Genuine Barn Find: 1958 Edsel Pacer Convertible

I’m thankful that Jesse and Josh let us write about cars that aren’t strictly barn finds, but I’m also really glad when we uncover a real one! This 1958 Edsel Pacer convertible that is being auctioned here on eBay definitely came from a barn as you can see in the picture above. The car is now located somewhere in Wisconsin, although the seller doesn’t specify exactly where. Bidding is up to $5,700 and there’s no reserve, so it will be going home with someone. Is it you?

This picture was evidently taken while the car was still in storage. I’m surprised the tire is still inflated, although based on the darkened area in the upper left, it’s possible that it had been inflated and moved already. Remember, this isn’t a Ford or Mercury; Edsel was its own brand, and the model name was highlighted on the front fenders in this case.

As you can see, the Pacer was the middle-range Edsel, above the Ranger but below the Citation. The yellow and black paint scheme on the one in the brochure is quite striking!

It’s somewhat hard to tell from these shots, but this car had a similar scheme but in Jet Black and Frost White. I wonder how hard it is to find one of those bumper over riders? I wasn’t able to discern a year on the “May” plate, but as best as I can tell these are either 1968-72 or 1980-86 plates. The seller says it’s been off the road since the 1960s, so we’ll go with the ’68-’72.

While the interior (white vinyl and black cloth according to the VIN plate) is incredibly filthy, it does look like it could be successfully cleaned up for use —  apart from the carpet, anyway. We’re told it’s only had one owner; I’m assuming that is except for the person selling it.

How do you like the push button transmission controls in the center of the steering wheel?

The car was built on October 25, and sports a 2.91:1 rear end (thanks to Hepcat’s VIN decoder page) If you like Edsels, this might be the chance to get into a car that looks largely original and is solid enough to restore. Your thoughts, readers?


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  1. 8banger Dave Member

    Horsey collar or not, you would turn heads with this one…

  2. slickb

    these cars are ugly but kinda cool… and that’s all I can say

  3. Bill Nelson

    I liked them, I worked for a guy in eastern Montana Who had one of the top of the line cars and it would run down the highway at 90- 100mph(Montana-no speed limits) and was a very comfortable car.

  4. redwagon

    never seen one in real life. do not think i’ve seen one online either. was looking forward to a profile picture so i could see what it would look like. no luck. how do you sell a car without a profile shot, without a forward and rear 3/4 shot? perhaps i am too demanding.

  5. newfieldscarnut

    I wouldn’t mind owning this Edsel . This car definitely has outrageous eye appeal . Rare is an understatement .

  6. John Trasport St.

    I would like the opportunity to buy this 58 Edsel, but don’t know how to bid or make an offet

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Just click the ebay link right in the first paragraph.

  7. Dirks Bently

    Ford wanted to leave their mark with this car but the public hated it and it flopped big time !
    I like it and have only seen them in a couple antique bone yards !

    • Kevin W

      Not a total flop, the Edsel outsold Dodge trucks in 58, lol.

      • lawyer George

        As I recall, Dodge pickups came to their own in the mid 60’s

    • lawyer George

      Around 3:30 in the pitch dark circa 1960 -55 degrees below zero late November Fairbanks, Alaska afternoon returning from my first year of college courses I spotted a 1958 Edsel Pacer sitting on the Studebaker Dealer, Gene Immel’s unmanned used car lot a block from our house. It was white and covered in 2 feet of new snow. Unlike my friends, I loved the looks of the grill in the ’58’s. When dad got home he called Gene said I was interested and wanted to drive it the next evening after dinner. Gene agreed to go shovel it off, plug in head bolt heater and put a warm charged up battery from his heated agency garage on 1st. Street but owing to short side streets was 300 feet in a vertical direction from the 3rd St. used car lot. Gene aid he would get it readyjust after closing at 6 so we could get it stared at our eta of 7. He left the keys in the ignition and some liquid starting fluid in the car (Stray fluid was useless because the ice cold carb would cause the spray to immediately make a left hand turn and attach to the side of the venturi without a single scent going anywhere near the combustion chamber.) The next night I was finally able to force dad out into the cold about 7:30 for for the short 1/2 block walk to the lot. We got the car fired up and warming up by 8 and took off for a short 30 block drive before heading home. The heater was starting to rember its purpose about the time we were at the far corner from our house, Dad, not wishing to further freeze putting the car back on the lot and walk home, directed me park it at the curb. I driveit to the Univeristy the next day and the next trying to bug dad to go over with me to Gene’s to sign the [papaers-ii being a tad under 18. He said he would but did not get home in time the next 2 nights. Gene finally called on the 5th day toask what we had decided as he noted he had not seen the car on the lot. They agreed on a price of $850.00–a good price for a 2-3 yearsold car–Edsels were not the most marketable car in Fairbanks. I reca. ll seeing only 2 new ones, both top of the line 4 citations. Gene said he was in no hurry but would like it if Dad could come by to the following wednsday- 4 dys hence as Gene did the bsnking on Thursday. It was equipped with 303 horse with 3 speed column. When the snows cleared in may we were anxious to see how fast it would go. We took it out the old Steese Hiway which had was paved and had a long striaght stretch and you migt not see a car use at all even it you set up a tent to count traffic. Withmy bet friend Donn riding shotgun, I stopped dead revved it up a couple of times then dropped the clutch under full throttle. It spun the non posi rear tires to the extent that tire smoke completely obliterated vision from the wheelwells back. It made such a roar that we thought it had exploded.Ah, the perfect car. After seeing how fast it was my friends who had been non believers (that is–they hated the sucking a lemon grill) began tell other kids that it would eat anything they had– Ford, Chevy, Dodge or whatever. Whether it would was ever tested as my dad was rather narrow minded when it came to speed contests–other than those in which he was engaged. I still think the ’58’s are lookers and always look when I hear of convert for sale. I once spotted a light blue restored convert for $3800.00–but who had that kind of money?????????????? Yeah, right!

