Mad Mud-Runner: 1934 Ford Pickup

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We see an eclectic mix of vehicles at Barn Finds, from classic muscle cars to cool customs. This 1934 Ford Pickup fits into the second category and has spent time as a promotional vehicle. Below the skin is a healthy V8 and four-wheel drive setup that should allow the Pickup to take its occupants almost anywhere. The seller has listed the Ford here on eBay in Pineville, Missouri. They have set their BIN at $32,500 OBO.

Most classics fit neatly into a specific category, but it is almost impossible to pigeonhole this Ford. Describing it as a custom off-roader would be a fair call. However, it could also be considered a hot rod or rat rod. Most of the body appears to be original Ford steel, although the magnificent extended hood isn’t. The Pickup served as a promotional vehicle for Rush Springs Ranch, a facility in Pineville that caters to varied off-road motoring experiences. The vehicle was designed to cope with mud, snow, gravel, and almost anything Mother Nature could throw at it. Therefore, sparkling paint and arrow-straight panels were not a priority. The Gray paint is far from perfect, but it and the minor bumps and bruises accentuate this Ford’s character. What this beauty lacks is visible rust. The panels look clean and solid, and the seller doesn’t mention hidden issues. The trim is in good order, the glass is clear, and the enormous wheels and chunky tires tell us this classic means business.

Potential buyers seeking luxurious motoring might be disappointed with this Ford’s interior. It is unerringly practical, although the new owner will welcome the body-hugging bucket seats and air conditioning. Otherwise, every surface is easy to clean, so the inevitable mud and slime can be washed away with minimum effort. The dash features a range of gauges, allowing the driver to monitor what hides below the surface. Rush Springs Ranch has an in-house mechanic, and I believe he may have created this beast. Hiding below the Ford body is a 350ci V8 that exhales through chrome headers. There are no visible mufflers, suggesting this baby will be seriously loud. It is unclear whether the Pickup sits on a custom frame or if the seller followed their practice with their other creations by utilizing one from a later vehicle. Power feeds to the ground via an automatic transmission and what appears to be a dual-range transfer case. The seller supplies no information on how this classic runs or drives, but they seem very approachable. Therefore, answering questions or negotiating a test drive in the Pickup’s natural habitat may be possible.

I admire almost any custom build because it represents a moment when someone has let their imagination off the leash to create a unique vehicle. This 1934 Ford Pickup is a perfect example of that thinking, although its history makes the seller’s approach to its creation understandable. It won’t appeal to everyone, but no classic does. However, if you seek a Pickup that will draw crowds and plaster a mile-wide smile on your dial, this could be the ideal candidate.

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  1. Aussie Dave Aussie DaveMember

    I loved it, I wanted it, right up till I found it had a 350 under that long bonnet.
    Makes me want to go out and buy a vette, and put a 351 in it, but I like living, lol

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    • Rw

      Quit your whining

      Like 11
      • Aussie Dave Aussie DaveMember


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    • Moe

      Look at the headers that ain’t no LS for once! 351 me thinks!

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    • Troy

      Or you can buy this and put whatever engine and transmission combo you want in it.

      Like 2
    • David Michael Carroll

      You have a problem with a reliable proven engine that you can get parts for?????????

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  2. HoA HoAMember

    Before we start another dis an’ dat war, if you are even a shred of a gearhead, you have to admit, it gets your attention. The author pretty clearly stated, it’s in its own camp, and conventional ideas, Ford-GM, go out the window. Far as I’m concerned, it’s a specialty vehicle, powered by whatever, with whatever body. It’s okay to do this. Again, the ’40 Ford, not so much. Someone did a LOT of work here, and the refreshing part, is they used it. For me, it’s cool in every respect, from the chrome, muddy headers/pipes, or the Packard( look alike?) hood ornament, and perhaps a sharp viewer can name what hood was used, this would blow them new Rubycorn( no offense) drivers away seeing this head on back in the hills. Kind of at a crossroads, does one detail it out, and put a velvet rope around it, or take it out and have a blast? Like the builder, I’d prefer the latter. Very cool find.

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  3. Joseph

    Okay outside the box for your typical 4×4 vehicle but then my 4×4 project is a 65 corvair corsa running a AMC 360 V8 and 4 speed has been called the same. The truck is pretty cool, so it grabs your attention.

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    • Hans H

      Cool, Similar to the Morvair at Matt’s Off-road Recovery?

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      • Joseph

        Sort of ! Started mine before Matt’s, but I went a different way by using a narrow track Jeep chassis with the same wheelbase of the Corvair , 77 Cherokee already with the 360 and 4 speed then installed my 65 2 door hardtop down over the chassis

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    • David Michael Carroll

      This truck is WAY cooler and less common than all those ugly Jeeps that seem to be everywhere!!!!

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      • Joseph

        Apparently you didn’t understand my post ! What Jeep body !! Do you even know what a 65 corvair is ?

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    • Davey Boy

      I wanna see it!!!

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  4. Skystone Jim

    Me thinks it’s a hood ornament off a Kenworth. This rig is unique to say the least!

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    • William Mahrer


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  5. RallyeMember

    I don’t see hardly anything that looks like 1934 Ford.

    I do see a lot of exhaust tubing.

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  6. Troy

    I think this is cool it makes me want to buy that ugly retro looking thing posted here a few days ago with what looked like a door from a Ford courier and turn it into something like this.

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  7. Mountainwoodie

    This puts all those F350 duallys around here to shame!

    And theres not even a handicapped placard hanging from the rear view mirror!

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  8. Big C

    This is as much a ’34 Ford pickup as a Schwinn bicycle is.

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    • Rw

      HOA should remember JC Whitney had whole page of hood ornaments, they where very popular on urban Cadillacs.

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  9. Joe Haska

    Why would you call this a 34 Ford P/U? There is not a single 34 part on it any where ,that I can see. I guess with a great imagination you could find something!

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    • Jake

      Has to be titled as something.

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  10. 433jeff

    Nicely done great vision, timeless.

    No crybabyacheing

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  11. jim

    Buy it put a slant 6 in and drive anywhere you want better mileage and super 6 will go forever

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  12. HCMember

    This custom build, 1934 Ford pickup with a GM 350, was built just to piss off Ford purists. I wonder what model GM truck 4X4 chassis it’s attached to? It’s so heavily, customized, the seller may find it hard to get his asking price, IMO. Frankenstein as it is, it’s still fun to see.

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  13. JDC

    Another result of some good old boys with too much time and too many beers! Why, oh, why?

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  14. William Mahrer

    As to all the comments regarding this rolling artwork’s eclectic collection of multi-manufacturer contributions, I am like “WOW – SO COOL!” This rock crusher just became my favorite wallpaper.

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  15. HCMember

    This is what too much weed, whiskey and a welder looks like. Beer alone won’t get you here. Wanting to know what chassis they used underneath. One of the most over the top builds I’ve seen here.

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  16. Ron from MnMember

    Definitely a generic, universal JC Whitney hood ornament. Definitely a cool truck. Probably a bit optimistic on the price.

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