole dynamic but our spec in time is what defines our decisions – not a pessimist but realist-optimist can we start a new political organization?

  5. Nico monge

    Hey thank you guys for sharing
    Everyone has asked about what happens to the cars if they don’t sell
    The cars that don’t sell will be coming back with us to our California and texas locations
    We have 6 months to leave but we plan to be gone by the end of January

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  6. Claudio

    The rent on this size lot must be expensive, you work to cover the rent , doesn’t leave much to eat !

  7. Tyler

    This looks like Mopars5150. I watched a video from Dylan McCool on a sale they had about January or February last year. Cool place.

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    • Nico Monge

      You are correct

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  8. 'George.Birth

    $20K For a basket case Ferrari,with
    no serial #? I don’t think he wañts to sell it! Any “basket case with no seial # is nothing more thana pile of parts. Woth msybe $500. to $ 1000 max.

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