Going Commando: 1968 Plymouth GTX

1968 Plymouth GTX

I’ve been watching this Plymouth GTX for the past few days, as I’ve been sorely tempted to buy it. It’s only a 6 hour drive away from me, not a small jot by any means, but close enough to run down and pick it up on the weekend. Sadly, I’ve got some major life changing events approaching quickly and better pass on it. It has issues, but bidding is just over $4k as I write this. It seems like it could turn out to be a good buy considering what nice examples are going for these days, that is if the reserve is only slightly higher than the current bid. You can find the auction here on eBay in Mount Pleasant, Utah.

1968 Plymouth GTX Damage

Like many of the late ’60s Mopars we see, this one has rust issues. The seller provides lots of photos of the rust in the quarters and rockers, but doesn’t offer any of the underside. Hopefully it is solid, but the seller mentions a hole in the floorboard so there could be more issues hiding underneath. It appears someone drove it into a pole or some other stationary object, as there is a large dent on the front passenger side. There is also a battle scar on the driver side rear fender, but fixing both issues likely isn’t a huge issue considering all the rust that needs to be repaired. There is actually a replacement front fender that is included in the auction, so that will make fixing the front that much easier.

1968 Plymouth GTX 440 V8

One of the most appealing features of the GTX is the engine! There were only two options offered in the GTX, the 440 and the 426! This one came with the Super Commando 440, which might not be as impressive as the Hemi but still churned out 375 horsepower and could pull a 15 second quarter mile with ease! The seller states that this one is currently running and driving. The gas tank was recently replaced, but no mention is made as to whether any other work has been done.

1968 Plymouth GTX Interior

There are a couple of really poor quality photos of the interior, but from what can be seen it looks complete. It definitely will need a good cleaning! If I had the time, I would run do to see this one in person. I’d like to know what all it really needs and how bad the rust really is. Finding replacement pieces shouldn’t be all that difficult, it is just a rebadged Coronet after all! So is the kind of project you’d undertake?


  1. maserati

    Josh,you need to buy my red 1986 XJS as a Valentine’s Gift for your Wife.She will love it ! and you !

    • Josh Staff

      For that to work, I would have to get rid of a couple other cars first! I’ve been given a 3 car cap and I’m already at 4, so I think making it 5 would be a bad choice haha. Maybe your XJS would be nice enough to give me a little wiggle room?

  2. Birdman

    Life changing events approaching quickly?? hmm… Is Josh going to be a daddy?

    • Josh Staff

      No not yet! Let’s just say it is a step in that direction though!

    • Doug M

      my initial thoughts too!

  3. Bob's your uncle

    “it is just a rebadged Coronet after all”

    Not quite, a Coronet is a Dodge, a gTx Is a Plymouth. The Dodge equivalent to a gTx is a Coronet R/T.

    A gTx carries a lot of the same trim as a Sport Satellite and that would be the best “equivalent” for it.

    I’ll be surprised if that car sells for less than 10 grand.

    • Josh Staff

      I say Coronet because they all share the same Chrysler B-body platform. I’m sure each car has its own unique features and what not, but the fact that they share floor pans and basic sheet metal should make finding replacements much easier! Now finding the unique GTX trim pieces, I would try to track down a Satellite for that.

      • Duwane McKnight

        You mean bellveder gtx/ satellite road runner

    • Duwane McKnight

      The Dodge comparison would be the corenett super bee

  4. Frankie Paige

    Looks good, I don’t like seeing the seller state, “it appears to be a matching numbers engine” appears? Appears as what? It is or it isn’t, this seller seems honest in the description, but when he says it appears the engine is matching numbers I can’t understand why he doesn’t bother to make sure one way or another. It takes a Jack, flashlight and some carb cleaner to clean off the block and alittle time to look up he numbers.

    • Chris

      Its kind of hard to see the stampings on a 68 440. They are stamped on the pan rails and on top of where the bell housing bolts up. I could not see mine until I removed the trans.

  5. Rick

    Pretty sure the GTX is based on a Belvedere, (even says so on the Boner’s manual shown in the fotos) Road Runners were Satellites

    Like 1
    • The Walrus

      Oye ve! They are all the same! Chrysler had one B-Body platform in 1968. For standard passenger cars the base model was the Belvedere. The high line was the Satellite.

      For the performance models, the Roadrunner was a new for ’68 package and was technically a ‘Belvedere Roadrunner’, however only a few very early ’68’s had ‘Belvedere’ emblems. The GTX, which started in 1967 as the ‘Belvedere GTX’ was a carryover model and was just called ‘GTX’ in ’68. Although technically it was a standalone performance model, as earlier posts indicated it was based off the high line trim of the Sport Satellite.

