Genuine Manx? Barn Find VW Buggy

You have to be careful how you refer to the many different designs of VW-based dune buggy kits made throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s. A genuine Meyers Manx – the one that started it all – will command a fair premium over the many copies. So if you’re a seller like this one posting a VW dune buggy for sale here on craigslist and calling it a Manx, you better have the credentials to back it up. 

I know of what I speak, as I’m currently trying to sell a Barn Finds Exclusive listing for a “Howell Craft” dune buggy, which is yet another Meyers Manx replica built in extremely limited numbers but a copy nonetheless. It’s cool, but it’s not Meyers Manx cool, as those are pulling deep into the five figures as restored examples sold at auctions.

This photo illustrates just how similar all of these kits were, as this one has the same instrument binnacle as the Howell Craft but I doubt this California example originated in a small shop in metro Atlanta like my Howell machine did. The seller says this is a true barn find, but that the motor runs and it’s been rebuilt.

No word is offered on when that rebuild transpired. The seller says it just needs a windshield and “…finishing to your liking.” The good news is if you want to finish any specific way, there’s a huge fan base for these Buggies and parts are fairly plentiful. The seller has this one priced at $1,600 for a “quick sale” – will it move at that price?


WANTED 1959-1961 (and) GM Cars Cad,Chevy,Corvair,Pontiac,Olds,Buick Wanted parts/donor car. I need a “Cantilever”,”Flying Wing”;”flattop” roof assembly. Contact

WANTED 1973 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 my wife’s first car, red with red interior would be ideal, any locale Contact

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  1. Arthell64 Member

    Don’t how you could go wrong at that price.

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  2. Mark S.

    For $1600. and some work it doesn’t matter if it isn’t a Manx. Just looks like a lot of fun for a little money.

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  3. Johns Car Corner

    You’re not going to believe this but these vehicles have been OUT-LAWED in the state of Texas by the dept. of Motor Vehicles….go figure!?

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  4. hhaleblian

    Not a Manx

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  5. Dan

    Not a Manx. No emblem, or license plate bracket.

  6. M. Lopez

    Not a genuine Meyers Manx…. lacks many Meyers specific visible details to be the real deal.

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  7. John C

    I knew both of the Meyers brothers I spoke to Dick about 7 years ago, he was less involved in the car than his brother, he was in his 80s then. I met both them in the very early 1970s. Poor Dick was a bit hard of hearing by time of our last conversation, had to yell over the phone.

    He and his brother left their mark on the auto industry.

    Their car has been used in cartoons and movies. And most people will recognize the iconic body style.

    This car, they would very likely tell you is an excellent buy, if it is what appears to be.

    They had a fair car collection between the two of them.

    Miss the good times helping them rebuilding an engine, telling stories and drinking a cold one on hot summer day.

    Thanks for posting this memory for me.

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  8. Ken

    Seller is unable to spell Meyers correctly, that alone tells us something, no?

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    • Will

      No more than the use of a comma where a period is correct. Intellect cannot be determined by a typo.

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  9. rod444

    It’s quite funny how many “Manx” buggies there are listed lately. But this is definitely a good deal at 1600 if it already runs. If it has a legit VW pan under it, it could even be street legal up here in Alberta where our DMV gets right testy about the “NO kit cars from the US” rule – what a bunch of party poopers.

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  10. Enesset

    +) No title. Bill of sale only.

    +) No BF Meyers body tag

    +) Hood wrong –must be a clone

    Decent little project?

  11. Edson kidwell

    On sight 4 things a clear that it isn’t a Manx while similar,in style there fun it’s worth the 1600 with provisions motor turns and brakes etc are complete. They can turn into a money pit. But sure are fun quick rides that take restraint to drive. On pavement not something you want to try to rev and dump,the clutch with off the bat. Good luck to the buyer

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  12. TreDeuce

    Looks to be an Allied, but copies were taken off of copies so it’s hard to tell the lineage, but they all lead back to the iconic Meyer’s Manx.

    No matter, a properly sorted one is too much fun… on 4-wheels.

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  13. Devon

    I have a Bermoco (Berkeley Motor Company) and the style of the body looks really similar.

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