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Giant Kitty: 1965 Jaguar Mark X


Thanks to fellow Barn Finds writer Jeff L. for this great find! I’m pretty sure the Mark X (10) and the 420G (it’s later iteration) are the largest Jaguars ever built (no, I’m not counting Daimler Limousines and one-offs). They certainly look like the widest when you see one in person! This one is located in Lyons, Illinois and is listed for sale here on eBay, where the buy-it-now is $6,900 but lower offers are welcomed.


This is a big car, especially for a British one. There’s a lot of what later became the XJ6 sedans underneath, with the famous Jag independent rear suspension and the XK engine under the hood. This car looks relatively solid with some dings and dents, but I can’t say I like the color combination, and there are good reasons to keep the interior red. From the front and side, the paint looks pretty good, but the seller explains that there was a leak in the warehouse the car has been stored in.


We can see the issue from the leak across the trunk lid. I’m hoping the trunk can still be saved, but if not, there are enough of these around that finding a trunk lid shouldn’t be too difficult. Chrome is straight and doesn’t look bad at all, but certainly needs a good cleaning.


Unlike the outside, the interior looks pretty good; it looks like there is some mold or mildew just starting to take hold on the upholstery that should be able to be cleaned off easily. The wood doesn’t look bad either. That’s a three-person wide rear seat with room to spare! With replacing an interior in these cars typically running $5,000 or more, the fact that this car has a decent interior means it’s a viable candidate to put back on the road–or a terrific parts car for someone that has a Mark X already that needs an interior!


Most Mark X’s that I’ve seen are horribly rusty underneath; this one looks solid, although I’m wondering exactly what it is that looks like it’s growing on the underside. I suppose it could be accumulated dust on the usual British oil coating, or it could be some sort of organic growth. I would rather see and smell the former than the latter!


Powered by the XK inline 6 and three SU’s, the car when new would hit 120 mph. The seller tells us this one will turn over but they have not tried to start it. I wonder then why the intake plenum has been removed? Regardless, I think this is a priced high at the buy-it-now, but who knows what they would accept as a bid? Are you the one to find out?


  1. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Looks like a nice example compared to most of these offered as a project.

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  2. Avatar photo Luki

    I’m going to say Mark VIIs and 9s are twice as big.

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff


      Mark IX (and pretty much VII and VIII):
      –length 196.5″
      –wheelbase 120″
      –width 75″
      –height 63″
      –weight 4,000 lbs.

      Mark X (and pretty much 420G)
      –length 202″
      –wheelbase 120″
      –width 76.3″
      –height 54.5″ (you’re right there)
      –weight 4,200 lbs.

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  3. Avatar photo MikeG

    I’d have to say that I quite like this car. Design is very cool and it’s inn nice condition. The wheels seem to be a bit ‘understated’ for such a grand car. Perhaps some wire wheels?

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Like so?

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      • Avatar photo Ross W. Lovell

        Greetings All,

        Love the MKX, they used one on an animated British kids show, the Thunderbirds.
        Wire wheels? Hope they are 72 spoke and even then, the weight of this car is pushing the design envelope of those wheels.
        MKX had the full wood top on the dash, the later 420G had to meet federal regs so a piece of vinyl was added as an accent panel. I’m sure THAT, saved lives.;-)

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      • Avatar photo ROGER

        This happens to be my favorite Jag :)

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  4. Avatar photo Rick

    Back in the day I had a Jag Mark X Matchbox car (when they were still cool before they became Superfast)

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  5. Avatar photo DRV

    I used my brother in-laws 420 in 1972 for prom night. Stepping on the gas was like holding down a cat with your foot, but the ride was perfect. He always had problems with it and half the time it was the twin tank system.
    The back seat was a party for four, and the fold up table with crystal was cool. The feeling and smell of the car was pure luxury with its correct meaning.
    BRG with a saddle interior and a ride like none other.

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  6. Avatar photo Bob

    Very confusing…seller says that the car has no title and is being sold on a bill of sale yet in the description under title it is listed as clear. What does that mean? To me it means beware.

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  7. Avatar photo John H from CT

    I’m guessing that the intake plenum is off the car because he needed to put some starter ether into the SU’s and the way to get access is from the side. Another reason might have been that one or more of the needles were stuck from varnish in the old gas and they needed to be freed up. Else, somebody “borrowed” it a long time ago. This kitty definitely looks worth saving and the interior looks great from the pics. The engine head color indicates high compression. I wasn’t aware that this was on the Mark X but could have been.

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    • Avatar photo Chris

      John, the MKX should be a 3.8 liter engine (with the gold head). The 420G was coming out in 1966 with the 4.2 liter engine (I don’t believe that those heads were painted). This is a great car for the price.

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  8. Avatar photo John B

    Good thing it’s got power steering with that bitty steering wheel fitted. I’d love to have that as a grocery getter. What’s with the PA horn by the brake booster?

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    • Avatar photo Andrew

      Pa horn is for the alarm siren.

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  9. Avatar photo Phil Lynott

    Truly classic English ride
    Good price
    This beast sweeps U away
    Parts n wrenching B a challenge
    Doable, though

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  10. Avatar photo Chebby

    eBay should set a rule: cars must be washed before presented for sale.

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  11. Avatar photo bcavileer

    Head is correct, porcelain headers are a bit pricey to make right. But that is cosmetic. Otherwise looks quite good. Love big cats. Blue with red interior is a bit odd to me. Ce’ la vie. Bet she is an easy fix to get running, although the fuel system will be a challange to clean up. All pretty standard stuff though and readily available. Great candidate for your recondition and redistribute venture. ( how’s that for avoiding the dreaded “flip” moniker).

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  12. Avatar photo Badhuis

    Strange that no-one seems to notice the replacement cheap vinyl seat covers instead of the leather. I would not want to have that Jag with those covers for that price.
    Years ago I bought, for much less money its smaller sister, the 420, which also had replacement vinyl covers. Seems a common thing to do in the seventies. Yes they might be cheaper and better against the hot sun but it just does not feel, smell and sit right. I was lucky to find a stupid fellow 420 owner who removed his very good original leather seats because he installed electric seats and rear bench from a 1993 XJ40. A win-win situation :-)

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