It Glitters: 1967 Ford Galaxie Wagon

Rocco B has found us yet another interesting survivor. The seller is calling this a Galaxy but it’s actually a Country Squire. It looks like it’s solid and original except for that “parade float gold” paint and those wheels. You can read all about it here on craigslist. There were big changes made to the Galaxy in 1965, including replacing the leaf springs in the rear with a three-link setup with coil springs. This wagon was moved from California to Waterford, Michigan several years ago but still bears the California black plates.

It looks to be in pretty reasonable condition inside. The upholstery on those seats is no doubt worn and needing help but the rest looks OK.

It all looks complete and original under the hoop. That 390 CID engine is rated at 275 horsepower and a gallon of high test fuel will get you about 10 to 13 miles.

This wagon might be a nice driver just as it is if you don’t mind, or can tolerate, the gold paint. The A/C works and hopefully, there are no other major issues. Either stock wheels or wheels more to your liking could be nice as well. One might wonder why it wasn’t registered after it went to Michigan. Could this car have been bought online and found to have issues? After the paint and other issues are resolved, perhaps the brakes and suspension could use an upgrade. What do you think a fair price would be for this wagon in its current condition?

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  1. dennis

    Here is an example…all that glitters is not gold.

  2. Mrvans Member

    This is a Country Sedan, the Country Squire is distinguished by its faux wood paneling.

  3. Mountainwoodie

    People are strange…………”.Yo Mo…..put some gold on the roof.” That looks good. Little more on the hood.Yeah thats the ticket,

  4. Matt

    I like all the recent Wagon finds. Here is my garage find: It’s a 1954 Country Sedan I bought from a gentleman who’s owned it since 1975. I had it painted after failed attempts to match the paint. The door was in primer when I bought it. Otherwise 100% original.

  5. Miguel

    You guys are two for two today with these Ford Wagons.

  6. Bill B

    Had the same issue with failed-to-match paint. I told them to rent a camera. When they finally did, they saw that it had several shades of Wimbleton White.
    In the end, I finally got a great deal on a full paint job on my ’65 Ford.

  7. bog

    This Wagon really “takes me back” to 1967. I knew a guy that had a similar ride that he used to tow his “race-prepped” ’67 Fairlane GT to good old US 30 Drag Strip. Both cars had 390s, so “in a pinch” he could “cannibalize” his tow car should any parts on his racer fail. I took my brand-spanking new ’67 GTA to Germany and spent two years of high-speed Autobahn driving. Mileage was horrible ! Still love the shared styling….great memories !

    • John Flagg

      US 30 dragstrip in Gary Indiana????

  8. Benjamin

    I could live with those wheels, and i find them rather attractive on this car. That paint though…

    • bog

      Benjamin – I think the original location of the car says it all….California. Can you imagine the “glow” coming off that huge expanse of metal during a really sunny
      SoCal day ? Blinding !

  9. Howard A Member

    Although, this car does not have the fake wood, I believe it is a Country Squire. Couple things. The padded center steering wheel hub and dual-master brakes were Squire only in ’67 ( dual masters came out for everybody in 1968) and I think that rear script says Squire. Again, no mention of the dual tailgate. I wonder if these young whippersnapper flippers, even know what that other handle on the tailgate is for. Looks solid, even the spare tire holder ( RR) is intact. Can’t tell you how many I’ve seen with the spare tire hanging out the bottom. Nice car for 1/3 the price.

    • bog

      Howard A – the actual advert does mention the dual action tailgate. I don’t remember (for sure….50 years ago, can’t retain everything) if the fake wood paneling was an “option delete” on Country Squires. Ford, and all the “bigs”, allowed huge variations in their models if you actually ordered one. Although I bought my ’67 GTA Fairlane from “in stock” at a dealership that catered to young Army guys (and Officers), when I traded that car in on my ’71 BOSS 351, I recall having at least three pages of additions or deletions for the BOSS build. Different times, for sure….

    • Miguel

      Howard, I do believe every Ford brought out that year had the padded center for the steering wheel.

      That was their safety measure for that year.

  10. TBall

    Ya all didn’t think too much of the old Hurst Olds paint scheme then I’m thinking… I love this body style (year) – a little heavy on the ‘flake on this one. Nice find, great shape for the years.

  11. Glen

    This is a country sedan, not a squire. The country squires have the wood side paneling.

  12. Andrew S. Mace Member

    I’m also leaning towards Country Sedan rather than Squire. Either way, I’m surprised to be the first person to comment that the full size line bore the model name Galaxie, not Galaxy! ;)

    Edit: I see that the CL ad is correct in that respect!


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