Gift Wrapped: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

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This 1969 Mustang Mach 1 holds a hidden secret. Well, it actually isn’t that hidden. It’s sitting there in plain sight. Some of you will have guessed what it is, while some of you won’t. It is a clean looking car, and the owner says that overall, the condition is good. The Mustang is located in Austin, Texas, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

For those of you who haven’t guessed it yet, this silver Mustang isn’t silver. Now, I’m sure that you probably think that what few marbles I have left are rolling around a little loose, but trust me, this silver Mustang is Aztec Aqua. The silver finish that you see is a wrap, and underneath is the original Aztec Aqua paint. You can actually see it around areas like the trunk close. The wrap is said to be in good condition, with only a few nicks to mark the finish. The good thing about a wrap like this is that it does offer pretty good protection for the original paint, and as the adhesive is pretty neutral, it doesn’t usually damage the paint. The bad news is that it can also hide a multitude of sins, and rust can actually get a decent head start before bubbling metal actually becomes visible. For that reason alone, if I bought this car, the wrap would have to go. The owner describes the overall condition of the car as good, and while there are no shots of the car without the wrap or any shots of the underside of the vehicle, the condition does look promising.

A 351ci Windsor V8 and automatic transmission get the Mustang up and moving. You also get power steering and power brakes with this one. The shaker is original, and while the owner doesn’t specify whether this is a numbers-matching car, he does say that the car runs well. The engine bay looks clean and honest, with no obvious major problems.

The interior of the Mustang presents quite nicely. There are some noticeable wear spots on the edge of the driver’s seat, and it looks like the color has faded on the seat-belts, but the condition of the rest of the trim is extremely good. The dash is unmodified, and the dash pad looks to be close to perfect, with no cracks or obvious discoloration.

This certainly appears to be a solid Mustang, but I’d really like to see what is under that wrap. That shouldn’t be hard to remove, but if you did remove it, there’s a fair chance that if the original factory decals are underneath it, they’d probably come off as well. At a BIN price of $34,000, and the option to make an offer, this is an interesting proposition. I will be interested to know whether you’d leave the wrap there, or would you remove it?

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  1. KSwheatfarmer

    I’m old school and don’t know much about wraps but this doesn’t look bad to me.Previous owner must of done it for some reason,maybe more economical than a paint job.I sure wouldn’t pay that price and then peal it off because it might start to rust.If I was that concerned think I would just look for another one and skip all the agony.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    I sort-of get this. One source I looked at showed 18 color choices for the 1969 Mustang, but in contrast to today’s predominant colors, silver wasn’t one of them. The car looks pretty good with all the black contrasts.

    That said, I prefer the original “period-correct” colors such as Aztec Aqua. There were many cool colors available, some rarely seen on cars today.

    1969 Mach 1’s have always been a favorite of mine.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Hmm please humor me…this guy wants 34 large for this mach, for that he should know whether its the original engine or not, and again, for that sum, for Pete;s sake take the darn wrap off so the buyer can see what he’s buying. I see no reason for having that wrap other than to hide sins. All IMHO, what do you guys think. I’m a grey haired buzzard–we don’t need no stinkin’ wrap.


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  4. CapNemo

    Wraps are cheaper than actual paint jobs, but are still expensive. I’m not a fan, but to each their own. If there was rust bubbles under the wrap, you’d notice it, wraps don’t hide uneven, bubbly surfaces.

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    • Buck

      I never heard of wraps,yes I’m old school as well where does a person get a wrap
      And why put it on?

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      • CATHOUSE

        You can get a wrap many places. Just about any decent sized town will have at least one place producing them. Most all of the current commercial vehicles on the road today that have company advertising on them are wraps. Why put one on? Time and money. Once it is designed and printed out the customer is usually only without their vehicle for about 1 day. Old school painting would require at least several days to hand paint. And time equals money so if it takes less time it will cost less money.

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  5. ccrvtt

    Unless you’re advertising something or trying to hide something or are immensely creative I see no reason for a wrap, especially one that looks like primer at first glance. These 1969 “Sportsroof” Mustangs are among many people’s favorites and the period correct colors go a long way to presenting them at their best. If it’s clean and solid it’s an attractive car, but not for $34K.

    And GPC – you’re not old, just well-refined.

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  6. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    I agree with Gaspumpchas, the wrap should be removed to see what you’re paying $34k for. I wouldn’t touch this car as-is unless it was at a give-away price and just take my chances with what is under the hide-all wrap. The seller’s lack of details could be that he’s being purposely vague or he’s just a guy who doesn’t know anything about it and bought the car because he had a lot of money and he’s lost interest. I’d rather spend $34k for another Mach 1 rather than chance this one.

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  7. Lance Nord

    Ughhh… nice looking car. Shaker isn’t original otherwise the metal trim would be aqua. It’s wrapped (hiding who knows what sins?). And a Windsor? I’m not a big fan of the Windsor. I would have much preferred any other engine offered except the Windsor.

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    • Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive CasonMember

      Windsor was the only 351 offered in 1969, with this H-code 2-barrel being the entry engine. An M-code (4-barrel) would also have been a Windsor for 1969 and, of course, the Mach could have been fitting with a 390 or 428.

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  8. Vance

    Wraps? We don’t need no steekin wraps. Lot of reasons to run as fast as you can from this one. 351 engine, the wrap, and 34 large is enough to make me run. Two knee replacements don’t allow me to but I can walk real fast. Other engine choices make this a no for me. And to GPC, when you spend more time at the hospital than at your favorite watering hole, then you are turning the corner and into the right lane of old age. Man, it sucks getting old.

