Shop Truck: 1970 Chevrolet C10 Short Bed

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A business can advertise its wares in many ways, but few are better than plastering its logo on the side of an eye-catching classic. That is the opportunity awaiting the new owner of this 1970 Chevrolet C10 Short Bed. However, that isn’t the only role it could play because its numerous upgrades could provide the winning bidder with an enjoyable weekend driver. The seller has listed the C10 here on eBay in Nashville, Tennessee. Bidding sits below the reserve at $24,905, but the intense interest suggests it could change anytime.

Many buyers seeking a classic to park in their garage consider a lack of rust one of the key selection criteria. This C10 ticks that box, having only recently found its way to its current location after spending its years in California. It is rock-solid, with that impression heightened by the 2″ oak timber bed. The original owner ordered it in Black, but the factory gloss finish has made way for a coating of the same shade in satin. The look won’t appeal to all tastes but is undeniably eye-catching. The panels are as straight as an arrow, and the sparkling trim provides a striking contrast. The lack of physical damage to the bed’s steel suggests the Pickup has avoided abuse, and the cosmetic upgrades included replacing the window seals to exclude dust and moisture from this classic’s interior. The dramatically dropped ride height and larger 17″ steel wheels confirm there is more to this Chevy than meets the eye.

The first owner ordered this C10 powered by a 350ci V8. The remaining major components included a three-speed automatic transmission and power steering. The combination would have provided respectable performance, but I have never met an enthusiast who wished their classic had less power. More is better, and this Pickup delivers. The engine bay houses a 5.3-liter LS V8 that should produce around 295hp and 335 ft/lbs of torque. A four-speed 4L60-E transmission tackles shifting duties, with power assistance for the steering and front disc brakes lightening the driver’s load. The more modern engine should improve the C10’s performance and manners, while the extra transmission ratio will give this classic longer legs on the open road. The engine bay presents well, with no signs of fluid leaks or nasty surprises. The seller supplies no information on how this Pickup runs or drives, but the news should be positive because this type of mechanical transplant is quite common.

The seller didn’t focus solely on this Pickup’s exterior or drivetrain, with the interior receiving plenty of TLC. The painted surfaces remain untouched, but the seat sports a custom leather cover. There is new carpet on the floor, and the driver receives vital information via Intellitronix gauges. There is also air conditioning and a retro-style Bluetooth stereo to make life on the road more enjoyable. There is little to criticize about the presentation, although some may consider refreshing the paint to eliminate minor scratches and imperfections. Otherwise, slipping behind the wheel and hitting the road sounds mighty tempting.

So, shop truck or weekend cruiser? Those are just two choices available to this new owner of this 1970 Chevrolet C10. There is another worth considering. The updated engine will be more fuel efficient than the small-block it replaces, and the additional transmission ratio helps its cause further. Therefore, this classic could function as a daily driver in the right circumstances. It has attracted twenty bids, confirming that people like what they see. There is time on the listing for the tally to grow, but what would you do if the hammer fell in your favor?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    This is one nice truck. Would have loved something like this for our shop truck but all we had was the slowest Mazda low rider truck ever made and a VW Thing that could easily outrun the Mazda.

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  2. Rickirick

    You’d be hard pressed indeed to find another 70 Chevy p/up nicer than this. Period.

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    • Mike76

      It’s a nice truck but I’ve seen many far, far more well sorted than this one. Looking at the pics, this is definitely not some high dollar build, which is fine, as long as price paid reflects what it is.

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  3. Al camino

    This truck is too plain Jane for me,it needs some nice wheels and tires and raised up a little,trucks should sit high not look like a sled

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    • Greenhorn

      You lower cars, you lift trucks. Trucks should NEVER be lowered.

      Like 13
      • OldsMan

        Thank you Greenhorn! I was thinking I was the only one left on the planet that thought you should not lower trucks ! 😆😀

        Like 5
      • John Morrissey

        I prefer some lowered, not all look right down there. Do not care at all for those slammed on the ground.
        Whatever sounds your horn.

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  4. C.J

    sits perfect, I would give it a haircut.

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  5. Joe Haska

    Well here I am again on the wrong side of the majority of B/F readers!
    I really don’t understand why? I don’t know what these guys read and pay attention to in the Car Culture, because you would have to live under a rock if you haven’t noticed the popularity of pick up trucks. One of the most popular C-10’s, then maybe F-100’s and the most popular style ,short box, 2WD, all with lots of bling including engine upgrades, tires wheels, paint you name it they do it. You don’t have to like it, but bad mouthing it just shows you are clueless about what ls popular. You don’t have to like or do it, but you should recognize it.

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  6. 356ASuper

    Chopped off long bed – SPID shows it was originally 127” wb.

    The 2” oak bed looks like a bunch of 2x4s layed down and contained by a piece of angle iron.

    I like the truck but would definitely recommend crawling around it in person before spending $25k+ on it.

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    • John Morrissey

      Good point on the 2 x 4’s love the wood beds in general, do not care for the black, would prefer to see stain and let the grain come thru.

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    • Jon Rukavina

      I agree with you on the bed. Looks like railroad ties soaked in creosote.
      I get wanting to stay with the black theme but I’d prefer darkened polyurethaned oak with chrome or polished aluminum strips like all of us are used to.
      A/c vents are in the right places although I’d prefer slide controls rather than knobs since they look more factory.
      Leather seat is a nice touch.

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      • Midway

        I am trying to figure out what caused the big 3 to present a shortbox. Contractors would overload their longbeds to save a trip, shortboxes remind me of El casinos or Ranchero. I would think longbeds hold more value.that being said not alot of long beds with LS or crate engines. I prefer stock truck with upgraded interiors.

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