Giulietta Garage Find: 1960 Alfa Romeo Spider


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Every car guy should own at least one Alfa in their lifetime. Pre-war Alfa Romeos may best represent the marque’s rich racing heritage, but their post-war mass-produced offerings provided a driving experience that few cars from the era could match. The combination of twin-cam power and agile handling made for a car that seemed  far ahead of its time. This Giulietta Spider has supposedly been off the road since 1983, but we are hopeful it can be brought back into service. Find it here on eBay in Orlando, Florida.

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  1. paul

    Jesse, your killing me man. This car is a few short hours from me & I have owned a few Alfa’s in my day & I do appreciate a good Alfa when I see one. The Corvair needs to be done, before I could think of another project. Ah so many barn finds so little time.

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  2. DolphinMember

    I love Alfas and own one myself, but I would be real careful with this one.

    The many small dents and the color change from white to metallic blue can be dealt with by taking it down to bare metal for bodywork and a respray, but I don’t like the bubbly and wavy look of the lower body areas that extend pretty much all the way around this car. The fact that it was sold through Hoffman in New York probably means that it was originally bought and used by someone in the Northeast, which could explain the body’s apparently bad condition.

    I have never restored one of these and don’t know whether the floors have received a quick fix, but they look like they have. The dash has been hacked up to fit a later radio, which is not a good sign because it suggests that someone without much finesse or sympathy for this car once owned it and might have done worse to it. And there are $ome hard to find trim piece$ needed.

    It’s presented well in this listing, with the documentation from Alfa Romeo and lots of decent photos, but this is one where you want to have a very knowledgeable Alfa expert along side you when you look at it. It’s probably too good to just part out, but for something like this you need to know what you’re in for when you try to make it good again. By the look of the shop it’s in now, the current owner knows a thing or two about restoring older cars, and he may have decided that this one needs too much to make it worth his while.

    Stay cautious, friends…

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    • paul

      Oh I’m quite sure the shop it’s in is saying cash out. This car is going to need’s money & patience, a lot of it. These cars have very little in the way of reproduction, aftermarket parts as far as the body & trim, my car was a Duetto that I owned for 26 years & could buy nothing except patch panels, no chrome, no deck lids, quarters, doors, nothing, so I couldn’t park it anywhere, I think these have more stuff available, but I’m not sure.
      & Yes I’m with you on the NY metro area & rust & the fact that someone would hack the dash, the idiots.

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  3. rjc

    I was born exactly two weeks before this car. I like these, they are just a little bigger than an mgb or fiat spider. Simple elegant body.
    This is one to restore yourselve.

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  4. rancho bella

    I bout’ pass out each time I see one of these in dark gray or blue… But, white is a close second… Or would that be third? I look at this car from a different perspective. A welder for twenty five years so some crap metal parts ain’t scarin’ me nun… “you go Paul”

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    • paul

      I had a 58 spider race car, a 63 sprint GT, 65 spider, the 66 late, Duetto, a 72 GTV, & an 86 spider over the course of 35 years the last 2 I owned at the same time as my dark blue Duetto.

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      • rancho bella

        Now that… Is an impressive list of Alfa’s.

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  5. shawnmcgill

    This is the definitive rusty POS! Run away screaming!

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  6. Kman

    Wanted a new 69 Giulietta 1760 soooo bad when I was young but it was an extra thou or two past what I could stretch so I settled for the Fiat 124 Spyder. I had a lot of tun with that car and it was so much more sophisticated than the two TRs I’d had before it. Best feature was being able to unlatch the top and drop it with one hand at a stop light in about 4 seconds and almost as easy up. And it was tight – no leaks. But I never quite got that Alfa out of my mind and there it sits to this day.

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    • paul

      Yes I too remember going from the Brit cars to the Italian’s & marveling at no longer wrestling the top up as it was starting to rain. The Giulietta name was dropped in about 64or 5 when they went to the 1600 cc the name was changed to Giulia then in late 66 the name was again changed to the Duetto, the Duetto was a 1600 but added 2 Webber side draft carbs bumping the HP to 115 HP then in 69 the engine was bumped to 1750 a Spica fuel injection was added & the car’s name was changed to Spider.

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  7. DolphinMember

    Sold at the high bid of $16,600

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    • paul

      The seller is dancing all over Broadway in Time Square at that #, the buyer is quite deep upside down.

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