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  9. r s

    Though I owned a 69 Mustang fastback long ago I am no expert on these cars. I’ll just register my surprise that Ford sold a Mach 1 with a 351 Windsor.

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      I do not know the numbers but Ford sold a lot of 69 Mach I cars with a 351W. This particular car is only an H code 351W 2V. Without a lot more information this car is IMO only 10-15K.

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      • Tim scherer

        Well, I will let you all know tomorrow. I bought it Saturday and am going to take the wrap off.

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      • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

        Keep us updated Tim!

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    • Jimmy

      From the beginning of 69 to about the last couple months of production the Mustang 351 was all Windsors then you could option the new for 70 351 Cleveland. Then in 70 there were some 351 Windsors as a option in the early 70 production year. I’ve seen both at car shows where the owners displayed the option sheet. Then after those few first months in 1970 you could only get a Cleveland if you wanted the 351 v8 in a Mustang.

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  10. Woody

    A few pics before wrapping would be nice. The ‘69 Machs are one of my favorites especially with the “Shaker” hood!

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  11. stillrunners

    Actually like the factory color……….must be an Austin thing with the wrap dilly….

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  12. Art

    I bought a 69 Mustang,Mach 1 much like this one,back in 1975..about the same shape,for $1300. It had the 351,lousy 4 barrel autolite carb,FMX trans,and 3:50 rearend. It would go like a scalded cat,and held it’s own against other cars of the day. The thing I hated about it was the poor quality of basically Everything!
    The window channels broke,so I used 2 seat belt straps to raise and lower the drivers side window ,and try keeping warm,when the control cables on the heater kept breaking.I replaced numerous dash lights,only to have them fail soon after. Emblems would chatter,and fall off,the carb was another bag of snakes..It was already rusting inside the door sills,and frame rails and shock towers were “iffy”…This in a car that was 6 years old.and just over 50,000. it must have started to rust in the showroom.Beautiful body style,the Sportsroof,but unless I could see under the’s a NO from me.

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  13. Mountainwoodie

    As Jim Morrison said……..people are strange. Dollars to donuts the owner didnt like the Aqua, didn’t think it was .um….’manly’ enough and went with the tried and true ‘manly’ grey/silver and black.
    I don’t know, we see this all the time……sellers expect people to jump up and down like hungry chihuahuas wanting a churro when they dangle a certain car out there with a less than satisfactory explanation.
    Want to selll your car and go to the trouble of Ebay, you ought to make an effort.
    Afterall when the age cohort who had or wanted one of these passes from the scene, they’ll be like Model T’s and sink like a rock imho.
    With all that said, the interior looks nice.

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    • Tim

      You would be wrong. His father wrapped it to protect it till he could do a full paint job, then he passed away. I own it now.

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      • Mountainwoodie

        And I admit my error :) Internet bs speculation. Mea Culpa, mea culpa. mea maxima culpa……..

        On a more pertinent topic how do you find the build quality of this particular car?

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      • Tim

        No problem. Its in great shape. Build quality is good. It was quartered from an accident a while back on the drivers side but they dod a great job.

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  14. Richard

    Wraps on a 50 year old car is like 100 percent bondo to me. $34k for this mystery is insane, especially with prices falling.

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  15. LAB3

    To me this color looks great and I’d take it over the original in a heart beat. Agreed on the wrap job, too many unknowns for me. As to the originality of the engine, that’s another item that I personally could care less about. Either way it goes, the price is way out of line. Some may be able to justify it but I’m not willing to step in what they’re selling.

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  16. Grumpy

    The 351 Windsor 4bbl was a great motor. I scrapped a 69 Mach, and put the engine in my 68 Fastback years ago. I believe it was rated at 290hp. It was easily identified by double side by side intake mounting bolts at the front on each side. One year only I believe.

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  17. Roy L

    Let’s get a Marti Report and see what we have here.

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    • Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive CasonMember

      Amen to that – it would answer the shaker originality question! Regardless, $34K would be a stretch for a perfect H-code Mach. It’s a giant leap for one with little info and the paint hidden.

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  18. PRA4SNW

    The wrap might have been a good idea if the owner wanted to change the color but have the option to go back to the original at a later date, for originality’s sake.

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  19. 71boss351

    $34K for a H code automatic 1969 Mach 1? That’s way too rich for my blood. I would like to see any pictures before the wrap because I think the original color is cool. Where is the Marti Report. I don’t recall seeing many H code’s ordered with the shaker hood scoop option.

    I concept of wrap makes some sense but without any prior pictures I wouldn’t want to drop that kind of coin on this one.

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  20. SquirrleyGig

    I have a lot to say, but I’ll leave it @ look @ the last pic on ebay, the one of the trunk. Particularly the tops of the wheel wells. Lot’s more to say, but unfortunately that’s all the time (like many of us) I have available to offer right now.

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    Keep Austin Wierd!!!

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  22. Tim scherer

    Well, I will let you all know tomorrow. I bought it Saturday and am going to take the wrap off.

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  23. Tim Scherer

    It is absolutely beautiful and nearly rust free. I repaired 3 small spots. Numbers matching. Can’t post pics from my ipad here but its just as nice as it was advertised to be. Has original sales ticket and a whole slew of maint receipts. Since 2011 he put nearly $22k in it including the wrap. It was the deal of a lifetime.

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