Go Anywhere: 1962 Mercedes Unimog

1962 Mercedes Unimog 404

Among vehicles that I don’t really need but desperately want to own, the Unimog ranks high on the list. This 1962 example is listed here on eBay for $12,000, and the seller sounds like someone who truly gets what it means to own such a beast. As he notes in the listing, “…the ‘Mog will tow/pull/drag pretty much anything this side of an aircraft carrier,” which only makes me want it more. I realize driving around in a military-spec vehicle would grow old very quickly, but it’s hard not to think about the wide-eyed stares you’d get driving this to the local Starbucks to pick up your latte. And no matter where you live, the Unimog will be able to handle the worst Mother Nature can throw at it, making the concept of being “snowbound” a thing of the past. While I doubt it is cheap to run or easy to drive, some experiences are worth the price of admission – a category I firmly believe the Unimog falls into.


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  1. Gavin

    We had them in the military. An exceptionally easy vehicle to drive.

  2. William H

    Another vehicle I would love to own. A few years ago they started expanding I35 in our little town and there were a couple of old houses stacked almost to the eaves with pallets and other such junk. They brought in a big front end loader and a dump truck then proceeded to haul everything away. As they were cleaning, they uncovered a number of old cars. Late ’60’s Mustang, ’55 or ’56 Chevy, some other cars and a Unimog of all thing. I stopped by and inquired about the cars telling them that I’d be interested in purchasing all of them as a group package. Of course I was told that they weren’t for sale so I assumed they already had plans for them.

    The next day I drove by and they were all CUT IN HALF, including the Unimog. I almost ran off the road. They crushed the halves with the front end loader, loaded them in the dump truck and hauled them up the road to the metal yard, sold for scrap. The sight of it all made me feel physically ill.

  3. Matt Tritt

    Bad story, William! That stuff used to happen a lot and I thought it was a thing of the past.

    This Mog is the Swiss Army version with the weird (but more aerodynamic) top, which is good thing, since they keep their government vehicles in good shape. It’s also too much money. Eight grand seems about right for a Universal MotorGeraet in excellent condition. I’ve wanted one since I first saw them being used by the Bundeswehr in Germany in the mid-60’s. At that time they were FAR better than anything we had in the same size and weight range. An old German Army vet jokingly told me that they were developed so as not to get stuck in the Russian mud “next time”, but they were actually designed as a tractor/flatbed that the farm family could also drive to town in. I came close to getting the smaller, earlier civilian version but got vetoed. :-(

    • Horse Radish

      @William &@Matt

      I could not agree more about it still happening, as I experienced something very similar just yesterday.
      People/mankind is just stupid, there is no other explanation

      • Matt Tritt

        Bogles the mind, doesn’t it? like the guy who won’t let go of something because he’s “going to get around to it”.

      • William H

        It is mind boggling. With old cars/trucks going for absolutely crazy money these days, they probably could have gotten $15k-$20k for all the vehicles they pull off that property. I didn’t get to look too closely at them so they could have been highly desirable year/models for all I know. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t. They probably cut up a ’67 Shelby GT500. I’m afraid I would have hurt someone had I found out something like that. lol

  4. Doug Towsley

    These things are totally bad a$$. I have always admired them. If you want to be ready for the apocalypse, zombie armageddon, or just live way off the beaten track (up in the hills) THIS is the thing to have. Start hoarding spares and parts. For those who want one, here is a tip, Start looking at govt auctions and salvage sales. I have seen them used by many govt agencies. Here in Oregon for a long time ODOT used them to mow the sides of freeways where traditional machinery could not. I dont know all the models but some have PTO take offs in all directions (F,R,Sides) enabling you to run machinery in any configuration. Ski resorts, Camps, ranchers, you name it. Thats where to start looking. Might get lucky and bid and win all the spare parts as well. An agency I used to work at, the Dumb-A$$ mgr got rid of some equipment we had as well as the factory manuals, spare tires, rims, belts, filters, consumables. Everything. All the parts and supplies alone were worth $8,000 to $10,000 and he let that pile go for $250. The machinery was still very useable and same scenario. Not everyone is that way but sadly, that moron was your tax dollars at work.

  5. Barry Thomas

    Should win award for best background shot. Surely that creativity is worth something?
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

    • Doug Towsley

      I do not know the seller, however he is local to me. Probably 20 minutes from my house, Says he is located in Lake Oswego, which is a very nice neighborhood in many ways. (Upscale) They wouldnt want me leaving there with all my rusty old vehicles.
      However that opening shot is NOT in Lake Oswego, that was taken in the Columbia river gorge which is also local, but some distance from the Big O, Based on the picture its probably taken on the Washington side of the river. Very scenic area. When people come to visit, many people take them for a drive in that area as photo ops abound. I ride my motorcycles there often as there is some great scenery and roads. (Plus some brew houses and restaurants that are popular) If someone on this list bids and wins this Truck, I would be happy to go pick it up for you and store it for a while, I promise to not drive it too much. Its my wife you have to worry about. It would be hard to keep her out of it.

  6. Matt Tritt

    Thare are a lot of them in Canada set up as snow plows. A lot of new ones as well in the $75,000. range. :)

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