      • lawyer George

        Addendum: Ford killed my appeal with the 1959. The grille in that was ugly, immediately changing a sporty stylish car into an ugly square box. In my view, the Edsel lasted only 1 year. Born spring of1958, died (homicide) August/September 1958 with introduction of the ”59 insult to esthetics.

  8. David Miraglia

    I’d rather have this Edsel than the present day Edsel make known to us all as Lexus.

    • al8apex

      I like your thought

  9. Kevin W

    The Edsel was a victim of bad timing, recession and a rising public demand for small cars. Somewhat radical styling, but no more radical than other makes during the same period.

    Like 1
  10. Andre

    The shape of the grill and the way the fenders form to each side of it remind me of something.

    If I said what it would surely end up as another deleted comment.

    That’s all I’ll say about Edsels

    Like 1
    • Loco Mikado

      That is what a lot of other people thought back when it was new, but polite society does not mention such things especially in public, unlike today.

    • z28th1s

      That is what I commented about the other day on the last Edsel that was posted on BF’s.

  11. Triskaideka

    The push buttons on the wheel look like the Mach V from Speed Racer..pretty cool…I saw the History Channel stories on the History of cars….the history of the Edsel was pretty neat.

  12. Mike

    Nowhere did I find info on what the engine is…just that it’s a V8

    • Kevin W

      It would be a 361 FE.

  13. Rustytech Member

    It was a horse collar, what your thinking is the product of a dirty mind, but you’re not alone. That criticism has been out there since 1958!

    • Kevin W

      Except for one thing, in 1958 there would have been hair around it.

      Like 1
      • Dan

        Yup…someone always has to take it a bit too far.

      • Joe Nose

        Maybe use those fake eyelashes used on chick Veedubs or 500’s?

  14. Maestro1 Member

    There’s a very active and good Edsel Owner’s Club which would be your first stop after purchase, because those folks know where the parts are and are very helpful in giving advice. One does not need to be a fan of this car (I’m not) to see the potential from several standpoints including the unique quality of owning one.
    Then there is the appreciation aspect; these cars have a limited but upside market. I have a friend who has a Corsair which he takes to Cars and Coffee and gets all kinds of attention. And three qualified offers to sell.

  15. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Yep still a stellar car….and gee it’s a convertible !

  16. Al

    When first out they used to say it looked like a Ford sucking a lemon.

    • Mike H. Mike H.

      Not exactly. . . the grille was said, by some, to resemble a toilet seat and made the car look like “an Olds sucking a lemon”.

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  17. hank

    Was lucky enough to be working in the host hotel for the 1988 Edsel Club Convention in Buffalo, NY. Convention didn’t start till Wed, but on Monday AM a guy arrived in an Edsel, TOWING an Edsel, from ARKANSAS. No short trip to Western NY. Fell in love with this cast off car (and owning Corvairs myself) I understand what it’s like to own a car many dislike. Someday I hope the money and the right car will appear.

  18. Ryan STROUT

    My dad bought a 59 Edsel station wagon when i was a kid thinking it was a 58 (the year he was born) and that that he could restore it. Then he remembered that he was a carpenter not a mechanic and parted ways with it to a collector in town that had a dozen or so restored

  19. Kent

    Maybe a 410

  20. W9BAG

    On the date of manufacture, I was 6 days old. Love the ’58’s. I would have no other.

  21. Kev

    Grant beat the old Edsel for rareity and collectibillity.
    I own a 60 Edsel rare as hell

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  22. Jimbo

    I am a new owner of an Edsel Pacer. Worked for Ford for 10 years in the 90s, and always had an eye for one. This one basically fell in my lap.

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