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Going Rogue: 1969 AMC Rambler Rogue

040516 Barn Finds - 1969 AMC Rambler Rogue - 1

Barn Finds writer and right-hand-man, Josh, wrote about a 1966 AMC Rambler Rogue about a year ago, and I just found another one. This Matador Red car is a 1969 AMC Rambler Rogue and it’s found at Redline Classic Cars in Woodstock, CT with an asking price of $3,995.

040516 Barn Finds - 1969 AMC Rambler Rogue - 2

I’m not sure if I have to mention how much I like AMCs, but I will: I really like AMCs! A Rambler Rogue would be great to own to complete my collection of AMCs. Once I start my collection, that is. 1969 was the last year for the American before it was replaced by the Hornet, and it is also the year that AMC dropped the American name. AMC made 3,543 Rogues in 1969, the fewest of any of the four years of production. I would probably go with a red and black scheme for the restoration of this car if it were me, even though I normally like things restored to original spec.

040516 Barn Finds - 1969 AMC Rambler Rogue - 3

This car doesn’t have much rust on it, at least visually. Look at this nice trunk! It looks like the backseat may be out here, and unfortunately there aren’t any interior photos at all, which is both weird and disappointing. The seller lists the condition of the interior as “poor”, even more disappointing. But, there’s hope, and help, out there.

040516 Barn Finds - 1969 AMC Rambler Rogue - 4

Again, unfortunately, there are surprisingly no engine photos! For a classic car seller and restoration company to provide so few photos is beyond me. But, this one has a 6-cylinder, not the preferred V8. I would be going in hard on the price on this one: it’s a non-V8 car, with an automatic transmission, and there are no interior photos. Not to mention that there is some rust work that you’ll need to take care of on the underside. Thankfully, one of the previous owners hasn’t just pressure-washed-and-painted the bottom side black which is often the case. You can see where the rust spots are here and it doesn’t look like there are too many of them. After all of that, I really like this car. I’ve always wanted an AMC Rambler Rogue. Is this one worth restoring or would you look for a nicer example with a V8?


  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Aww, no takers on the Rouge? Well, I’ll hop in here. I agree, what a lousy ad, but I guess it shows the absolute minimum. I too like this and while I don’t think I’d go so far as to make it a SC clone, I would V-8 and 4 speed this. While attending the AMC reunion in Kenosha couple years back ( a must attend for any AMC fan, btw) a guy from Ohio, named Howard, coincidentally, had a ’69 Rouge, blue ( love blue cars) 343, 4 speed, and I told him, that was the nicest Rambler American I had ever seen. I think it’s a great find, and that’s what I’d do with it. http://www.hotrod.com/cars/featured/1107-1967-amc-rambler-rouge-sleeper/

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  2. Avatar photo JW454


    I have to agree… it’s a crummy advertisement on the sellers page. It doesn’t look like it would take much to get this little thing back on the road and looking good. It’s not one you’d see at every event you went to. I like it.

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  3. Avatar photo Franke

    I sent the seller an email asking some questions and asked for some pics showing the interior, all they had to do was send them and answer the questions and he never did. This car would have been sold by now, this was two years ago. I found a guy in Arizona who restores the SC Ramblers, he was great to talk to, very friendly and offered some advice. That is someone I would buy from, not Wootens

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  4. Avatar photo Graham Line

    Interesting how AMC made a big backward step from these Americans to the Hornet/Gremlin series. From clean, airy styling to rolling pillboxes.

    My dad had a Hornet and my sister a Gremlin — both cars made their owners look 10 years older than they were.

    An interesting cars’ n coffee kind of project.

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  5. Avatar photo Rotag999

    Redline ripoff would be a better name this is a Joke ….

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  6. Avatar photo charlie Member

    I helped my mother buy a ’68 red, black vinyl top, Rogue hardtop with the 289 V8, in 1970, it was an automatic, which went like the wind, handled well, plenty of room in front and in back for 3 adults each for short trips, 4 adults all day. By l985 it was still running well, she gave up driving, and I should have kept it, but I was single and already had amassed 4 cars with no place to keep them, so she sold it to a guy who had been coming around and asking about it for years. South facing garage with no door, so trunk paint had faded, but the rest of the car was just fine.

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    • Avatar photo Rotag999

      Maybe a 290 V-8 ?

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  7. Avatar photo charlie Member

    could well be 290, no claim to be an expert on that

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