    • Josh Staff

      They are all Chrysler B-body cars. The GTX and the Satellite are both trim levels of the Belvedere. The Roadrunner is actually a stripped down by high performance version of the Satellite. The Coronet and the Charger were also built on the B-body, but wore Dodge badges. Remember, they are all Chrysler products, just in different variants with different names, trim packages and price points.

      • Ed P

        The B body 4 door cars were popular with local police departments. Baltimore City had quite a large fleet of them. They were built on the same assembly lines. One officer showed me his new patrol car had Dodge emblems on one end and Plymouth emblems on the other.

  6. PaulG

    The 68 GTX brings back lot of childhood memories. My BIL bought a Hemi / 4 speed car in the same color as this ’69. I was curious, and looked in the Galen Govier white book:
    410 USA built with 426 Hemi
    359 with 4 speed
    325 with 727 Auto

    He traded it in 1970 for a Coronet. It only had 18K miles on it.

  7. dave

    Sold one for 15 large 2 years ago.

  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    it’s a hard…..hardtop guy’s….get it right for gosh or Josh sake….GTX – top of the line ….RR bottom of the line….unless you guy’s know about the 68 1/2….RR’s….

  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    oh….and that 68 is wearing a 69 grille…..say it might go for 9 grand…..

  10. Mark Allen

    I’m the guy that has this 68 GTX for sale and I also subscribe to Barnfinds.com. I was very excited to see this car on your web site and thanks for the write up Josh. I hope you’re life changing events are good ones. I posted this and I’m learning from all the questions what I can do to better inform potential buyers. We are taking pictures of the underneath of the car to post on eBay tomorrow for the last day of bidding. We are also verifying the numbers on the block. I have been told they are on the passenger side above the oil pan or as stated above somewhere I can’t see. We will still try because we know if it is, it will be worth the effort. Please be patient. I will get better at this, as I have been pretty lucky finding stuff here in quiet central Utah. My next barn find is a 1965 GTO with a 66 389 and of course 3 dueces and factory air conditioning. I’m wondering if I should just send you the info and let your web site sell it for me? What do you think Josh?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      I’ll answer this one for Josh – please send that GTO in and we will help you get it sold!!!

    • Joe

      Mark Allen. I Really like the car. Quick question. Looks like the grill is from a 69 as Stillrunners above points out, but the area around the headlights seems to be from a 68. See photo. Can you help clarify? Thanks.

      • Joe

        Actually wasn’t quite happy with the match up to the 69 GTX grill, center grill looks more like it is from a 69 Satellite and headlight surround from a 68. Sorry about the obsessive analysis!

    • Josh Staff

      Hi Mark! Like Jesse already said, send that GTO in!!! I’d love to see more pictures of it!

  11. Mark Allen

    Thanks Joe. I have learned to appreciate obsessive. Its helps clarify things. This car has a Idaho title. We don’t have much history on it other than the lady’s son purchased it in 2006. There are actually replacement front fenders for both sides and they look to be in really good shape. As for the grill, I don’t know. The front engine area looks original with no obvious damage so I’m not sure. Sorry. I actually have been finding cars the last year and a half. I also picked up a 69 Firebird and the owner said it had a 1970 GTO 455 in it, so I’m will verify that next.

    • Joe

      Mark, I really like your finds!

  12. Mark Allen

    Thanks Joe. I have more. I just dont like trying to sell everything at once. Here is another picture of the 65 GTO. We just replaced the floorboards in it and are just about to put ot back on the frame. If I can get your email we can talk some more.

  13. Mark Allen

    Joe, I tried to update the eBay account but it doesnot let me. Maybe because it will end in 3 1/2 hours. Here is the photo of the only numbers we can find on the GTX Motor so far.

  14. Joe

    If I am decoding it correctly, looks like a 68 high performance 440 .20 over. assembled April 11 second shift. If you have the data plate you may be able to say whether the chassis was scheduled for assembly around this date. I am guessing that the number on the block includes the VIN. You may want to check this page for location of other numbers:


  15. Mark Allen

    Joe and Josh, thank you so much for your help and encouragement to keep trying to investigate the details on the GTX. It is numbers matching. I verified it today. I re-listed it on eBay today and gave a lot more detail based on your comments. I could not post a link to a video on YouTube per eBay rules but I did post two videos of this car running. Thanks again for your web site. We all love barn finds and seeing so many everyday is a real treat.
    Thanks again,

  16. Mark Allen

    The 65 GTO will be coming up next for sale.

  17. ben

    I don’t know never made much money on mopars have to pay to much to buy to flip or to clean up and get running order to make a nice profit I think ill stick with gm and ford ben in fla

  18. David Montanbeau

    All numbers matching going up for sale in the future. All numbers matching 440 375 4 speed with Dana 60 rear.

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